Saturday, November 29, 2008

Respect and Caring go a long long way ...

Thinking while doing some chores and taking to heart the pros and cons of caring trying doing and networking with heart ...
What ever happen to respecting one another ?
People are not always going to get it ..
People are not always going to agree
Does one stop being themselves because they might not agree ?
Does one remain quiet due to the fears others will slander whisper and be annoyed ?Does one just not share thoughts any more because quite honestly people perhaps don't care ?
So many are doers .. But something happens Negative Silence for one ,a wait a moment hold on here .. People can not be threats to others . But it is the true Fears of all that are ..
I had a long conversation about fears not too long ago ,with some very good people it was agreed that facing fears and exposing them is always best .

I wonder so often .. I think before I type so often , but then again no matter how many ways one may think . one is not in the head of another .. One does not know what another is going thru .. We are not mind readers it works both ways .. Please remember something with out mutual respect and admiration it so easy to get ugly ....

that's the point of this post respect and caring I believe go a long long way ..
The past eight years have showed us all so much . But what has been lost is the ideology that Yes It is alright to disagree and still get a long . When the hell did it become OK to attack an other's character .. Cause its not folks it really is not !!
It seems now the conversations get so touchy and personal .. because people are blunt!
Oh adjectives are used to hide blunt rude behavior but tell me when did it become alright to stop being polite !!

When did it become ok to just slander another Human Being ?? .. Gang up among one another and slander the heck out of another .. Bond over this said slander yes that's it form a league a group a .com get it all out and go to extremes .. What Awful behavior and use of technology

Where on earth did respect, manors and humility go ??

We are all human being and we each do matter and because you don't like the actions or words of another think for a moment don't make it a point to take out anger and be hostile .

Why are so many always so quick to snap and be angry ??

What is that all about .. I used to say to my own staff leave the anger at home , run , jump , clean a closet .. Life is way too short to walk around ready to light into another , it really is ..
Oh i would hear " the objection train" they started it .. I didn't say anything .. You don't understand ...
ok number one "our actions speak louder then words " I can't hear what your saying i read see your actions loud and clear .. ever hear that one before ..

Oh I am too busy .. the day we are too busy to smile and say hello and ask and mean and most of all care " How are You? or Hi how is it going ? " well that's the day we all should just give up ..
Try to slow down a wee bit . life is fast enough without us rushing it along ..Stop rushing to actions and start noticing responses . Stop caring about yourselves and care more about others .
Its the holidays ::: give .. It doesn't have to money or a material gift .. Try a genuine warm smile and a Hello how are YOU ? It is the best high and feeling in the world !!
It is the ultimate in " Paying it forward "

A person I do not really know was attempting to drive their own point across (not in a polite manor I might add but with being blunt ) just the other day " I have three successful businesses Breezy how many do you "? I laughed (my first reaction was how rude ) as I looked at my IM list First of all I am indeed blessed with a wonderful Partner and the most humble gift of turning on my computer and never being alone and I hope making friendships that will last a life time ..
Tell me what better business it there then the people business and it pays back ten fold !!
But if one does have a good and successful business word of advice :first of all: good for YOU !!
Second don't forget something very important in any world it really does all come back to you and the way to you treat another !!!
one last point and this is not me telling anyone what to do .. These are proven formulas to what works and lasts the test time ....
Don't make it all about yourself control and pushing an imaginary envelope in the manor to succeed ... the success will be fleeing and so will the profit you seek ..

Try seeing beyond your moment and indeed a bigger picture a vision to succeed give an extended hand and care and it always does shall and will come back tenfold that I promise ..
sometimes the best positive thing a person can do for themselves involves collective thoughts and reasoning and observations thru and of others !!!

thank you for taking the time to read
and Make it an extra special Day !!
wavesssssssssss and twirlssssssssss
*and i really do because each day is a gift !!
I'm out ..

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Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

[hugs tight] oh thank you, Breezy my golden hearted one, words of wisdom we all can use and remember for though we're not all perfect we can perfectly well try HARDER!