Monday, May 11, 2009

The Trial of Century

Here is the Transcript of the trial ( A 3 Hour Tour )
((44 pages of it so tightened up the middle)) Doctor O split after 2 in a half hours but did so with Class !!!
oh and a Clank .. oh and then the jury got fed .. well they were pigions after all
(( I would have gone with seagulls ..humble view ))
[14:56] Riven Homewood: We are resourceful in Steelhead - and we have a lot of nice
big trees :-)
[14:56] Breezy Carver: hugss Jimmy ☆smiles ☆
[14:56] Eugenia Burton: Hello, Magdalena.
[14:56] Magdalena Kamenev: Hello, Miss Genie.
[14:56] Breezy Carver: hello Miss Riven
[14:56] Breezy Carver: Hello Genie !!
[14:56] Breezy Carver: Hi Lumi !!!
[14:56] Riven Homewood: Hello Miss Breezy :-)
[14:56] Riven Homewood: So nice to see you
[14:57] Jimmy waves to Miss Breezy
[14:57] Magdalena Kamenev: Hi, Miss Breezy ...
[14:57] Breezy Carver: grins of course wouldnt miss this !!
[14:57] CeAire Decosta finds a cushion to sit on. It's gonna be a long evening!
[14:57] Riven Homewood: Hawc, did I steal your seat?
[14:57] CeAire Decosta: No, you didn't. He's fine!
[14:57] Breezy Carver: Hello hello Ms Kamenev
[14:57] Breezy Carver: smiles
[14:57] Hawc Decosta: Nope, found one!
[14:57] Penelope Strathearn: *giggles at "Lobotomised Jury" hovertext*
[14:57] TotalLunar Eclipse: *smiles*
[14:57] Molly Steampunk: Hallo, pipple! Time for zum fun, ja?
[14:58] Breezy Carver: Hello Myril dear soo good to see YOU !
[14:58] Kiralette Kelley tosses the jury some crumbs
[14:58] Myrtil Igaly: Hello Miss Breezy!!
[14:58] Delilah Nephilim is Offline
[14:58] Myrtil Igaly: how are you?
[14:58] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Breezy!
[14:58] Breezy Carver: Hi there Ms Molly ☆smiles ☆
[14:59] Hawc Decosta: Hi Molly!
[14:59] Eva Bellambi is Offline
[15:00] Breezy Carver: grins at the baron .. took ya while .. grins
[15:00] KlausWulfenbach Outlander frowns at the sound of thunder
[15:00] Tensai Hilra: there we go, abit more bailffy?
[15:00] Doctor Obolensky: What a quaint setting.
[15:00] Litta Nightfire: Greetings, everyone. I am Justice Broome's clerk.
[15:00] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I had an errand to run first.
[15:00] Riven Homewood: No bribing the jury, Miss Kira!
[15:01] Kiralette Kelley: aww... but i was just trying to et them to um... come home ... for a spot of tea ... later..
[15:01] Eugenia Burton worriedly looks around for her attorney.
[15:01] Kiralette Kelley licks her lips
[15:01] Tensai Hilra (the Law): I would like to ask everyone to please take ther seats
[15:01] Litta Nightfire: All rise, Justice Broome presiding.
[15:02] Litta Nightfire: (oopsie!)
[15:02] Breezy Carver: wavesss to Lunar ☆smiles ☆
[15:02] TotalLunar Eclipse waves back
[15:02] Doctor Obolensky: Make room, you rabble.
[15:02] Redgrrl Llewellyn is Offline
[15:02] gstone Turas: gston gasps
[15:02] Myrtil Igaly whispers : Dr O! Dr O!
[15:02] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Fraulein Wheatcliffe, over here.
[15:03] Martini Discovolante is Offline
[15:03] Doctor Obolensky: I do hope this show isn't too brief for you all.
[15:03] Jim whispers "Damn! Oy forgot me slingshot!"
[15:03] Violet MacMoragh is Offline
[15:03] Embarrassment Briefcase V1.1 whispers: Detaching.. Embarrassment Briefcase V1.1
[15:03] Myrtil Igaly elbows Jimmy : Look at the size of this guard's triple axe!
[15:04] Jimmy chuckles.
[15:04] Espah: we go.
[15:04] TotalLunar Eclipse: Good afternoon Doctor
[15:04] Annechen Lowey: Would have been shorter if they had allowed flensing.
[15:04] Delilah Nephilim is Online
[15:04] Litta Nightfire nods gravely to the defendant.
[15:05] Doctor Obolensky: I can see your officers of the court finished their set at the Moulon Rouge just in time.
[15:06] Myrtil Igaly: hehehe
[15:06] Litta Nightfire: ^^ Regrets that you missed it, Doctor?
[15:06] Litta Nightfire: (paralegals don't get paid much)
[15:06] Magdalena Kamenev: Objection ... argumentative and disrespectful to the court. I call for contempt charges, Your Honor.
[15:06] TotalLunar Eclipse: Lets hope that comment was not aimed at my wife
[15:06] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Fraulein Wheatcliffe.
[15:07] Litta Nightfire: ((Justice Broome is having some lag issues, please excuse))
[15:07] Zebrati Merricks waits as the court house apears.
[15:07] [T.KING] Steampunk Reactor Cannon II A.C.R.RP v2.1 -right hand-:
[15:08] Remington Pinion: jusge having lag issues, wow, this is like RL!!
[15:08] Jasper Kiergarten is Offline
[15:08] Doctor Obolensky: Ah, Mister Merricks. Welcome.
[15:08] Zebrati Merricks: Thank you doctor.
[15:08] Jimmy Branagh notes Merricks arrival
[15:08] Myrtil Igaly elbows Jimmy again and points at Mr Merricks
[15:08] Myrtil Igaly: oh
[15:08] Forelle Broek moves for a temporary restraining order and permanent injunction against the lag
[15:08] Magdalena Kamenev whispers, "Thank goodness ..."
[15:08] Doctor Obolensky: I'm afraid the chairs aren't very comfortable.
