Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Night Saturday September 29th 2012 !!!!

This is The 5th Annual Engineer's Ball
The One  that turned it up for  all with this Amazing City of Steam
 The City of New Babbage
Cleans up to Kick off The Event Season .
Please Join Us Won't .. You !! 

She will Be Loved .. Boudoir's Halloween Queen

 Indeed she will be Loved ..
Halloween Queen by Boudoir New for 2012
Glam Affair Gatcha 2 Skin .. Rush to Gatcha's 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Boudoir Presents The Bloody Countess

From Boudoir Meet The Bloody Countess ..
The Ladies do so Enjoy The Holiday of  October .
But some of us Play in The House of Bathory Daily .. 
This is most  fabulous dress From Boudoir for Halloween in Second Life!
was inspired by Countess Báthory also called "Bloody Countess" ,
 based on legend about her bathing in the blood of virgins :)
This outfit contains gown and short burlesque version,eyes,boots with lovely ribbons with skulls on back,two make ups hat,gloves...
comes with part Mesh, also non mesh all included .
Boudoir Umbrella and Boudoir Hair  Not Included 
Imagine Breezy happen to be The Viscontessa of House of Bathory In Venexia ...
Just Perfect Don/t you think !!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fallen Gods Inc Present Roots ....

Fallen Gods Inc.  is Pleased to Present Roots 
A new release for the Onyrica line, after depth we return to the surface and connect. 
She Arrived Quietly .. She often did just so ..
Keeping to herself as her depth and slowness to comprehend sometimes 
seemed too just way too much for some ..
Mine fields she called them ..reactions ..
She could  not hear but rather, feel their whispers .. 
Perhaps her own Passion and caring  was her curse . sigh .
People Just don't care how much they cut 
with the words and action .. She learned well 
from the few cruel ones she came across .
For she had lost her entire family .. She lacked the gift of belonging
The gift of knowing she was secure .. 
Imagine the world how big it truly is in any world .
Imagine being around so many ,Alas with out family and Unconditional Love 
One is  alone they can hear a pin drop .. 
Never being able to trust, Never really being understood 
Each day she tried her best and promised herself to never  give up .
So She set out on A quest of a Life time .. 
She started @ the break of dawn .. The time when the moon meets the Sun ..
The time when all is right in any world .. 
Fallen Gods Inc.  is Pleased to Present Roots 
She refreshed herself with the Sea .. ahh Being a Seabreeze that was where 
she often found herself with so many deep thoughts .
This is where her dreams came from ..
The Sea .. The sands .. The moments in time 
where it is so safe to embrace Depth and stay one's self .. It was where she found her hope ..
The Sea Always seem to understand and embrace her .. Her Witt was restored ! 
For by the Sea .. she started with Roots .. (( New Skin From Fallen Gods ))
Fallen Gods Inc.  is Pleased to Present Roots 
Hair and lip color By Boudoir
Cloths from Emo-tions 
Poses DelMay
Behold Roots from Fallen Gods Inc..
Visit today or very soon 
You will be so glad you did ..
and no one can stop at just one .. of anything there ..
Fallen Gods Inc. Alia Baroque
Is with out a doubt ,One of the most generous humble and Talented Designers
In any world .. It is a Privlege to blog these beautiful skins .
Please Visit the amazing world of this Most Special artist soon
Fallen Gods Inc 

Monday, September 24, 2012

We Work Lean and Mean :)

Baroque hair platinum by Boudoir 
Bird Cage Top Hat Beige(2.edition) by Boudoir 
Skin Glam Affair Glam Affair - Lilith Creatura 02@ Chic Fair
Outfit New from Avid Belle 
AVid Gothic Clothing - Vixen
Baroque hair platinum by Boudoir 
Skin Glam Affair Glam Affair - Lilith Creatura 01@ Chic Fair
Skin Glam Affair Glam Affair - Lilith Creatura 03@ Chic Fair
Vanity Hair Smoking Room
Outfit from collaborator 88

*SoliDea FoliEs* noir&butterfly /headpiece

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miss.Bonaparte outfit Visits Epic Toy Factory ...

