Thursday, January 14, 2016

So much has changed We let Iran humiliate our American Sailors for what ???
Its time to put the Grand Old Party Back in the white house. This crap has got to stop. We are the USA. We don't apologize and we don't give up. You insult us or hurt us or even hint your  coming after us. We come for you big time. We can't be in denial any more we are facing Radicle Islam. Its dangerous and serious. They are deadly and irrational and must be destroyed, plain and simple. When I was a little girl I was respectful of my elders. I wanted to hear elders thoughts. I respected their stories for I did not know everything about nothing I knew respect and knew I had much to learn, I still do for I learn everyday don't you!!! We have lost respect and we seem to have lost regard. We are so worried about political correctness and BS. What happen to respect for our armed forces and thanking them. They defend this country !!! They fight and defend against the bad guys. Sigh.... Americans have a whole generation that just doesn't seem to care. They don't want to work, they don't want to defend the country and they think they know everything. Hello Freedom and Liberty are not Free. It must be defended and often. We are the home of the USA Constitution. Oh your rolling your eyes then move on !!! I shall never give up on my country. I shall never forget to defend Freedom and Justice. Nor forget the difference between right and wrong and yeah the golden rule. Sorry People all basics to being a good American. Its not rocket science nor hard. But it has to be done. We need a strong leader, We need a showman of right and wrong in that White house .... We need someone who will bring the right people for a job to be done. Run this country like the well oiled machine it meant to be. Be it the Greatestest Generation, The Industrial Revolution, Robber barons, Steampunk .. Hello we have a history of ruthless behavior that got us all here.Trains, Steele, Oil, Good will.  Nothing is made in the USA any more. General Electric ring a bell ? This county a western nation a place where dreams were made. WE have become a land of free loaders people don't want and cant seem to work any more. People cant hold on to a career and its scary .. The laws are too complicated and they taxes are not fair and too high for middle class. Healthy people getting benefits is wrong !!!! Things must change. Or there won't be an America any more. That's right we will be taken over.
 Sad but true. Oh you don't think it could happen ??? Ha we are getting there ...sigh.... :(

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