[15:08] Zebrati Merricks: Forgive the few seconds of lateness...the dye in my hair was still wet.
[15:08] Venerable Broome: order
[15:09] Hawc Decosta: SL will never sit still for it Forelle!
[15:09] KlausWulfenbach Outlander snorts quietly
[15:09] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: Excuse me Your Grace, I hope this seat isn't taken
[15:09] Lipidro Bloobury whispers " least this town has a Town Hall..."
[15:09] Doctor Obolensky: Not at all, you still beat the opposing counsel here. >chuckles< [15:09] gavel animated whispers: Use Mouselook (press 'M') gavel things. [15:09] gavel animated whispers: Choose 'Detach' from my menu to take me off. [15:09] KlausWulfenbach Outlander whispers: You're fine. [15:09] Patch Reina whistles as he waltz' into the cout room and takes a seat behind merriks. [15:09] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: Thank you sir [15:09] Eugenia Burton is Online [15:09] Litta Nightfire: I see everyone has arrived. Are we ready to commence? [15:10] VelesJaeger Munster is Online [15:10] "Well, lookie 'oo showed up," whispered Jim [15:10] KlausWulfenbach Outlander eyes Herr Doktor Parx uneasily [15:10] Venerable Broome: Mr [15:10] Litta Nightfire: (and, Miss Burton, may I say you look lovely) [15:10] Venerable Broome: Broek, are you ready?. [15:10] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merri ks? [15:11] Zebrati Merricks: I am ready your Honor. [15:11] Eugenia Burton nervously smiles. [15:11] Venerable Broome: Proceed [15:11] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek [15:11] Forelle Broek: Your honor, I apologize for my delay [15:11] Forelle Broek: ((technical difficulties, grrrrr)) [15:11] Myrtil Igaly whispers to Jimmy : Wow, ever seen Dr O without his tophat? Less impressive heh [15:11] Forelle Broek: ((I don't see anyone else)) [15:11] Venerable Broome: None required, Sir, I, myself was a bit congugulated, as you saw [15:12] Zebrati Merricks takes off his coat. [15:12] Forelle Broek sees Miss Tensai, and notices the menacing device strapped to her back [15:12] Tensai Hilra: just in case *smiles* [15:12] Forelle Broek: Hello Genie [15:13] "Lots of shine coming off that head!" [15:13] Jimmy chuckles. [15:13] Eugenia Burton: Hello, Forelle. I am very happy to see you. [15:13] Breezy Carver: laughs [15:13] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek -- please begin. [15:13] Forelle Broek: Thank you, your honor. [15:13] Forelle Broek: I have only a brief opening statement [15:13] Myrtil Igaly waves at Patch and gestures the bunny ears above her own head with a toothy smile [15:14] Venerable Broome: Good. [15:14] Breezy Carver: wheres gordon will there be tea ?? [15:14] Forelle Broek: The plaintiff, Miss Eugenia Burton, is a beloved and respected member of our fair Steelhead community [15:14] Patch Reina scowls and gestures chewing on a nut. [15:14] KlausWulfenbach Outlander is Online [15:14] Riven Homewood is Offline [15:14] Forelle Broek: This past March, she sufered gievous injuries in the course of her attempt to come to the rescue of our good friends in New Babbage [15:14] Litta Nightfire gets out a handkerchief [15:15] Patch Reina yawns LOUDLY, "borin already..." [15:15] Forelle Broek: ((lagety lag lag lag)) [15:15] Lumina Elvehjem: Nice attention span! [15:15] Venerable Broome: NOddity, nod nod nod [15:15] Riven Homewood is Online [15:15] Forelle Broek: The person responsible for the attack on New Babbage, and the resulting injuries to Miss Burton, is the Defendant, Dr. Obolensky [15:15] Foxxrun Evil Titler (1.10): Lipidro Bloobury can now receive a new title! Set it on channel /335 [15:15] Myrtil Igaly frowns [15:16] Foxxrun Evil Titler (1.10): Patch Reina has given Lipidro Bloobury a new title! They must live with "licker of clothespins" until a new title is set! [15:16] Tanarian Davies is Online [15:16] Forelle Broek: We will establish that he planted a device that, by its design, deprived Miss Burton of her magickal power, and also caused her to suffer a broken limb [15:16] Doctor Obolensky: >snorts< [15:16] Zebrati Merricks: /taps his table a bit while listening. [15:16] Breezy Carver: *sighs* [15:16] Forelle Broek: We seek damages in an amount ufficient to compensate for these losses, and punitive damages to drive home the message that this sort of anti-ocial conduct in unacceptable. [15:16] Gizmo Theas shakes her head [15:16] Galactic Baroque is Online [15:16] Caladon Rae frowns slightly [15:17] Forelle Broek: That is all I hav4e for now your Honor [15:17] Venerable Broome: Well, that was brief, at least. [15:17] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merricks? [15:17] Zebrati Merricks: Yes your honor I am ready. [15:17] Prettykitty Gumbo is Online [15:17] Zebrati Merricks: If it pleases the court.... [15:18] Venerable Broome: It does [15:18] Molly Steampunk waves her sign. [15:18] Forelle Broek: *under his breath "sick up"* [15:18] Venerable Broome: Although not much does. [15:18] Zebrati Merricks gets out of his chair. "Today we have had claims that one Doctor Obolensky has committed wrongs." [15:18] Lumina Elvehjem toys wif her fink sign [15:18] Lil Maximus is Online [15:19] Zebrati Merricks: Not only are these just claims and not facts they are also very poorly designed ones. [15:19] Riven Homewood: Oh dear - this is going to be a long one, I'm afraid [15:19] Gizmo Theas smiles [15:19] You decline LN MODA introduce to FashCon 9th May 2009 from A group member named Lolita Nomura. [15:19] Zebrati Merricks: While it is very true that the doctor built the items that rained down on Babage that fatefull day he himself had sold them to a third party. [15:19] Litta Nightfire notes the presence of "Dr. Obolensky is a Fink" signs in the transcript [15:19] KlausWulfenbach Outlander mutters [15:20] Zebrati Merricks: To hold him responsible for the actions this party did would be the same as holding a gunsmith responsible for a murder. [15:20] Molly Steampunk grins. [15:20] Patch Reina: here here! [15:20] Gizmo Theas nods [15:20] Forelle Broek: ((Hey, my typist is a Fink!!)) [15:20] Myrtil Igaly: Booooo [15:20] Hotspur Otoole: (( I'm just shocked... )) [15:20] Zebrati Merricks: Also the Plantiff herself did much to cause her own harm. Tossing herself in harms way instead of going to get the proper channels of help. [15:20] Ghilayne Andrew is Offline [15:20] Martini Discovolante is Online [15:20] Lumina Elvehjem: *:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.