Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~Out of Order~ Grins~ Brilliant ~

Passion : one can't fake it one can't buy it ...nor can you pretend to have and get it !!!
Courage and Integrity: are such huge gifts we each own .. Taking care of ourselves is so important doing the right thing and caring about others .. WoW !!
Perhaps this is just brilliant acting to some but to some of us it is moving .
As we each rush about, Please never forget its the little things the smallest things that so often make the biggest difference .. I am so not perfect and have so much to improve on but these are the magic moments that I embrace and am touched by .. When something happens in any world it is my own foolish passion that moves me so much .. There are problems all over but there are solutions and wonderful insperations to impact we along the way ....

This scene moves me tenfold !!
Thank YOU for letting me share ..

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