Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recap: Your best Dressed Robber Barons

This event was a most special one .. (( humble view aren't they all ))
But if you knew what was going on in behind scenes you would ..grins..
You would understand why it takes Breezy a few days to recover process her notes with photos and names to give the prizes and then find and track each one of YOU down :)
Some highlights for me ..
the delivering of the smoke stacks
spending a few moments with each of you that I was there to greet over the three days they where dropped off !
I enjoyed Meadow and seeing hers very much !! Gosh I enjoyed each one of YOU and all of them very Much .. All 13 (imagine .. Who knew !! ))
A most special Thank YOU to Doctor O .. This Wonderful dear evil Man helped this event a great deal Between his Fun evil Money Gun for RFL and then taking the time to work with over see and Judging .. grins .. no easy Take and he did it with thought and care !!
Hugs my sister in friendship Ms Canolli
Sometimes I do not think people realize how lucky we are with each of the characters (ie the we ) that make up New Babbage and our other neighboring Steam Lands .. Great Stuff my friends and Neighbors .. Most special Stuff !!
You know folks may not always agree but a bit of kindness and respect go a long long Way .. Humble View from this Seabreeze ..
My goal with each of these Balls and Builds is to give back to YOU that choose to be part of them !! I am not looking to make money or a living but rather work together with my Friends and Sponsors and share and enjoy with YOU all if You Please a fun night in time .. Make A special moment to remember !!

Another Highlight was When Dear Ms Kemi delivered her gown .. believe it or not I was so moved !! But the I was quite Moved when in the middle of Week Ms Viv deliver her own smoke stack build .. The New Babbage Mini smoke stack topper .. WoW
I was also Quite entertained working with her to bake .. no create different and out to the box birthday Cakes .. Grins... I also had a great deal of fun working with the magical mind of my for ever dear close comrade Mr Dagger in creating The Clockwinder's Rez Cake .. to be viewed again on his own Wonderful Rez day .. I also always enjoy working with my dear friend Ms Ceejay as she whipped up a brand new Tuffle for our very own Clockwinder .. that also will be at His Rez day party and then His . grins .... But out a doubt , a very special moment was to hear this song and See Mr Des standing on steps of Piermont Landing .. big smile...
Saying hello and welcome to him and him saying in return " I couldn't miss it .. I just couldn't"

The Baron and his wonderful entry !!
The Clockwinder making it in at the very end .. Seeing the Judges look at the stacks ..

A night of dancing and DJ Bats getting thru his little niche and finding us the right perfect link in Stream (( trust me that was no easy Task and he was a professional and true Friend and came thru for me tenfold !! A warm thank You to my dear Friend Dr. Fabre ..always a true gentleman !

Now the Winners .. I went out of my way to put gather and go thru photos for this one because it was tricky !!
When one is dealing with three hour events and 84 people most who do stay at least an hour it is important to reach out and notice as many of You as one can .. nods nods sounds corny I know , but it makes for such a charming event don't you Think ?
Best Dressed Barons and Baronesses
KlausWulfenbach Outlander
Desmond Magic
BlakOpal Galicia
Redgrrl Llewellyn
Saffia Widdershins
Eugenia Burton
Moses Mureaux
Kat Montpark
Jedberg30 Dagger
Byron Wexhome
Rafael Fabre
Softpaw Sommer
Annechen Lowery
Now as I said .. Thank You so much to each of you care that really care and continue to support and attend these events ..
Next Month The Grand Tour Illusions Ball and Working Hour Glass Build Contest and one more special treat I will announce later in the week .. thank YOU NEW BABBAGE and a special thank to Our dear Friends and Neighbors across the Grids .. take care and enjoy ..
hope to see you soon on the grid ..
Always, breezy
Special thanks to dear Book and Trilo for kindness support and photos and to Dear Sera my friend who helps me so much Hugsss !!

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