Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Reconnoiter

Third person singular
Simple pastreconnoitered
Past participlereconnoitered
Present participlereconnoitering
to reconnoiter (third-person singular simple present reconnoiters, present participle reconnoitering, simple past and past participle reconnoitered)
(transitive, intransitive, military) To perform a
reconnaissance (of an area; an enemy position); to scout with the aim of gaining information.
Our scout will reconnoiter the path ahead of our troops.

A neat little One Man special creation built by the clever .. Mr. Greg Merryman ((one man))

Now here is what I don't get .. With everyone carrying on about what Ship is bolder sleeker more efficient ..
more period .. can glide .handle.. looks sharper... shoots .. bang them up etc .. the most ... etc etc....
Tell ya what boys and girls .. Ladies and Gentlemen .. ahh Guys and Dolls .
I am not in a Navy . but I sure own one of these pubs ..
and If I was in a navy I would make sure every gunner grab one on the double !!
Its design is sleek .. It handles well .. Its fast .. and its aim and guns
are Just right every time !!

And it really is wicked well done !! Kudos Greg well done !!!
Claps Claps ..
and many happy Twirlsssssssssss for and to YOU !!
can't wait to take her out and play some more ..its no trans no mod for a reason *wink*
but ya can make copies ... (( be aware !!))
available on Xstreet and at The Iron Bay in New Babbage ( of course)

but hey don't take my word .. I am just a SeaBreeze(rpm fish) and a Lady .
*grins* ..
what do I know ????
whispers to every Boot and Brass ... rush to check it out for yourself . don't wait... buy now !!!!

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