¸mrrrrl¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:* [15:20] Patch Reina nods sagely. [15:21] Doctor Obolensky: Not to mention being touched in the head. [15:21] Zebrati Merricks: And of course there is the odd fact that all other beings who had been effected by the attack are now back to normal...she is the only one that isnt. [15:21] Venerable Broome: order [15:21] Myrtil Igaly: and my bakery is still destroyed... [15:21] Eugenia Burton arches an eyebrow. [15:21] Riven Homewood: Did Dr O touch Miss Burton in the head? That sounds totally uncalled for! [15:21] Zebrati Merricks looks at the Judge. "Should I wait or do you wish me to stop?" [15:21] Forelle Broek: That's assault -- an offensive touching! [15:22] Venerable Broome: Pleasse c ontinue,but tell your client to shut his gob. [15:22] Forelle Broek: *tee hee* [15:22] Litta Nightfire stifles a giggle [15:22] Caladon Rae: *snorts* [15:22] Hawc Decosta: Hoooo! [15:22] Treloar Parx is Online [15:22] Zebrati Merricks: Your honor may I ask that you tell the other council to also be quiet.... [15:22] Venerable Broome: order i n the court [15:22] Hawc Decosta: for the Judge! [15:22] Venerable Broome: Thetre will be not a HOO [15:22] Riven Homewood: And no floppy dongs either? This is Steelhead! [15:22] Venerable Broome: in this court. [15:22] Litta Nightfire: one [15:22] Lumina Elvehjem stifles a hooness [15:23] Hotspur Otoole: that's a hard judge, there. [15:23] Molly Steampunk: HOO-...oh. Dem. [15:23] Venerable Broome: Yes, Mr' Broek, plesse desist [15:23] Galactic Baroque smiles at the judge's decision [15:23] CeAire Decosta: What do you think this is - a town meeting?!! [15:23] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merricks, please continue [15:23] Forelle Broek: Yes, your HOnor [15:23] Zebrati Merricks looks at his watch. "I claim the plantiff is faking her lack of magic. And that the charges should be dropped." [15:23] Gizmo Theas claps [15:23] Zebrati Merricks: That is all your honor. [15:24] Eugenia Burton clutches her hankerchief and worriedly looks back at the crowd. [15:24] Molly Steampunk: VOT?! Hyu iz crazy! [15:24] Venerable Broome: Is that a motion, Mr. Merricks? [15:24] Riven Homewood: I'm just glad he stopped - I thought he'd go on all afternoon [15:24] Softpaw Sommer is Online [15:24] Zebrati Merricks: And yes I am afraid it is. [15:24] Caladon Rae: *glares slightly at Mr. Merricks* [15:24] Venerable Broome: Denied [15:24] Venerable Broome: order [15:24] Fogwoman Gray is Offline [15:24] Zebrati Merricks nods and then shuffles his papers. [15:24] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, call your first witness. [15:24] CeAire Decosta: (2 all beef wrong order....) [15:25] Litta Nightfire obligingly dances to indicate a motion. [15:25] Lipidro Bloobury throws a rock at Molly's sign [15:25] Venerable Broome: NIce motion, clerk. [15:25] Forelle Broek: yes Your HOnor, the plaintiff calls herself to the stand [15:25] Molly Steampunk: HOY! [15:25] Forelle Broek: Miss Burton, please take the witness stand [15:25] Caladon Rae: *catches the rock* Ey. [15:25] gstone Turas: gstone sits on the edge of her seat [15:25] Molly Steampunk narrows her eyes at Lipidro. "Hyu vantz to take diz outside?" [15:26] Venerable Broome: Ahem.... [15:26] Eugenia Burton makes her way to the stand, passing the scary, yet petite bailiff. [15:26] Venerable Broome: Yes..... [15:26] Caladon Rae: *quietly* Molly.....enough [15:26] Venerable Broome: Hmmmm [15:26] Lipidro Bloobury: yes, give me your sign, and outside i will take it [15:26] Venerable Broome: Proceed. [15:26] Lumina Elvehjem is Offline [15:26] Molly Steampunk subsides, grumbling. [15:26] Forelle Broek: Thank you, your Honro. [15:26] Caladon Rae: Lipidro, enough. [15:26] Lumina Elvehjem is Online [15:26] Forelle Broek: For the sake of the record, will you please identify yourself, Miss Burton [15:27] Tanarian Davies is Offline [15:27] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, stand please. [15:27] Eugenia Burton: I am Eugenia Hadassah Burton. [15:27] Venerable Broome: Thank you. [15:28] Doctor Obolensky: >tisks<>whispers to Mister Merricks< [15:31] Zebrati Merricks leans in to hear the whipser. [15:31] Doctor Obolensky: rhubarb, rhubarb....rhubarb. [15:31] Foxxrun Evil Titler (1.10): Caladon Rae has given Lipidro Bloobury a new title! They must live with "abuser of signs" until a new title is set! [15:31] Litta Nightfire: Miss Burton, please place your hand on the bible (virtually) [15:31] Molly Steampunk snickers. [15:31] Forelle Broek takes note of the court clerk [15:32] Litta Nightfire: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and look fabulous while you do it? [15:32] Eugenia Burton places a red-gloved hand atop the Bible. [15:32] Eugenia Burton: I so swear. [15:32] Litta Nightfire believes it! [15:32] Penelope Strathearn giggles [15:32] Venerable Broome: Thank you. Mr. Broek, proceed [15:32] Treloar Parx: She looks like she had to get here in a hurry. Only half