Tuesday, January 12, 2016

 So do I have your attention yet ??? I am unconventional but was raised on tight proper morals and values. One works hard, one goes to school and one gives it their best always !!! We don't quit and give up and say oh well whoops, please understand mistakes happen etc. grant it no one is perfect but this does not give each of us free passes to fail, give up , and not even try never mind not give it ones all. We don't play video games instead of living a full life. We don't give up. What happen to creativity ? What happen to made in the USA ?  What happen to accountability and team work ? I look up a place on line and they are gone grant it nothing last for ever but it is like we have become a garbage society. Unacceptable in my book, it just don't and won't fly. This is not how I was raised nor is it my own motto. I am not a quitter nor oh let someone else do it. life has always been pressure i.e. hard. "No one ever said it would be easy or  a cocktail party" quote from The Bill Chill.
                       Sigh enough of my rambles.... 


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