Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ghost Ships

Ghost Ship
She moves alone through darkness,
the mist her cloak of awe,
she would freeze the hardened sailor who would dare to step aboard.
All through the night she wonders,
alone and far from shore,
the rigging drips of purple blood,
by death with gun and sword.
No crew has she to speak of,
the decks they hark and creek,
no moon could blaze her windswept ways,
out through the mist she peeps.
The sharks that follow slowly,
black eyes above the wake,
be careful ye may flounder,
your life she may just take.
The black flag on her main sail,
stands strong and cannot yield,
her journey ever onward,
her haunted broken keel.
Her cannons roll so slowly,
back and forth just like the tides,
be careful ye unspoilt youth,
they can burn and melt young eyes.
Never gaze at night,
poor soulful youth,
from the cliff tops strengthened heights,
for just beyond the horizon,
there she drifts with mournful plight,
take care in case she beckons forth,
her treasure you may seek,
beneath the waves she’ll drag you,
a salty grave you’ll keep.
Out in the night she travels,
for her no thought of shore,
for she is cursed and afflicted,
to sail on for evermore.
I tell this tale to you my friend,
I am the master of this craft,
through seven seas of gales and breeze,
for the ghost ship,
she’s my heart
Fergus Michael Condron
My entire life has been most blessed from early years with tails and adventures on and about Sea .. The Power the beauty and the horror. Her amazing lure to those that hear, feel and get her calling ... The stories ah the endless tales , told almost like ghost stories around a fire or by candle light at our summer home (hearing and seeing waves) among dear family and friends . The tales wonderful, endearing sometimes often sad but so true .. The chance survivors , the heart breaking losses, the tales of excitement ..
Indeed I was taught with great thought and love to respect the sea to embrace but always with caution .. this is part of the .. tale to know and be aware of .. goosebumps ..
Ghost Ships are not an urban myth they exist and to some are part of the lure .. I have seen two off the cape in my humble life . The first when I was ten with my father , We were taking an early morning walk (about 5am) on the beach and he saw her .. he put me on his shoulders and pointed it out to me ..(( I remember saying "maybe they are sleeping daddy" his reply "No hun there is no one on that ship" )) we went to the deck and looked He looked out thru his telescope .. I remember it well , he called the coast guard it was early one Monday am he was getting ready to drive to the city (5 hours away) and wouldn't be back till the following weekend .. We never found out what happen to that ship, but there was not one on board .
The second was about 15 years ago, my sister and i were walking the beach collecting sea glass and shell early in the morning .. No matter what age one is that's what one does on the shores early in am .. There she was an older Boston whaler .. life jackets .. fishing gear and rods intact but no one board .. motor running .. odd .. really strange stuff .
Then there are stories of the wrecks down below .. sigh .. the underwater grave yards .
To take some of these dives .. I passed my divers certification off the coast of Nantucket.
I remember friends of mine used to make fun of people who got certification in a pool , I never really got what that was all about until i went diving myself in Bermuda .. let's just say I got it .. to see these wrecks and be so close .. My new line for years was .. there are aren't any ship wrecks in these parts i don't want to disturb anyone .. I was often laughed at , by husband and our friends ,but in reality i was quite serious !
I am blessed to know some serious divers thru the years .... I have shared my feelings and been told some amazing tales .. Their stories are most haunting but it is the grave yards under the sea, deep in her waters ..The crews buried alive .. Under water grave yards that as much as they interest us ,really should never be disturbed ..

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