dressed. [15:32] Forelle Broek: Thank you Your Honor [15:32] Gizmo Theas nods [15:32] Forelle Broek: Now, Miss Burton, you were explaining that you received a distress call. [15:32] Eugenia Burton retakes her seat. [15:33] Forelle Broek: Can you tell us why this distress call came to you in particular? [15:33] Zebrati Merricks: Objection your honor [15:33] Zebrati Merricks: Leading the witness [15:33] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merreicks? [15:33] Aeneas Anthony is Online [15:33] Venerable Broome: overruled [15:33] Tensai hilra: ((reminding the audience...please remove all titlers and radars)) [15:33] Foxxrun Evil Titler (1.10): Lipidro Bloobury has taken off their Foxxrun Customs Evil Titler! Guess they couldn't stand the pressure! [15:33] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek [15:33] Neila Rhiadra is Online [15:33] Soliel Snook is Offline [15:34] Forelle Broek: Yes, your Honor? [15:34] Leonardo Serrao is Offline [15:34] Venerable Broome: Repeat your question. [15:34] Tensai hilra: (( :) )) [15:34] Forelle Broek: Ah yes: Miss Burton, can you please tell us why the distress call came to you in particular? [15:34] Eugenia Burton: It wasn't just me, sir. It went out to anyone who could aid. And, since I have often assisted others, especially friends in need, I used my abilities to rush to the rescue. [15:35] Ahnyanka Delphin is Offline [15:35] Forelle Broek: Ah, now you mention your "abilities". What do you mean by that? [15:36] Venerable Broome: One moment please, Mr. Broek. [15:36] Forelle Broek waits [15:36] Venerable Broome: Bailiff -- please examine trhe jar on your left -- what is that? [15:36] Softpaw Sommer is Offline [15:36] Ahnyanka Delphin is Online [15:36] Tensai Hilra: sorry that is for our associate Dr darien Mason, he wished that his brain be present that he could not [15:37] Chronos Fhang: Sorry brother im late. [15:37] Venerable Broome: tHANK YOU -- THE BRAINLESS dR. mASON IS WELCOME. [15:37] Eugenia Burton: Your Honor, if I may? [15:37] Forelle Broek: Yes, your Honor. Dr. Mon's brain will be our next witness, afer Miss Burton [15:37] Forelle Broek: *Dr. Mason [15:37] Venerable Broome: proceed [15:37] Tensai Hilra: it is quite safe [15:37] Riven Homewood: OH! Poor Dr Mason! [15:37] Gizmo Theas notes the jar is off cheap quality [15:37] Venerable Broome: Move along. [15:37] Molly Steampunk: He lozt hiz brain? [15:37] Forelle Broek: go ahead Genie [15:37] Lumina Elvehjem: no...its right there... [15:37] Eugenia Burton: Oh, sorry. They explained it quite well. Ah.. well. Before the Incident, I had full access to the natural abilities of my mother's race. [15:37] Treloar Parx: Long ago [15:37] VelesJaeger Munster thinks it's a rather nice jar, fulfilling its purpose well. [15:38] Riven Homewood: Yes, you can tell Dr Mason didn't buy it - he always uses only the best lab equipment [15:38] Forelle Broek: And what race is that? [15:38] Eugenia Burton: She is a djinn. [15:38] Softpaw Sommer is Online [15:38] Forelle Broek: And what sort of abilities did you possess? [15:38] Venerable Broome turns to the witness is surprise. [15:38] Venerable Broome: *in surprise. [15:39] Eugenia Burton flashes a smile to the judge. "That's why people call me Genie," she says with a wink. [15:39] Venerable Broome: nods [15:39] Elleon Bergamasco is Offline [15:39] Gizmo Theas wrinkles her nose in disgust [15:39] Zebrati Merricks: Your honor I object to Miss Burton's actions. She is clearly flirting with you. [15:39] Breezy Carver: rolls eyes [15:40] Lumina Elvehjem: aint seen her flirt then [15:40] Litta Nightfire silently curses a sitcom song that has taken over her (highly distractable) brain [15:40] Molly Steampunk snickers, then stops herself. [15:40] Gizmo Theas smirks [15:40] Malegatto Alter rolls her eyes [15:40] VelesJaeger Munster snickers at Her Merrick's weak objection. [15:40] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merricks, in the interest of full impariality, [15:40] Tensai Hilra: ahem! *snicker [15:40] TotalLunar Eclipse snorts at Lumina's words [15:40] VelesJaeger Munster: Herr* [15:40] Treloar Parx: I think that's one of her abilities as mentioned earlier [15:40] Gabrielle Riel is Online [15:40] Venerable Broome: I call your attention to the fact tjhat your opposing counsel has [15:40] Venerable Broome: an attractive female client and an attarctoive female co-counsel. [15:40] Forelle Broek smiles [15:40] Magdalena Kamenev blushes deeply. [15:41] Venerable Broome: If you wish the presiding judge to flirt with your client, or--- [15:41] Eugenia Burton: As for abilities, well, I could fly. I could breathe underwater. I could heal very rapidly whenever something actually managed to harm me. I... well. I could do lots of things. I could visit alternate dimensions where I formed homes and storage areas for things I collected. I could conjure items, gold, jewels... [15:41] Venerable Broome: with a co-counsel, please be advised that I will be happy to do so. [15:41] Venerable Broome: Objection overruled. [15:41] Forelle Broek smiles again [15:41] Riven Homewood is Offline [15:41] Forelle Broek: Thank you Genie. [15:41] Lumina Elvehjem: mew [15:41] Zebrati Merricks: all I am saying your honor is I wish that you keep her from looking and giving such advances to you. [15:41] The Lady Skusting: laughs [15:41] Patch Reina snickers and leans forward to Zeb, "I bet its not the gavel the judge wants ta bang eh?" [15:41] gstone Turas: gstone wakes up after a short nap [15:41] Patric Rotunno is Offline [15:41] Gizmo Theas: /BwahahaRetro [15:41] Gizmo Theas laughs maniacly [15:42] Hotspur Otoole snickers.. [15:42] Doctor Obolensky: Not to worry Mister Merricks, it just more firmly establishes her character. [15:42] Forelle