Monday, April 24, 2017

 I am back, nice to know how people really just don't care about another's health or really anyone but themselves. Well No matter I am back I shall blog what and when I can :) No one dictates if my blogging is good enough or not !!!  This is done for free and in my own free time not for others to judge my efforts now be un-kind to me! I wonder how would they like that done to them and their creative bashed or laughed at. Blows my mind how rude people can be, Hence my feelings on how life has changed we know it. We now have people that judge others on if they can volunteer or not and simply reject others efforts shame shame!!! Everyone is welcome to help in my world we welcome others efforts we don't judge them!! Maybe these are the same snowflakes that were told what "grand waker uppers they were". Think how you treat a stranger think how you treat another before you pat yourself on the back. A lot of people worked hard behind the scenes so you could come alone and just reject never mind you never know who it is you are rejecting!! I shall end on this there have been extremely kind people to me through the years of late I have never encountered suck a clicky cruel bunch I never rejected anyone least of all their effort to help !!! Boy did this experience leave me hurt and unsettled. Clicks suck folks especially on line truth most of those in some click on line suck in real life !! I personally never have done clicks in any world, I respect friendships and relations too much. So hey enjoy and when you fall apart and you will c'est la vie!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Maurice White, Founder of Earth, Wind and Fire, Dead at 74
RIP !!!!
My all time favorite band one of my all time favorite songs
with tear I write this ......How tradgic
          Ok Let me be blunt? Why on Earth do I have to call another country for quality in any form of customer service ? Let me get this straight we have a whole generation who claim they can't find a job but Hello no one wants to work ? People think they deserve free education, free Cadillac benefits, free room and board and free food and money! Word non of this stuff is free!!! You have to work for it hence its called a job and you have to put in the quality time and accountability to achieve! How dare you assume someone else will pay for you! I am floored by the wants and the assumptions of this new youth that think and feel the world owes them. Then we have fraud . Sigh how sad? But you see the up side here is that this generation could get a quality job and experience in customer service or relations but no I have to call  then be on hold for ten minuets while I am transferred wait for it Argentina what is wrong with this picture? You don't start a job at 15 dollars an hour. You put the time in and  experience , work to earn a living and experience now they want a Cubin president.... I am scared to death that our youth is just giving away a country that was worked hard for and even the ultimate sacafice was given for!  We need leaders not Politically correct community organizers want to be preachers to lead this county, The United States of America is a business people. A great big corporation. We blew it once with Mitt Romney lets not blow it about Trump! Jeb and Chris we need you too!  Both of you are bright men but Trump is the true Business  leader here. Face it ,embrace it ,damn embrace him! Alright enough of my rambles. I waited to post this though I might cool off alas I am even more fired up to be honest.... Thank You for your time.......

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WoW this video brought tears to my eyes!!! Please know this country needs a showman more then ever in the Whitehouse!!!!

Wisdom, morals and values and the right people in the right place to get the job done !!!!!
God Bless America !!!!
My home sweet home !!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

So much has changed We let Iran humiliate our American Sailors for what ???
Its time to put the Grand Old Party Back in the white house. This crap has got to stop. We are the USA. We don't apologize and we don't give up. You insult us or hurt us or even hint your  coming after us. We come for you big time. We can't be in denial any more we are facing Radicle Islam. Its dangerous and serious. They are deadly and irrational and must be destroyed, plain and simple. When I was a little girl I was respectful of my elders. I wanted to hear elders thoughts. I respected their stories for I did not know everything about nothing I knew respect and knew I had much to learn, I still do for I learn everyday don't you!!! We have lost respect and we seem to have lost regard. We are so worried about political correctness and BS. What happen to respect for our armed forces and thanking them. They defend this country !!! They fight and defend against the bad guys. Sigh.... Americans have a whole generation that just doesn't seem to care. They don't want to work, they don't want to defend the country and they think they know everything. Hello Freedom and Liberty are not Free. It must be defended and often. We are the home of the USA Constitution. Oh your rolling your eyes then move on !!! I shall never give up on my country. I shall never forget to defend Freedom and Justice. Nor forget the difference between right and wrong and yeah the golden rule. Sorry People all basics to being a good American. Its not rocket science nor hard. But it has to be done. We need a strong leader, We need a showman of right and wrong in that White house .... We need someone who will bring the right people for a job to be done. Run this country like the well oiled machine it meant to be. Be it the Greatestest Generation, The Industrial Revolution, Robber barons, Steampunk .. Hello we have a history of ruthless behavior that got us all here.Trains, Steele, Oil, Good will.  Nothing is made in the USA any more. General Electric ring a bell ? This county a western nation a place where dreams were made. WE have become a land of free loaders people don't want and cant seem to work any more. People cant hold on to a career and its scary .. The laws are too complicated and they taxes are not fair and too high for middle class. Healthy people getting benefits is wrong !!!! Things must change. Or there won't be an America any more. That's right we will be taken over.
 Sad but true. Oh you don't think it could happen ??? Ha we are getting there ...sigh.... :(

