Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Prize Winners

The Winners & Prizes
Piermont Landing's
An Autumn Mystery Ball

This is the fun part but it is a wee bit tricky I write real life notes during these as to have fun with you all and not tie things up or burden please excuse my delay and lack of photos as some of mine were lost sigh .. but now the good news .. drum roll please .........

The Winners of An Autumn Mystery Ball please note in our humble eyes all really are winners for sharing such a magical event and being part of such a meaningful Second Life weekend full of so many beautiful events shared by so many ...

  • Grand Prize Winner for solving the Entire Mystery Mr Wiggy Undertone

  • ( that was great Sir) 1000l *House of Frye Suit for Men

  • Second prize for solving the first who with fun and excellent effort Myrtil Igaly (1000l)

  • third prizes for solving and seeing more grins Jimmy Branagh 500l

Best Dressed Couple

TriloByte Zanzibar & blakopal Galicia
House of frye and Lindens

Best Dressed Men
*Nix Sands .......House of Frye "Highway Man"
Greg Merryman..... 500l

Jimmy Branagh...... 500l

Best Dressed Women

Kembri Tomsen .......House of Rfrye Gown
Reghan Straaf ....... 500 gf from Canolli Fine Furning

Serafina Puchkina and *Bela Lubezki...... 500l each (warm smile)

Prizes For Having Fun and being Lovely YaY !!

Winners of 300l gift certificate from Hatpins
Meadow McBride
Bettye Duncun
Ceejay Writers
Vasha Martinek

500 gift cert from Canolli Capilini’s fine furnishing

*Redgrrl Llewellyn (surprise)

* (prices waiting to be delivered .. I like to pass to persons when they are on line cheers)

Hope to see and welcome you all next Month

Peirmont Landing Presents

A Winter Black & White Ball


Kembri said...

Thank you so much! I was surprised and pleased when you told me last evening. The Rfyre gown is beautiful! I so look forward to the next ball! I have just the gown in mind too . . .


Breezy Carver said...

.. big smile thank YOU so Much Kembri Your own designed gown was so stunning, detailed with wonderous textured fabrics and most important that amazing heart of yours ...

always breezy :)

Meadow McBride said...

Yay! Breezy - thank you! As always, a joy and a pleasure, and long may we continue to have FUN!

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

OhMyWord Breezy!! [bounces and dances aroun then gets a grip smiles graciously and murmurs] you could have knocked me over with a feather i was that surprised to win something...anything!!! thank you darling!!!! wheeeee!!! i can buy Christmas decorations at Canolli's gorgeous store! YAY!!!!

[bounnnnnceesss and falls on her bottom...mutters] i'm still working on that...