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Cerridwen's Cauldron presents The Story Bearer Statue-

on Market Place in main store Visit Today..... WHY NOT BEGIN TO TELL YOUR OWN STORY........ The mossy marble statue stood proudly to the side of the entrance to the Halls of Story, cradling in its arms a closed book. It seemed to me it was guarding ancient tales of  magic and wisdom, waiting for the right audience to start storytelling for them. -The Story Bearer, The Halls of Story The Apprentice's Journal  Cerridwen's Cauldron presents The Story Bearer Statue-  [CC] Story Bearer Statue- Very Large Scales 1.01 also included Large Scales Medium and small each beautiful....  Each tell All the natural beauty  on this and all worlds is a reflection of the real LIFE beauty of our Planet. We must all do what little or much we can to try to help humankind become a worthy planetary steward, and get away of the reckless destruction we have wreaked on this planet, all its life-forms and, ultimately, on us.  a magical story own them all today !!!  INSTRUCTIONS:     The statues are activa

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