Monday, May 5, 2014

Fallen Gods Presents Santum's Tears for Fantasy Fair 2014

Run_ Dash _Fly_ for this one !!!!
New from the one and only Modest
Fallen Gods !!!
  • Lacrimosa, Fantasy Faire 2014 New Release, and remake, of 
  • The Fabulous Alia's statue line. 
    Four skin variations, one for each gender

     All Proceeds to benefit Fantasy Faire 2014 a Grand
  • Relay for Life event !!!!  
  • For The American Cancer Society !!!!
I picked*Sounds* from Broadway Show  The Me No Body Knows
Quite fitting in my eyes .......... Moving and beautiful ...
I am a huge fan *like many* of Alia Baroque
 gentle yet most kind .. One of the most generous creative
people I have ever had the privilege of meeting ..
Makes this thing called life
a pure joy in any world ..
God Bless You and Your Alia
Thank you
always  Seabreeze .....  

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