Sunday, March 8, 2009

Story Tellers

Why Steely Dan .grins.. Why not ... I am working on a real life project and been listening to their older stuff and some other of this mind set .. lot .. I find it all.. grins .. great stuff !!!
even a tail of a washed up drug dealer .. ha!
Amazing they lived made a fortune telling the stories of it .thru lyrics great riffs and beats .. really when you think about ..
Confession I always thought Donald Fagen was a real life vampire .. he has always been so out there ..Have been blessed to See them live several times I think they are better today then ever .. (( as recent as two years ago ))
These guys are still playing and performing world wide .. their cuts are classics brilliant story tellers indeed !!
ponders ...
Aren't we all living a story of sorts somehow someway...
With out a doubt indeed its the artists of music that just have the abilities to kick it up a notch for some of we ..
The writers that tell the story the artists that paint .. but it is the we that live and able to feel it that some how are able to take it break it out and are able to really bring it to life to feel their creations .. and dare I say dance thru our own lives a wee bit more content .. and I hope aware and have dreams
(( humble view))

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