Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Ultimate Valentine (( swoon )) *laughs*

A Gift Down Memory Land for Those that care to Recall

In Memory of

Mr Barry White

September 12, 1944 – July 4, 2003

OK a little personal note here ....Love is not just a mind set and we all have it .. Never doubt an other's ability to Love . Perhaps The key is to Love with all with no conditions

Now there's a chalenge .. aye ..

This is a performance that many might just not get ....

grins .. the Deal is this.......... This song was written and arranged by The Master Quincy Jones !!

Note the four gentlemen ..

Originally it was Chaka Khan and Barry White

( personal note "Thru The Fire" was my wedding song *grins*)

then there were arrangements with each gentleman and Mr White ..

This was a Soul Train Music Award Ceremony not sure the year ..

The Point::: Barry White :::His Riffs .. Damn the Man just takes it ..

Even when he is trying to be modest and a gentleman

At the end you can hear his Most dynamic Riffs open and he is still being kind

He takes it right out of the Park and he holds back to the very very end ..

Brilliant Entertainer and Valentine's day does belong To him

You know YOUR RIGHT ....

He Riffs like a master of the woo I... I swear I swear YOUR right ..

Do what YOU want me to !

ah that was another song and he knew it !!

claps claps claps ..

Still to this Day when he comes on My XM kick it up put the top down and take that coast with a great big smile


Below one of his last performances .. A full orchastra .. Dynamic indeed !

I dedicate this and so many More to my Beloved Piermont Landing !!!


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