 So Breezy went and did a Little Hunting this Morning On 
Steam The Hunt ..
Epic Toy Factory ... Once again has hit a grand Slam for Steam The Hunt ..
A Peek at The Toy Maker's Steam Prize 
Full of  Sounders. animations and Made with some of  the most exquisite Textures on The Grid 
Did I mention the Amount of Passion and Heart she Puts into her Creative .. 
 Oh The Outfit .. Grins.. Another Gorgeous Design from Boudoir 
Meet Miss Miss Bonaparte outfit from Boudoir
Skin Glam Affair
Moss Hair by LeLutka 
Visit The Magic of Epic Toy Factory to Day 
Don't Miss this Amazing Creative ..
Well Yes I am Bias The Toy Maker is an Old Friend :)
Epic Toy Factory 2012 Steam The Hunt Going on ..
the Prize from Epic Toy Factory is quite Epic ..
(( sorry couldn't pass up on the Pun ..))
Pumped up Kicks ..  oh .. right
Visit Boudoir Soon  
Get on Steam The Hunt Going on Now till  The End of The Month !! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sascha's Designs The Garbo Gown In Gold

 Sascha's Designs Garbo Gown
Hair LeLutka
Necklace and Earrings  Chop Zuey 
Skin Glam Affair *Group Gift*
Make Up *LpD* for The Courturier's Docks
Perhaps one of the Most Romantic gowns yet 
From Sascha's Designs  The Garbo Gown 
A new dreamy gown in lovely dreamy pastel colors have been released, the Garbo!
The Garbo comes with the following options:
* Top (with a very low cut back)
* Straps
* Pants
* Skirt (optional)
* Gloves
* Low Hip Sash
* Chest Ruffles
* Tulle Bolero
* Stola
* 2 x Grande Flexi Skirts
* 2 x Low Flexi Skirts
* Fluffer Flexi Skirt
* Huge Front Skirt
* Huge Bum Skirt
* Sweeper Flexi Skirt

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meleficient-Witch Avatar By Boudoir

Boudoir Presents 

Meleficient-Witch Avatar

Alright Ladies Rush To get this ONE !!!! 
Boudoir has been very very Busy ..
Results Amazing creative !!
Well this is Their Favorite Time of Year !! 
Behold Meleficient-Witch Avatar New From Boudoir 
Boudoir Presents
 Meleficient-Witch Avatar
This is complete avatar contains skin,eyes,lashes,brows,sculpted eyelashes,dress(mesh in 5 standard sizes),hat(also mesh in 5 sizes),shoes,witch animated magical staff and alpha layers in every possible combination so you can wear dress without hat in some another glamorous occasion :)))
Everything in box is modify except skin,eyes and brows ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Autumn Kiss from A SeaBreeze

An Autumn Kiss from A SeaBreeze 
you take a bit of new  a dash of Old 
and a whole Lot of Passion ..
Skin Glam Affair Roza #2 Gacha *my new favorite !  ((Get them All !! )) 
for THE ARCADE Gatcha Events
MakeUp_ *LpD* for The Couturier's Docks
Hair Boudoir 
Necklace and Earrings  Chop Zuey 
Gown  Gold Leaves From fellini Couture
 The Colors  The Sounds The Mood
The Kind that make You feel .. 
It's all Good .. 
 Anyone else happen to notice
Life of late is just breezing by a wee bit too Fast ?? 
 Along the Coast The Sunsets are Most moving in Autumn ..
But careful ...
A mere Blink .. And an evening autumn heavy rain in a moment comes .. 
and then Like Magic its all gone ..
mmmm  that's when the air smells Most Romantic .. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hunts and Gotcha's going on Now ..

 Hat from ..   "A Night at the Opera Hunt"
 Music hat From Boudoir !!
Don't Miss it !! 
Hair from Boudoir 
Skin by Glam Affair - Roza Collection 
Lipstick glam affair desire 
Pictured Roze #8 ((try to get them all !)) 
for THE ARCADE Gatcha Events
Collect them all !!! 
ten stunning Roza Skins ..
Skin by Glam Affair - Roza Collection 
Pictured Roze #3 *Rare* ((try to get them all !)) 
for THE ARCADE Gatcha Events
The Arcade Build is worth the visit alone ..
Beautiful Vintage boardwalk .. 
Breezy is wearing the darling Burlesque Couture from
!dM DeviousMind "Coco Mon Coeur"
**Onyx** Burlesque Couture 
In World 
Poses by DelMay !!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The House of RFYRE says Hello ......

