Friday, January 8, 2016

What the hell is going on here ?????

 Hello I am back and I am back by the grace of God and some hard work!!!! I had a brain aneurism and a stroke!!! I quit smoking lost a lot of weight sold my sports car and changed my ways a great deal . In time I shall post my picture again but I am not ready for that. While getting my coordination back I had to cut my long hair. Nightmare!!!! Look I am not going to complain about what I have been through but rather state how happy I am with the help of my Husband and VNA I am alive and well and yes better then new !!!!

 I am going to use this blog to write about being a Red girl in Political  Believes living in a blue state.
I am not going to say who I am for yet. Instead I will begin with who I am not for and why !!! I am not a progressive democrat. I worked hard for everything I have and never have leaned on state or government for anything until I needed disability due to brain aneurism. When I was unemployed I found another job. When I had to change careers guess I did so. I did not moan and bitch and say there is no work. WE have a new generation that does not want to work. They are missing in retail , service and just about any form of customer service one can think of. They live first off of helicopter parents who think they can do no wrong, followed by government who seems to have picked up the slack due to the fact they have no desire to provide for themselves or their own futures. It blows my mind a whole generation who simply put refuses to work or provide for themselves.

So what do we do ??? We elect a party that is going to make a difference. WE don't depend on government to bail us out. We keep losing not gaining anyone else notice this?? Anyone??? Benefits are nothing new people. You are not the first to want more of them. You can not rely on government to bail you out. We are not entitled to insurance. It is not a right. We work hard and for our hard work benefits are therefore made available. We don't state we are owed these services for no work.  I am so sick where we are now. Its sickening. We need a smart and good no excellent showman and businessman to bail us out. This is a living nightmare and mess. We are the United States of America not some crackerjack second tier operation. What Obama has both done and not done has caused this great land opportunity and harm. Its all so simple yet complicated as well.  Pay attention the world is changing and fast. The world is going to pass us by and fast if we don't wake up.


Rhianon Jameson said...

My goodness, what an ordeal! I hope you're now in better health and ready to give 'em hell!

Breezy Carver said...

Big Smile I am more then all right I have been given a second chance on life :-) I am not bitter just worried my dear old friend :-) We will get through it. We shall be better for it !!!! Be and stay safe stay and the the brilliant you that you are . :-) !