Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Autumn Mystery Ball

What an amazing experience and night .. My thanks for this great capture .. to Elina Koskinen for this brilliant capture that indeed was the highlight of The Mystery ......

Where does dear Breezy begin .. I guess the start is always best .. to my dear Friend Ceejay Writer for giving me the courage to take the risk and go forward with an idea .. To my darling SKusting for believing in me and supporting me daily ... To Dr Rafael Fabre for helping Skusting and I dare I say all in Steam Punk nations with kindness and thoughtful suport always .. :)

Indeed An Autumn Mystery Ball did take a month to plan .. I knew the plot I had it in mind right away but I had to keep it a secret as I worked Thu the characters involved ..

My dear Friend Miss Canolli always there but an IM away to listen with either a chuckle or pause ..grins

Now the Jaeger was tricky as I did not wish to go with an obvious pick but then when Skusting and I went to the grand opening of of dear friends Gangplank what did you know right in my presence was the most .. cough cough charming jaeger .. We became friends Thu chatting but of course but he was genuine and fun .. The jaeger Mr. Greegar Hellershanks

So now I had my plot and two who's .. I had the story line in place .. and the Mystery was to begin to unfold .. I thought rhyming would be the way to go so I tapped on dear Sylvie Franizzi a most clever and fun dear friend .. and we really had fun .. We were ahead of the game so there was no pressures but rather plenty of time to go go back an forth no less then 34 emails in what a day or two .. laughs .. Thank YOU dear Sylvie ..

Skusting questioned me daily and i would not share . I could not as it was not complete .

I went to our friends Holmes and Watson for ideas and suggestions and they were most kind .. The point was to have fun , to me this meant one thing .. Keep it flowing light and Simple .

So here was the idea A mystery not a murder ( save that for another ball ((laughs)) ...)

Two character from two nations put together do something special for a character known by many nations , the hope , the goal it would bring many together and cross over in thought action and in a dream come true ...

Now who would think Enter The World Tour .. How perfect I thought When the lovely Miss Fog Woman asked me if I would be interested I jumped ! "Oh Yes" at the time she had nine and was hoping for twelve events it grew to fourteen !!! Brilliant Work and Planing

Now my concern more then ever was simple basic quick expedited Clues that would flow smoothly to the climax .. Solution given to me by THe Dear so evil Doctor Obolensky "A simple brilliant smoke bomb" !! Thank YOU Evil Genius !!

so the clues were given 45 mins into the ball a smoke bomb went and a poster of Steam appeared "Click here for Clues" and the clock began to tick ..

there were close to 70 people there and note cards began to come .. I was dancing with KlausWulfenbach Outlander aka The Baron and I waited .. You see he was part of the Mystery and had not a clue how .. "Beams" oh I did get corrected on his homeland .. sigh

there is always some silly detail .. details details details .. ugh ugh .. ( flips hair here )

so the Mystery

One cool Autumn Evening

There was shapes seen by no one.

Mere shadows, in the autumn moon night.

One thing is known for sure

someone from our midst has since been taken .......

all that remains if for you all to decide

The Who’s The Why and What for

Is what we Seek..

The Who's where

Ms Canolli Capalini

Mr.Greegar Hellershanks

The Why

was to make a most special gift from the Jaeger (who did not think he kidnapped only borrowed still in denial there ) for all the good works and service that KlausWulfenbach Outlander aka The Baron continues to do for all nations when ever he can ..

The What .. was a life size Music Box .. Made be the modest yet brilliant builder Ms Canolli Capalini

The guest that solved the entire Mystery first was

Mr Wiggy Undertone from New Babbage

The Ball was attended by 97 ( 98 counting me grins ) this was exciting in itself ..

The Music provided By DJ Bats was Magical Once again .. the journey this Modest wonderful artist takes us all on each month is no less then Brilliant .. Thank YOU Bats from Skusting and I for your performance and friendship !!

Thank you to our neighbors friends and guest for making this such a wonderful most special event .. Wow we really did have fun with and I think I think we created some special memories to last many moons .. I thank you for reading and welcome to my first public blog i have always kept my blogs private .. Waves hugs and many many twirlssssssssssssss

I should post the winner tomorrow for this evening I am still tired ..


Skusting Dagger said...

You did it! HUGSSSSSS!

Breezy Carver said...

uh huh and i see a ton of mistakes but all done with love and from heart honest ...
grinss .. XOX !!!

Dr. Augustus Dayafter said...

Breezy haz a blawg now!!! YAY!!!!

Breezy Carver said...

ahhhh hugss you tight Gus :)
thank you for replying and thank YOu for caring ........... HOWLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!

((takes my sunglasses back off now and puts dem back on top of head .. runsssssssssssssss))

J├Ąger Grigor said...

Hy shoudlt neffer hef vokkedt into de Gangplenk dot night...