The House of RFYRE says Hello ...... In Raven Pennyfeather's
very own signature  Way ... That being Distinctive Couture Style ! 
This gown is Delicious 
Meet "Inspire" In Noir 
Now on Sale @ House of RFYRE 
The house of RFyre brings the first of our [MESH] autumn wear with ....
A collection of vibrant crimson or deepest black with touches of dark violet. Club or our 21 piece Deluxe versions which include all for additional value ... 
Strapped ankle boots to match. Choose your inspiration today at
Behold The Dark Violet Gown of the Deluxe Version !
Rich with Lace ,Silk Stockings ,Satin layers , Feathers  and Taffeta Textures 
The Likes that Only Raven can Bring to this World ! 
This Gown Can and Shall Captivate ..
House of RFYRE Promise !! 
Meet "Inspire" In Noir 
Now on Sale @ House of RFYRE 
Step into the Night and turn heads .. 
Be in Complete Harmony for when You Do Say ..
Meet "Inspire" In Noir 
Now on Sale @ House of RFYRE 
“Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle.
 I let go of grievances and choose miracles.”
"Deepak Chopra"
Meet "Inspire" In Noir 
Now on Sale @ House of RFYRE 
Or Just Take a Great Bite In Harmony !!! 
Gown House of RFYRE *New
Meet "Inspire" In Noir 
Now on Sale @ House of RFYRE 
SoliDea FoliEs* le noir paon / headpiece –  The Couturier;s Dock 
MakeUp&Mask_ *LpD* for The Couturier's Docks
Jewels From Chop Zuey
Skin From Boudoir
Hair From Boudoir
Poses DelMay !
Photos Shot In Venexia 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Extra Extra Read All About It Boudoir's News Paper Gown

" I Read The News Today ....Oh Boy"
 This Darling Gown from Boudoir .
News Paper Gown  
three lengths are included .
Short, Midi and Long and its a fun one !! 
 Hair Vanity Hair
Skin Glam affair
Jewelry FineSmith
Shoes Moody 
Gown Boudoir News Paper
Hair Vanity Hair 
Boudoir News Paper Gown 
Boudoir  News Paper Gown 
This amazing newspaper dress is made of 93 different newspaper covers with most important moments in human history ,try to discover it all .
 Dress is wearable in 3 different length:short,mid and gown version!

We Will Never Forget !!!!!

There are Really No Worlds to Describe ......
We Will Never Forget !!!! 
Tribute to those who we lost, those who gave, those who survived Sept 11 2001.  
11 Years Later .. We take and Make a Point to Remember 

God Bless America then and today
 more Then Ever Before !!!
- "The Tribute in Light." Located at West and Morris Streets in Lower Manhattan, the tribute of lights will begin at sunset of 9/11 (7:11pm) and fade away at dawn on September 12th (6:43am), though no formal service will be held. The Tribute is comprised of 44 7,000-watt xenon light bulbs arranged into two 48-foot squares inspired by shape and orientation of the twin towers. The Memorial illuminates up to 4 miles in the sky and can be seen from up to 30 miles away.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Gown From Sascha's Designs

 September Morning.... We Danced until The Night became a Brand New Day ..
Stay with me a while and Let me Look at You ...
September Morning can Still Make me Feel That Way .. 
Oh The Gown is a Special One ..
 Wise Man Say .. Only Fools Rush In ..
But I can't help falling in Love with you .. 
 Especially when Your wearing a Sascha Design's Gown !!!
Free September Gown for Sascha's Members ! 
The FREE gown for September is available!! 
 Please remember to wear your Sascha's Designs tag in order to get this gown for free. 
There are four different gowns to Pick From !!
Visit Sascha" Designs today
and Don't forget to Join her group
for this Beautiful Gown !!