Thursday, December 15, 2011

House of RFyre Presents Ego Couture Angel Collection Black~n~Blues

It Just wouldn't be the Holidays with out some RFYRE ..
House of RFyre Presents  Ego Couture Angel Collection  Black~n~Blues
Classic textures and thoughtful design .
Yes Its House of RFYRE ..
Visit the Isle of RFYRE today
((also on Market place))
 Breezy Poses with Virual Props and Poses ..
Her Old "Trusted" Friend "Stormy" her Horse from the AKK Ranch
and Of Course an Ensemble from House of RFYRE ..
In her favorite Blue .. xox .
Boots  House of RFYRE as well  sold seperately .
 Breezy has added a cape from another RFYRE ensemble
RFyre Bytterwynds Kilt II Womens Black  Cape
She smiles as they do Gel well ..
 Raven and her Beloved House of RFYRE are quite dear to Breezy ..
This ensemble is most classic RFYRE it us a delight to wear and share ..
The boots are just right .. and the iced blue .. well smiles The look comes together quite well !
Off we go for a Mountain Ride .. It all starts with an idea, a vision and
Perhaps a true creative Collection from House of RFYRE ..
Behold the Fantasy !!!

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