Broek: Now, please tell us what happened when you responded to the distress call. [15:42] Lumina Elvehjem tries to hide the snickers [15:42] Venerable Broome: order [15:42] Litta Nightfire can speak from experience, Mr. Merricks, that is quite impossible. [15:42] Myrtil Igaly imagines the judge flirting with Dr O and shivers [15:42] Tensai Hilra: ahem! people! [15:42] Kaylee Frye is Offline [15:42] Venerable Broome: The audience will please talk in undertones, if at all. [15:42] Riven Homewood is Online [15:43] Forelle Broek: May I proceed, your Honor? [15:43] Venerable Broome: Yes. [15:43] Forelle Broek: Thank you. [15:43] Doctor Obolensky: >yawns< [15:43] Forelle Broek: Now, Genie, as I was saying, can you tell the court what happened when you responded to the distress call from New Babbage? [15:44] Softpaw Sommer slips in quitely and settles next to Breezy [15:44] You decline s'LADE MEN - NEW 9th Apiril 2009 from A group member named Harsh Slade. [15:44] Doctor Obolensky: >pulls out his pocket watch and taps it.< [15:44] Penelope Strathearn: *smiles at Softpaw* [15:44] Eugenia Burton clutches her hanky. "When I arrived - via my normal magickal teleporting - I was flying as I had been told the attackers were air pirates. I hovered for a bit to try to find Frau Lowey and to see what needed to be done. I flew forward when I saw her and... It was like hitting a wall, but nothing was there. [15:44] Bernado Merlin is Online [15:45] KlausWulfenbach Outlander frowns at all the attention to time by the defendant and his associate [15:45] Ahnyanka Delphin is Offline [15:45] Forelle Broek: Nothing at all? [15:45] Ahnyanka Delphin is Online [15:45] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, do you intend to introduce this Frau Lawey? [15:46] Eugenia Burton: Not that you could see, no. I immediately lost the ability to fly and I fell long and hard to the cobblestones. [15:46] Forelle Broek: Yes, your honor. Frau Lowey will also testify [15:46] Venerable Broome: nods [15:46] Breezy Carver: (( wavess to softpaw and sera )) [15:46] Forelle Broek: Ah, and after you fell, what happened next? [15:47] Eugenia Burton: I broke my ankle when I landed and that hurt! I will admit that I had been very unused to feeling great, physical pain until that moment. I quickly learned that pain was to be my new best friend, however. [15:47] Gizmo Theas wispers to Treloar Parx... she droped her wisky bottle =D [15:47] Forelle Broek: why is that, Genie? [15:47] Treloar Parx chuckles [15:47] Doctor Obolensky: >whispers to Merricks again< [15:47] Eugenia Burton dabs at her eyes with her hanky. [15:47] Litta Nightfire dabs her eyes [15:47] Forelle Broek wouldn't mind giving Miss Nightfire a little dab [15:48] Riven Homewood frowns at Forelle [15:48] TotalLunar Eclipse: O_O [15:48] Tensai Hilra: O.O [15:48] Caladon Rae: O.O [15:48] Gizmo Theas pops out her eye... gives it a rub.. and pops it back in again =D [15:48] Chronos Fhang: O_O [15:48] Molly Steampunk snickers. [15:48] Venerable Broome: Nods [15:48] Litta Nightfire blushes and quickly scribbles a number on an 18__ postit [15:48] Zebrati Merricks blinks and looks at the Doctor. [15:48] Eugenia Burton: The field created by Dr. Obolensky's vicious weapon caused all of the magick to be forced from my body. It was excruciatingly painful. [15:48] Magdalena Kamenev coughs. [15:48] Forelle Broek: Yes, now you mention a weapon. Can you tell us about that? [15:49] Patch Reina sighs, "almost as paifuly borin as this show..." [15:49] Katlene Niven is Online [15:49] Eugenia Burton: Not really, sir, no. I never got a good look at it because I was too busy writhing on the ground in pain. [15:49] Forelle Broek: ah very well. [15:49] Doctor Obolensky: >whispers to Merricks, points at Broek and the Judge< [15:49] VelesJaeger Munster mutters, "Ef hyu iz bored, der door iz dot vay." [15:49] Forelle Broek: And apart from the pain to your ankle, did you experience any other ill effects? [15:50] Lumina Elvehjem smiles quietly at Veles [15:50] Eugenia Burton: Yes, I did! [15:50] Forelle Broek: What was that? [15:50] Eugenia Burton: I suffered a terrible chill, was very weak, had terrible aches and pains in my bones and muscles. I could barely hold my head up. [15:51] Gizmo Theas whispers.... sounds like the flu [15:51] Venerable Broome: Sounds lke a bad case of the flu [15:51] Forelle Broek: And for how long did these symptoms last? [15:51] Gizmo Theas smiles [15:51] Doctor Obolensky: >leans back in his chair and closes his eyes< [15:51] Riven Homewood whispers to CeAire "She really hasn't been the same since it happened" [15:51] Eugenia Burton: For over a month, sir, before Mr. Maximus was able to alleviate them a bit. [15:52] Forelle Broek: I see. And what about the "abilities" you mentione dbefore. [15:52] CeAire Decosta whispers back - "I agree." [15:52] Zebrati Merricks whisper to the doctor. [15:53] Eugenia Burton: Gone. No flight. No shapechanging. No conjuring. I can no longer revert to my formerly natural coloring and I am denied access to my spacious and well-organized dimensional closets. [15:53] Tensai Hilra: eek! [15:53] Forelle Broek: Thank you, Miss Burton. [15:53] Forelle Broek: Your honor, that is all I have for the witness at this time. [15:53] Venerable Broome: *shakes head* No longer an avatar, terrible. [15:54] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merricks, yours to cross examine. [15:54] Zebrati Merricks: Your honor might I remind you that you are to be neutral in this... [15:54] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Insult to the court! [15:54] Zebrati Merricks: And thank you your honor. [15:54] Venerable Broome: Oh, Mr. Mdrricks, I am so neutral you would not believe