Sunday, March 29, 2009

~Indeed Lets Dance ~

takes a deep breath ..(quite a day) fluffs hair now where was I .. Oh yes !
Indeed Industry does March on hence Let's Dance !
I want to thank the amazing good people ie neighbors and dear friends and the delightful thoughtful guests that attended Piermont's Landing Steamfitters Ball last night .
I want to thank My personal friends and sponsors of these events
but more important the good people of the steam punk sims that made a point to attend and have a good time under indeed the serious Moon Light !!
The characters that where in there were priceless .
Excitement... Fun .. Romance .. coughs ..Drama .. Ah Memories once again delivered !!
Sera thank YOU for hosting with me .
Bookworm thank YOU for those pictures i can't wait to see
To Rafael my dearest friend thank YOU
To Canolli ,Gus ,Jed ,Capt, Sylvie ,Ceejay, Red and Viv thank YOU
To The Baron ,Lumi ,Genie, Annechen many thanks
to my each of dear friends and neighbors from dear safe delightful fun
Steelhead thank YOU so much
To my dear safe Homeland of New Babbage neighbors Gosh thank YOU
and to anyone from any where I have not mentioned Thank YOU
Thank YOU Mr Tenk and Mr Cleanslate you do make a huge a difference and
make these events a Joy to put on !
To My Right hand Mr DJ Bats Amazing once again ..
A most special Thank YOU to Dr Dayafter what an good guy YOU really be !!
Those that know me .. know what goes into these events ( my heart)
so yeah each of YOU that come out of support and that care to be part of them with no hidden agendas
sure do make a huge difference and These events will continue !!
See you next Month at the Robber Barons Ball !!!
April 25th 2009
I shall list the prize winner tomorrow !!
Thank YOU for making this most special night and again bringing my beloved dream and creation on sl
Piermont Landing Alive once again
as for RFL a huge thank YOU to each that helped raided the 12,000.00 we did
I am most touched to send most special
Thanks to Skusting ,Blakopal and Trilo for their wonderful creative donations and time
Indeed it takes a village we have the blessing of working with several and then some
WoW !!1

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Ceejay Writer said...

Hidden Agendas really aren't all that hidden, you know? They stick out worse than a bustle and really make one's figure look horrid. *smiles*

As usual, you worked your heart out to create a lovely event, one to hold memories for another month. To all who know the value of beauty, friendship and a peaceful setting, and strive to nuture rather than shred such... my adoration goes out to those who truly do get it.

*hugs to Breezy* Thank you once again, for providing the stuff that dreams are made of.