Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Robber Barons Ball

Greetings I am starting this before the Robbers Baron's Ball and Smoke Stack Build Contest .. (smiles) I always say it is each of YOU that makes these events so amazing. For if you please these events are My Labor of Love to and for New Babbage !! But it is indeed the each one of you who care and attend that in turn make each one so most genuine and Special !! Indeed I gush and am Humble.
You see This is My Tenth Event at Piermont .. Imagine Bringing Social Formal Events to New Babbage ... What was I, am I , out of Mind .. Grins.. Perhaps a tad !
Many memories pass thru my mind. But one of all time most bizarre was of being banned from own event because the Sim capped at 40 . Now that is not what stands out in my mind.. What truly touched my heart was:
That it was a most special chain of events that reminded me WoW .. What an awesome place with the finest in neighbors and kind friendships I recall it was dear Bob who left the ball and walked the railroad tracks with me for over a half ((so I wouldn't be all alone )) hour till Dr Fabre (wonder if either even recall this, as it was way back in November 08) helped me with endless tps and rebooting ideas and Dear Charlene came and Upped the limit .. (( grins )) Thank Heavens with our New Mayor and Leader with thoughtful hindsight we do not have to worry about such things !!!

I am coming back now after the ball .wipes away some more tears. For it be an unforgettable night .. I am counting on others for photos . I was not able to take one all evening so not like me . 83 people came over the three hour event !! Imagine !
More Important please know Each of You made it indeed a Night to Remember !
Piermont Landing turned up her passion with extra Steam indeed ..
13 smoke stacks ..
the winners are
1. Jimmy Branagh
2.Beq Janus
3.Greg Merryman..
Honorable mention

Weatherwax and Elfod
Thank You to the judges

My dear freiends
Doctor Obolensky
Canolli Capalini
Raven Pennyfeather
Special thanks to
Viv Trafalgar for making the birthday cakes ..
Skusting Dagger for making Our Clockwinders 2nd Year Rez Day Clock Cake
Miss Ceejay Writer for making the Clockwinder Truffle
To Captain Red for making the wonderful Doctor O Texture ..
To Ceejay and Dr Fabre for your friendships and making me feel special for a moment in time with your most kind words (( and for Your remarkable understanding and acceptance ))
To DJ BATS for pulling it together and getting us thru amazing music .

Thank You to all for keeping Piermont Landing quite special .
Breezy has so much passion and heart to give and share but I will say this .. SO often people complain and carry on about what they don't have !
Please turn the left turn to right and see all the wonderful things one does have !
I hate to bother people .. I love to give .. and never take ..
Because the high and wonderful feeling I experience in giving is simply the best feeling I know ..
Because the pain of Loss is so unbearable ..No matter how hard on tried to prepare for it !
Indeed I might not be the best writer or even the best at anything , but if you can remember me for a kind act .. a caring thought . Then I have lived in any life ..
Life is fleeing and it is good and it so meant to be lived !! In any world !
I wish you each many wonderful dreams and endless happy sunsets and amazing sunrises ..
A toast to YOU .. a grand and most dear special Thank YOU !!
Always a humble SeaBreeze .. perhaps a foolish dreamer .. ah ..for now.. that's where my greatest desires and true magical sparks reside and I shall always continue to care deeply and ya hold on .. Tight !

Piermont Landing Presents
The Grand Tour III
The Illusions Ball
June 20th


Viv Trafalgar said...

It was a lovely ball Breezy - 10 of them !! Wow. You are to be congratulated. It was a huge success, and the 11th ball will be as well.

Ceejay Writer said...

I had a wonderful time! It was quite a good soiree this time around, lag was down, conversations were good... interesting, happy evening. Thank you so much for doing these.