iut! [15:54] Riven Homewood gasps at Mr Merricks' audacity! [15:54] Zebrati Merricks: Miss Burton.... [15:54] Caladon Rae: Oh get over yourself. [15:54] Chronos Fhang whispers to Lunar, "May I eat him later?" [15:54] TotalLunar Eclipse: No. [15:55] Forelle Broek reaches under the table for his flask [15:55] Molly Steampunk snickers. [15:55] Patch Reina: knock em dead whiskers [15:55] Litta Nightfire puzzles over the definitions of "neutral" and "neutered" [15:55] Tensai Hilra glances around.... oh yes... riot... /me toys with her backpack [15:55] Hotspur Otoole is Online [15:55] Ahnyanka Delphin is Online [15:55] Zebrati Merricks: When rushing to this scene of chaos did you not hear that it was affecting magic users? [15:55] Venerable Broome raises an eyebrow at the clerk [15:55] Tensai Hilra notices noones rioting... sighs [15:55] Riven Homewood had supposed Miss Nightfire would know the difference... [15:55] Tensai Hilra: sorry your honor, got excited [15:55] Molly Steampunk looks at Tensai's backpack with interest, wondering how much it explodes. [15:56] Kiralette Kelley wonders if the pew would make as good of a scratching post as it looks... [15:56] Magdalena Kamenev: Objection! Leading the witness. [15:56] Riven Homewood: Quite a lot whould be my guess, Miss Molly [15:56] Eugenia Burton pulls a tiny sprig of catnip from within her folded hanky and idly twirls it in her gloved fingertips. "No, sir. I only heard that air pirates were attacking." [15:56] Zebrati Merricks: Your honor I move to get rid of the audience that is not neccisary.... [15:56] Riven Homewood: Leading her where? [15:56] Venerable Broome: Miss Kamenev, your objection is overruled. [15:56] Zebrati Merricks: They are becoming more of a bother than a help. [15:56] Molly Steampunk grins widely. "Mebbe hy heff a leedle riot by myself later." [15:57] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, please control your wirness [15:57] Forelle Broek: Yes, your Honor [15:57] Caladon Rae: *gives a short glare at Mr. Merricks* *mutters quietly in Noldorin* [15:57] Litta Nightfire dances to indicate there is a motion on the floor [15:57] Venerable Broome: And Mr. Merricks, your motion is debied. Without the audience, this would be even mpore boring. [15:57] Treloar Parx wonders how Miss Nightfire is able to transcribe like that [15:57] Annechen Lowey murmurs, "He still wants to be secretive. I doubt he has anything." [15:58] LSO FullSIM Plugin 1.0.18 [BETA]: Searching for Land Security Orb... [15:58] Zebrati Merricks: Well your honor now that you mention it the doctor does have a motion that can make this much more interesting. [15:58] Kiralette Kelley perks at the smell and flicks her ears, watching Genie's hands intently... making her a MUCH more attentive kitty [15:58] Doctor Obolensky: Hmmm...there really should be refreshments. [15:58] Caladon Rae: *quietly *Enough with the motions. Get on with it. [15:58] Riven Homewood: He is just blowing smoke - pretty soon the mirrors will come out too [15:58] Venerable Broome: Hmmm. [15:58] Softpaw Sommer giggles and fingerwiggles to Merricks fluttering her wings. [15:58] Venerable Broome: And that would be? [15:58] Forelle Broek passes Dr. Obolensky his flask [15:58] Magdalena Kamenev: Objection. Your Honor already called for motions. Mr. Merricks presented his and it was denied. [15:58] Lumina Elvehjem: ./me mrrls bout the dr motion s n his unfortunate bottom [15:58] Zebrati Merricks sighs. [15:59] Zebrati Merricks: ANd once again...I think I need to remind those watching that they are not able to object. [15:59] Kaylee Frye is Online [15:59] Venerable Broome: Ms Kamenev, that was for pretrial motions - [15:59] Zebrati Merricks motions to Ashiko. [15:59] Eugenia Burton twirls the little sprig of catnip in her fingers. [15:59] Doctor Obolensky: She's actually part of the prosecution, I think, Mister Merricks. [15:59] Venerable Broome: order. [15:59] Riven Homewood: Sho is Ashiko? [15:59] Doctor Obolensky: Although why she's sitting in the audience is a question. [15:59] Forelle Broek: Indeed, Miss Kamanev is co-counsel [15:59] CeAire Decosta finds that quite objectionable! [16:00] Zebrati Merricks: Ahem... [16:00] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merricks, Ms Kamenev is co-counsel, she just doesmn't have a seat where I can see and asppreciate her....... [16:00] Treloar Parx: Couldn't afford another chair [16:00] Forelle Broek: Perhaps we can bring another chair up here for Ms. Kamanev [16:00] Zebrati Merricks: Alright then. [16:00] Venerable Broome: Now -- what is the motion the Doctor has? [16:00] TotalLunar Eclipse: yes we can [16:00] Tensai Hilra find a chair... [16:00] Magdalena Kamenev: Not necessary ... [16:00] Zebrati Merricks asjusts his tie. "Let me first see if he wishes we use it." [16:01] Zebrati Merricks leans down to talk to the doctor. [16:01] Jimmy elbows Myrtil [16:01] Venerable Broome: Ms Kamenev, I would welcome someone like you to look at, Mr.Broek is not at all a vision of lovlinbess. [16:01] Riven Homewood passes Chronos her battered and treasured copy of The Old Fanny Farmer's Cookbook [16:01] Eugenia Burton: Objection, Your Honor. He's adorable. [16:01] Doctor Obolensky: Rhubarb....rhubarb. [16:01] Chronos Fhang is very grateful. [16:02] Venerable Broome: Sustained [16:02] Eugenia Burton beams. [16:02] CeAire Decosta doesn't remember if there were any rhubard receipts in the Steelhead Cookbook... [16:02] Venerable Broome: But he doesn['t a[ppeal to me. [16:02] Forelle Broek smiles at his client [16:02] Malegatto Alter shifts on the hard wooden bench [16:02] Myrtil Igaly looks at Jimmy questionningly [16:02] Litta Nightfire admires the Judge's perspicacity [16:02] Zebrati Merricks: Ahem... [16:02] Forelle