Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Valentine to Remember~Grand Tour II

A Valentine To Remember
The night was quite special indeed .. the lights the hearts and all our guests looked and must have felt just Divine
There was a sense of Excitement and Intrigue in the air as Indeed just like monthly clockwork Dear Piermont Landing did once again come alive
The Music started with DJ Bats mysterious signature tune
( how i love that Hook ) ..
and then he Brilliantly went into Casablanca ..
The journey this creative and most amazing character takes us each on proves once again
Just what a special Master of Music he be !!
Thank YOU Mr DJ Bats thank YOU Indeed !!
Gosh so many of YOU helped me do this Thank YOU !!
This was The Grand Tour and that it was quite Grand (humble view)
I want to thank Miss Serafina Puchkina my dear friend and Official Event Piermont Landing Hostess along with our Event Photographer Bookworm Hienrichs and bless your kind heart to me over and over again dear Viv Trafalgar thank YOU !! .. As the guests arrived Bookworm and Sera did an amazing job helping to welcome all ..
Myrtil Igaly and Jimmy Branagh for their friendships and once again touching my heart and entertaining you all with their most adorable creative cubid and helper visit !!
Thank You to My dear business Partner and Friend Skusting Dagger and Dr Rafael Fabre
Please know I would be lost without each of Your suport and friendships !!!
We had a total of 88 guests .. Not too shaby .. for a most special Holiday Weekend in any world !
As for being part of The Grand Tour WoW .. Wow !! a wonderful experience to work with as I get to know these wonderful wonderful characters our neighbors and yeah Friends
Thank YOU to each of YOU that came for indeed each one of YOU made the Night
A Valentine to Remember
The Prize Winners listed below ..
Searra Weatherwax
Lumina Elvehjem
Kara Timtam
Doktor Sweetwater
Myrtil Igaly
Max Queller
Edward Pearse*

Prince Telling *
Random Wezzog*
KlausWulfenbach Outlander*
Annechen Lowey*
Gatsby Szuster*
Poppet McGimsie*

Steam punk Romance Photo Contest

Blue Ribbon (Without A Valentine) Jimmy Branagh*
Second Place Ambrose Steampunk*
Third Place ( tie) Orchid McMillan and Viv Trafalgar*

Thank YOU Dear Book Great Capture

Thank YOU Dear Duke Edward !! :)

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