Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BurlesqueCouture: !dM “Absinthe” by !dM deviousMind

Burlesque Couture
by !dM deviousMind
 Tucked in the back of Your mind she lives ..
She is Absinthe Fairy and she doesn't come out often ..
But when She does .. Beware !!!!
She is very very  over the top in her .. Very Own Way ..
"The ‘Green Muse’ of artists and writers has fluttered her wings for centuries, so we had to capture her essence in a refreshing neo-burlesque manner. So no surprise the green Fairy comes with a lot of green – and sugar cubes, naturally!"
There are a few adorable Looks included here ((as Always :) ))
Two head pieces ..
The Most Beautiful Textured Wings I have ever seen !!
vinyl stockings or not ..
open top or not ..
and so on ... 
 This “Absinthe” Fairy might Look Sweet
But I promise YOU .. she is very very naughty !!!
SO rush to grave this darling ensemble
In World
On Market Place
Web Site for more info
Breezy Loves Love this Ensemble !!
Kudos  To Chandra Love it !!!
 By the one and only !dM deviousMind
Ah as for the video ..sneak preview of the
Over Top Show from Snoop and Dr Dre from
This Past Weekend @ Coachella
Coachella made history yet again :)
some of us have been following these two for the full 20 yrs ..
Tip of the sugar cubes and all that.  to Snoop and Dr Dre
ah and few extra surprise guest stars .. heh !  
Just classic sick fun S**** !!!
Breezy Might be the only conservative on the planet
that digs classic California low rider gangta .. vintage 2o yr old rap !
 I happen to catch this live
over an hour of extreme classic on
coachella stream Sunday Night !!!!
Well Done Boys ..
anyone else, a die hard and want to see and hear their
 whole "Wicked" Set "Click Here"
Coachella Weekend Two Next weekend !!

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