Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Goodness

My My My ....

in any world the kick off to the holiday season can be ..
exciting fun, really quite special and full vs stressful , emotional , sentimental and quite empty
example be it to ning or not vs real tree or not

I Shall be staying with the real tree and also hoping for the ning to stay
now that's out .. laughs lets move

What people ,characters often forget as much as hope is vital to life it is not a sales strategy
risks and faith are genuine key ingredients for a full filled life in any world
sometimes it is needed to pull away and gather ones thoughts just to keep one's self in check .
When a person is caring and thoughtful often they are sensitive and giving to a fault some do not understand how to except interpret or even take the actions of another .
A gentle person learns acceptance and adores their friends and neighbors its how they live their lives in any world .

Mind you I have only learned these things as good as a person might be or perhaps as bad often it is the good that is taken for granted pushed to the side and dare I say forgotten . It is easy to except flaws heck we all have them , what I shall never understand is why people , characters find kindness and gentle thoughtful behavior as perhaps too much work to deal with .
Ah then there is the issue of control Everyone can't be chief we all need to be a team player and givers from time to time its called checks and balances in my humble book ..

I was reading about groups on second life just a few weeks ago
there are so many *grins* low and behold what did I find that just didn't sell well with me was a "ban group"
Hello People who are these folks to talk among themselves and bond and slander others
I of course sent a trouble ticket to lindens
Imagine I own parcels in RP sims and I own main land on a couple of sims
( not bragging but making a point )
Both of my Main lands are private except one I attach to a group for some close friends and theirs to enjoy it really is beautiful and a nice escape

I do not make a point to go around slandering people and I do not feel the need for a band group
the sad thing is the power trip some people run on second life if any of we were to run into these folks in the real world i wonder ... What would we find in these power bonding ban group members? .. Good people active in their own real life communities I think not !!
These are people that judge others and claim to be noble
these are people that form an alliances to complain judge and hurt the very people they think are so bad just ban and be done !!
These are people that own land in a game and in turn rant and rave on power trips
pretend to be all that .. I ask you whom are they impressing their own kind ???
I will tell you all these are just the folks I don't wish to know !
For they are dangerous and the worse kind of hurtful beings shallow at best !
I believe in friendships and allies and communities
I believe in supporting one another !!!!
With out a support Ban Group
My stars is that what second life has come to ???
If there is someone hurting a sim owner harassing grieving and slandering theirs and their sim and going beyond to cause stress harm and hurt you and yours I understand .
Get the word to your neighbors friends and allis
We don't don't go and form an organized groups
Sick Behavior really ( sorry it really can you tell this really bothers me )
We all know there is also a delete and mute key use them if it is so bad .
Why take it to a group and make lists of people they can just make alts
The real problem folks do but then we have people who simply perhaps had
personality clashes and value based perspectives challenges and they are tossed in the mix
what the's big deal after all its just second life right ??
with grievers and felons of another character .. I ask you what is that all about ??
Look some folks play a harder faster game
others play a softer game
some state its not a game at all
its a business and they want to regulate
well tell you what when you have a real life business you could never ban and form a group of other owners and ban human beings

Here is my point look to the right look to the right if a person is genuine and true there is no place to hide if a person is scamming you it will come out and come out again and again .
The truth always comes out ~ If one does Take the high road ~
walk the walk and talk the talk
good will always prevail evil it might take longer and it might not be in our time but in any world the negatives are exposed but not always the good ( sigh sad but true ) because true good doesn't look for fan fare or for praise true good looks to give share and enjoy with other genuine good and to add a wee bit of good news "good people do find one another sooner or later "
ah on that note back to our scheduled programing and do have a good day and thank you for reading ..
wavess and twirlssssssssss

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Skusting Dagger said...

You soooooo called it like it is.