Broek: her vision was hurt too, it appears [16:02] Treloar Parx: *coughs* [16:03] Zebrati Merricks: The doctor request he is allowed to summerize the long plea the prosecution is trying to put through the court. [16:03] Serafina Puchkina is Offline [16:03] Venerable Broome: THat, Mr. Bfoek, seems to be thefirst evidence you've presented of your clien't injuries. [16:03] CeAire Decosta admires Litta's ability to use perspicacity in a sentence and spell it right! [16:03] Venerable Broome: Was there not something about an injury to a limb? [16:03] Zebrati Merricks: Yes I would like you to show proof of such injuries. [16:03] Zebrati Merricks: Both the leg and the magic loss. [16:03] Forelle Broek: Yes, your Honor. I believe Miss Burton estified to that. We would be glad to provide a viewing [16:04] Venerable Broome: In the first place, Mr. [16:04] CeAire Decosta: Take her leg off - eek! [16:04] CeAire Decosta: oh [16:04] Doctor Obolensky: Now there's a thought. [16:04] Venerable Broome: Just a darn minute there! [16:04] Zebrati Merricks: Especially due to the odd fact many other magical types regained their powers an hour after the attack. [16:04] Doctor Obolensky: Or less. [16:04] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merrick, tell your client this is not a criminal trial -- there is no procesution. [16:04] Gizmo Theas whispers alledged attack =D [16:05] CeAire Decosta: (hmm. Some parts of it could be considered criminal!) [16:05] Venerable Broome: Motion to summarize is denied [16:05] Forelle Broek: ((ack, why am I wandering around the courtroom!)) [16:05] Riven Homewood whispers to CeAire "See, she realy has changed. The old Genie would have siezed the chance to show off her ankles!" [16:05] Doctor Obolensky: Then perhaps a pillow and blanket? [16:05] Eugenia Burton twirls the sprig of catnip and blinks at Mr. Merricks. [16:05] Zebrati Merricks: Doctor control yourself. [16:05] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek [16:06] Forelle Broek: Yes your honor? [16:06] Magdalena Kamenev tries not to kick Darien's jar. [16:06] Venerable Broome: Please be prepared, when Mr. Merrick finishes his cross, to have Miss Burton enter her injusry binto evidence for my examination.\ [16:06] Forelle Broek: Certainly, Your Honor, as you wish! [16:07] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merrick continue. [16:07] Eugenia Burton looks expectantly at Mr. Merricks. [16:07] Zebrati Merricks: As I was asking can you explain why all other magical creatures have regained their powers while you yourself have not. [16:07] Riven Homewood: How on earth can she explain that! [16:07] Eugenia Burton: I don't know, sir. I am not an expert in the supernatural or of the super sciences. [16:07] Zebrati Merricks: Is your magic inherently different? [16:07] Riven Homewood: Sorry, your honor [16:07] Magdalena Kamenev: Objection. The witness only knows her condition, not the condition of others. [16:08] Forelle Broek: yes, objection your honor, calls for speculation [16:08] Venerable Broome: sustained [16:08] Zebrati Merricks: Let me rephrase the question. [16:08] Venerable Broome: yes, please do. [16:08] Zebrati Merricks: Can you prove that you have completely lost your magic or are we to take your word for it? [16:08] Forelle Broek: Objection your honor, badgering the witnsess [16:09] VelesJaeger Munster wonders how one proves a negative in context? [16:09] Eugenia Burton: How could I prove that? I said I could breathe underwater before - do you intend me to drown to prove I can't do that anymore? [16:09] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: whisper, how can she prove anegative. [16:09] Doctor Obolensky: Hmmm...another excellent idea. [16:09] Riven Homewood looks around for the badgers [16:09] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merri cks, are you accepting that this talent existed before the event? [16:09] Zebrati Merricks: Your honor I am simple asking her if she has proof. [16:09] CeAire Decosta: Two positives make a negative? [16:09] Zebrati Merricks: And yes that it exhisted before. [16:09] VelesJaeger Munster is fairly certain Miss Genie weighs more than a duck. [16:09] Molly Steampunk could go for a nize badger right now. [16:09] Zebrati Merricks: But that she might be hiding her powers now to get money in the end. [16:10] Venerable Broome: But Mr. Merricks, your question is on the record. [16:10] CeAire Decosta: (Depends upon the duck) [16:10] Hawc Decosta: The Good Doc O is sounding villianous! [16:10] Treloar Parx is still waiting to see evidence of responsibility rather than effects [16:10] Eugenia Burton: Anyone from Steelhead could tell you that I was a djinni before. [16:10] Eugenia Burton: *Before*. [16:10] Forelle Broek whuispers *someone's gonna get it in the end if he keeps on like this* [16:10] Gizmo Theas nods [16:10] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: ;) [16:10] Venerable Broome: You asked if she could prove she had lost her powers, does that not mean you accept that they existed? [16:10] Eugenia Burton flashes another smile at the judge. [16:10] Riven Homewood: Good one! [16:10] Venerable Broome: And Mr. Broek, objection overruled.