Monday, March 2, 2009

~ Wooden Ships on the Water~

....."Easy the way it's supose to be" .....
....Sorry Folks .... I don't think that's Quite The Real Story ...........

I had two older sisters that played what we call Classic rock cuts and albums over and over .during my entire childhood .. I also had parents that loved the theater and jazz hence My love for a wide range of music from classical to jazz from the classics to classic hits.. rock and roll live it loud .. and my beloved R&B .. long live Motown ahh Santana and the grateful dead ..
ah I played and studied and taught the cello and piano for close to two decades ...
Music makes everything better .. Music makes every thing period !!
I saw something today .. something that caught my eye and made me think ..

We work to provide for our spouses our family our homes our needs .. But does our work define we and when we decide to change or adjust our lives does that mean we are wrong ?
Just some thought .. The Media .. The Markets .. Ah the world .. things are changing and are we each prepared to change and adjust as they do so ..
I have good friendships on the grid and real world .. Friends I really didn't even know I had really .. and I am blessed .. But I worry .
I worry daily .. I worry about the people that are hurting or are going thru hard times unknowns and challenges .. Why because I am codependent ? Lonely ?? in denial perhaps ??
No I really don't think so Not after today ... Today taught me something .. If one can get over themselves .. If one can be happy with themselves thru giving caring and being kind .. Then at the end of the day .. Family Career ahh friends put aside .. If One was able to do one kind thing to make a difference and matter in any world .. then One can feel a wee bit better .. A wee bit more content
Life is hard enough at any age in any world .. One needs to feel they have done well , good , are good are sound !!
Humble views .. The world is getting harder ladies and gentlemen .. Lets be kind to one another , rather then judge easier said then done .

We can't live in the past but we can learn and grow from it .. all of it .. and proceed into each of futures what ever they might be or hold ..
I understand smiles .. I understand kindness and I understand and respect depth .. I spark to a good chalenge and ya respect fear .. adore genuine people .. But I don't have to do or be negative .. I can shall and will Turn that page ..
Its not easy to ride these waves but gosh .. embrace each and everyday for they are gifts .. I know I want to live life .. I wish to make some kind of difference if I can .. looks down .. No Looks up A toast to getting over ourselves .. A toast to feeling our feelings and respecting one another for feeling theirs ..

I am getting the music and why I know the words . I am getting why a song makes it all alright .. a tune make me smile .. For it is the music and dance of lives that helps each of we to live. Live it to the best and fullest we each are able to ... Doesn't make any of us ahh super stars or powerhouses .. But it sure does make each of we different and special ..
A toast to all of the wooden ships on the water .. smile .. I would rather be riding the waves of this thing called life the highs the lows anytime and be a good friend .. the dark the good the bad and yeah the ugly and know at the end of the day .. when i put my head on my pillow and say my prayers and bless those that I know and those that reside in heart and most important those that i dont know .. then to have simply nothing to say .. nods .. to the smiles the quiet ones we each understand !!!
Safe voyages . make a point to take and feel em .. each experiance .. (feels goosebumps nothing like a cool friendly misty sea breeze really at day break )
or a dynamic sunset the kind you feel .. ah yeah . and cya on the sea or shore lines of this thing we each live .. called life !!! .. I am out .. just for now !! .. * smiles*

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