Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yo Ho Ho Ho From BlakOpal Designs with Cayenne Outfit - Red-White

Yo Ho Ho Ho From BlakOpal Designs with Cayenne Outfit - Red-White
Ladies this is a fun fun fun one .. grins ..
It's a Pirate's Christmas Indeed ..

So head on over to BlakOpal's
Latest Releases From BlakOpal Designs
Cayenne Outfit - Red-White
 Yo Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of a Rum
Hair Latest Gorgeous *Mesh* New Release From Wasbi Pills
Cherry Hair (( Love It))
All are going to Love Love Love Cherry *Mesh* Hair From Wasabi Pills !!
Renegade Hat - Red-• Mesh hat
We just couldn't resist making a special version of this hat that matches the Cayenne Outfit (sold separately), although we have no doubts it will look great with whatever you decide to wear it with! This hat is designed with a wide brim, turned up on the sides and dipping down in the front and back. The crown of the hat angles inwards with a slight pinch at the front, and a dip at the top of the head. The hat is covered with satin, and trimmed around the edge of the brim with satin ruffles and lace.
The stylish fabric band wrapped around the hat finishes off the look wonderfully.
Cayenne Outfit - Red-White
 A spicy, skimpy outfit that will really turn heads. This outfit features a flirty short satin skirt trimmed with frilly lace, and tied at the waist with a silk wrap. The pieced-leather corset is riveted and laced up the front. There is a bright brocade top with soft ruffles of satin across the chest, and detached half-sleeves with leather straps and more soft ruffles on the top and bottom edges. The outfit has matching panty, and sheer lace-topped stockings. And there is a stunning embossed-metal mesh choker included.
 Merry Christmas Blak Opal and Trilo
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Rush You shall be so Glad you Did .. smiles
and whispers wait till you see the New Men's WoW !!
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