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

 So do I have your attention yet ??? I am unconventional but was raised on tight proper morals and values. One works hard, one goes to school and one gives it their best always !!! We don't quit and give up and say oh well whoops, please understand mistakes happen etc. grant it no one is perfect but this does not give each of us free passes to fail, give up , and not even try never mind not give it ones all. We don't play video games instead of living a full life. We don't give up. What happen to creativity ? What happen to made in the USA ?  What happen to accountability and team work ? I look up a place on line and they are gone grant it nothing last for ever but it is like we have become a garbage society. Unacceptable in my book, it just don't and won't fly. This is not how I was raised nor is it my own motto. I am not a quitter nor oh let someone else do it. life has always been pressure i.e. hard. "No one ever said it would be easy or  a cocktail party" quote from The Bill Chill.
                       Sigh enough of my rambles.... 


Monday, January 11, 2016

Below is my all time favorite Bowie tune!!!! I grew up on Bowie. He was a modest Genius. Way ahead of his time xox So on the money for excellence every time. Yes the world lost an icon in the loss of  David Bowie. So life goes on c'est la vie but lets not forget this one of a kind human being.
Be it Changes to Ziggy Stardust he left so may marks so very many and he left doubt and freedom You are able to be and explore in the mind of music what one does beyond well that's really not the point as it never is . That is the point be something in life!
In order to be remembered be someone make your stand don't hurt others in doin so !!!
Never hurt others!!!!
Lets Dance indeed !!! 
Rest in Peace David.........

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Uptown funk gonna give it to ya :-)

Don't believe me just watch :-) he is brilliant for his performance but its not Bruno alone. There is a whole team behind him .....A creator, Dancers, Musicians, Producers etc. 
The same goes true for any form of success. Shall we start with we are at war with a cult not Religion. Radicle Islam extremist are part of a cult.  Every faith has extremists they don't work !! It is too bad but they must be destroyed before they destroy us and make no doubt about they will destroy us and any one or faith that stands in their way. This is nothing new people!!! Look at Nazi Germany and what it tried unsuccessfully to do. You can't control people and faith You must stop cults in their wakes.

Friday, January 8, 2016

What the hell is going on here ?????

 Hello I am back and I am back by the grace of God and some hard work!!!! I had a brain aneurism and a stroke!!! I quit smoking lost a lot of weight sold my sports car and changed my ways a great deal . In time I shall post my picture again but I am not ready for that. While getting my coordination back I had to cut my long hair. Nightmare!!!! Look I am not going to complain about what I have been through but rather state how happy I am with the help of my Husband and VNA I am alive and well and yes better then new !!!!

 I am going to use this blog to write about being a Red girl in Political  Believes living in a blue state.
I am not going to say who I am for yet. Instead I will begin with who I am not for and why !!! I am not a progressive democrat. I worked hard for everything I have and never have leaned on state or government for anything until I needed disability due to brain aneurism. When I was unemployed I found another job. When I had to change careers guess I did so. I did not moan and bitch and say there is no work. WE have a new generation that does not want to work. They are missing in retail , service and just about any form of customer service one can think of. They live first off of helicopter parents who think they can do no wrong, followed by government who seems to have picked up the slack due to the fact they have no desire to provide for themselves or their own futures. It blows my mind a whole generation who simply put refuses to work or provide for themselves.

So what do we do ??? We elect a party that is going to make a difference. WE don't depend on government to bail us out. We keep losing not gaining anyone else notice this?? Anyone??? Benefits are nothing new people. You are not the first to want more of them. You can not rely on government to bail you out. We are not entitled to insurance. It is not a right. We work hard and for our hard work benefits are therefore made available. We don't state we are owed these services for no work.  I am so sick where we are now. Its sickening. We need a smart and good no excellent showman and businessman to bail us out. This is a living nightmare and mess. We are the United States of America not some crackerjack second tier operation. What Obama has both done and not done has caused this great land opportunity and harm. Its all so simple yet complicated as well.  Pay attention the world is changing and fast. The world is going to pass us by and fast if we don't wake up.