Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Mid Summers Night Ball In Venexia

 The Night had finally arrived  this was the Night of 
The First Annual  Mid Summers Night Ball in Venexia 
Lady Seabreese paced  with a bit of ease she checked and checked ..
for Yes .. Yes .. everything was Just Perfect .
((Thank YOU Baal for our breath taking decorations)) 
From The Stars on the pavement to the Shrubs imported from Italy 
The Piazza was in All her glory draped with gold .. The Fires burning Brightly .
This was Indeed the Celebration of Summer for The Chosen and Humans alike in The City of Venexia ! 
All was needed now were the guests to arrive . 
And Arrive they did .. from Land and Sea from all over they Came ..
Looking absolutely  Stunning in their finest jewels and Garments .
It was like a dream come to Life in The City we all Adore ..
A Mid-Summers Night Ball , In Venexia 
The Formula .. Good Company  Good Music Clever Costumes
Spectacular Decorations . * extra special bits of deep Hearts*
all coming together in A Very Special Place
The City of Venexia  
In No Time The Piazza was Full  of Dancers and The Like . 
All enjoying the Music and Festive Spirit of one another .
Danced and Laughed for close to four Hours Straight . 
aww well of course  the adorable(( that wants to be a vampire puppy))  Puppy came ..  

((gee Kora so thrilled the Little adorable Puppy got to stay up late :) grins )) 
Woof Woof !!!  Happy Puppy !
Note for .. Baal were indeed  with us all in Spirit .
Thank You Both for Creating this amazing Sim for us all ..  

Thank You all that came and enjoyed  This Most Special Night .
In a Place that truly is a Dream ..
Visit Venexia Soon Its Waiting for You ..
 note The Traffic . 

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