Sunday, November 30, 2008

~A Wintry Stroll in New Babbage ~

A Wintry Stroll in New Babbage

Ah the beauty our Dear City New Babbage .. The sound of the crunch crunch as we walk ( the joy of a surprise hurling snow ball ) the magic never stops !!1 Thank YOU Mayor Shaun Sprocket for taking and making the time to bring this Magic of the first snow fall to life ( big smile ) What a special town this be With the combined makeup of the characters like the builds are each so very special , full of passion and genuine octane in diversity that combines together make for such a most special thoughtful and safe good place .. We love our times In New Babbage be it a fun night in Skusting's beloved Ruby's ah Canolli's Fine Furniture , Mr Merryman ( one man ) dear tenants A visit to Myrtle's bakery a walk and exploration to the dear Palisade .. ah the Port and the square, the dynamic Sea with the warmth of the Lotus and our most treasured Piermont in the beautiful Wheatstone Waterways ... like the builds the shops and most of all the people are just so much special and dear to we ..
Add in some good rp or event laced with the magic of the theater of words .. Indeed we are blessed and it is quite a collection of moments and experiences
Thank YOU One and and All for making and keeping New Babbage the very special good and creative (( Unlike any place else on the grid)) Safe Sims They Be ..
Twillsssssssssss Indeed
( Photos by my Dear Skusting Dagger )


Skusting Dagger said...

Dagger tosses a snowball and then ducks as Breezy tosses one back... MISSED ME!.... Tries to run, but slips on the ice... now at the mercy of Breezy... HEHEHE.. NO FAIR! MAN DOWN!.... struggles to make another snowball and tosses it from the ground... missing Breezy by mere inches. She helps Dagger up and they repair inside to Ruby's for hot toddies....

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

again, you say it so well....thank you everyone and Mayor Sprocket for making New Babbage a gorgeous friendly loving FUN place to be! and thank you Breezy and guys add SO much!!!