\ [16:10] Doctor Obolensky: the judge is leading my counsel. [16:11] Venerable Broome: Yes,m Doctor, that is my job. [16:11] Zebrati Merricks: Your honor have I questioned her having powers before hand? I am simply asking if they can prove the loss of them now. [16:11] Breezy Carver: (( to dance ??)) [16:11] Hunter Tempura is Online [16:11] Magdalena Kamenev whispers, "Stipulated admission ... yes!" [16:11] Zebrati Merricks: Just as one proves that they broke their leg. [16:11] Forelle Broek: Your honor, that is the subject of medical testimony, which we will present through the next witness [16:11] Venerable Broome: I know yo did not question her having powers. I asked if you are accepting that premise without proof. [16:11] You decline Avilion Nexus: Medieval Fantasy , Avilion Nexus (56, 214, 95) from A group member named Elli Letov. [16:11] Doctor Obolensky: >rubs the bridge of his nose< [16:11] RubyRed Xue is Online [16:12] Eugenia Burton: The Consulate folks who set and bandaged my leg can verify that it was, indeed, broken. [16:12] Doctor Obolensky: Now you all begin to see why I like to do things *my* way. [16:12] Venerable Broome: Very wrell, Mr. Broek. Proceed, Mr. Merricks. [16:12] CeAire Decosta: Xrays or xray vision? [16:12] Riven Homewood: Everyone likes to have their own way, Dr O! Live with it! [16:13] Zebrati Merricks: Mis Burton...what were your compensation wishes for the doctor for the out of court settlement? [16:13] Forelle Broek: Objection. Settlement discussion are privileged [16:13] Venerable Broome: Sustained [16:13] Treloar Parx: ? [16:13] Breezy Carver: (grins* [16:13] VelesJaeger Munster smiles. [16:13] Doctor Obolensky: agreement to that was made beforehand. [16:13] Eugenia Burton had opened her mouth to reply, but quickly shuts it. [16:13] Lumina Elvehjem: wow... amature... that youre way too DR? [16:13] Zebrati Merricks: As I was about to say. [16:13] Malegatto Alter taps her claws impatiently [16:14] Zebrati Merricks: The doctor took my line. [16:14] Riven Homewood: Improvise? [16:14] Zebrati Merricks: Seeing it was discussion and not settlement in the end it shouldnt be classified material. [16:14] KlausWulfenbach Outlander mutters [16:14] Venerable Broome: Hmm. [16:14] CeAire Decosta whispers to Riven - "This is like a real trial. They take forever!" [16:15] Venerable Broome: Takes that bunder advisement. [16:15] Forelle Broek: No, not classified. But inadmissible under the RUles of Evidence [16:15] Eugenia Burton: I don't mind answering, Your Honor. [16:15] Venerable Broome: *thinks* [16:15] Riven Homewood wonders if this trial is going to go on until midnight [16:15] Cutea Benelli is Offline [16:15] Zebrati Merricks: There you have it your honor. May I continue? [16:15] Forelle Broek: Ah well if Miss Burton does not object, I'll withdraw my objection [16:15] Venerable Broome: I know, Miss, Burton, that is not the issue. [16:15] Eugenia Burton looks to Forelle, "Unless my Counsel deems it inadvisable." [16:15] Doctor Obolensky: >rubs his brow< [16:15] Forelle Broek: We have nothing to hide [16:15] Treloar Parx: That's why it's called a trial, because it's like that to sit through [16:15] Cutea Benelli is Online [16:15] Autopilotpatty Poppy is Offline [16:15] Venerable Broome: OH? Very bwell, Miss Burton, answer the question. [16:15] Doctor Obolensky: Can we get on with this? We haven't even gotten to a single fact yet. [16:15] Riven Homewood nods [16:15] Gizmo Theas: *mauRuu* [16:15] Gizmo Theas smiles [16:15] Zebrati Merricks: Doctor.... [16:16] Zebrati Merricks: If you would kindly let me talk while you listen. [16:16] Eugenia Burton grins at Mr. Merricks. [16:16] Venerable Broome: THank you, Mr. Merricks. Please tell your client that this trial will determine what is a fact. [16:16] Venerable Broome: Continue, Miss Burton. [16:16] Ashiko Kuroe yawns leaning back in the bench, pulling out his pocketwatch. [16:16] KlausWulfenbach Outlander frowns [16:17] Eugenia Burton: Thank you, Your Honor. I was asked what I had requested as a settlement, if I recall? [16:17] Forelle Broek takes a quick nip from his flask [16:17] Venerable Broome: Bailiff -- please remove all pocketwatches in the courtroom! [16:17] Doctor Obolensky: >Facepalms< [16:17] Zebrati Merricks: That is correct... [16:17] Softpaw Sommer 's nose twitches as she scents a certian bunny and she leans over to peer at him [16:17] Treloar Parx: Objection! [16:17] Zebrati Merricks: And your honor I would prefer to hold onto mine... [16:17] Venerable Broome: YOu are to answer that, yes. [16:17] Doctor Obolensky: Indeed! How are we to know how interminable this trial is without timepieces? [16:17] KlausWulfenbach Outlander courteously puts his unviewed watch away [16:17] Lulli Yip is Offline [16:18] Autopilotpatty Poppy is Online [16:18] Gizmo Theas smirks [16:18] Venerable Broome: Nods at Mr. Merricks. (And recognizes that there is a large clock at the front of the room.) [16:18] Eugenia Burton folds her hands and calmly testifies, "I asked Dr. Obolensky to marry me in order to provide shelter, sustenance, and protection until such time as I regained my magickal abilities since I have been sorely reduced by their loss. [16:18] Zebrati Merricks: Miss Burton if you would... [16:18] KlausWulfenbach Outlander scowls [16:18] Tensai Hilra nervously notices everyone checking the time.... hmm... [16:18] Gizmo Theas: ooooo [16:19] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merricks? [16:19] Caladon Rae: *raises a brow* [16:19] Zebrati Merricks: Yes? [16:19] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: my goodnes... [16:19] Elleon Bergamasco is Online [16:20] Zebrati Merricks: Im waiting for Miss Burton to answer the question your honor.... [16:20] Venerable Broome: You asked the question -- what's the next one? [16:20] Doctor Obolensky: I turned her down, of course. [16:20] Softpaw Sommer: ((she did)) [16:20] Venerable Broome: She answered you. [16:20] Zebrati Merricks: (oh it didnt show up) [16:20] Zebrati Merricks: (now it just did) [16:20] Eugenia Burton folds her hands and calmly testifies, "I asked Dr. Obolensky to marry me in order to provide shelter, sustenance, and protection until such time as I regained my magickal abilities since I have been sorely reduced by their loss. [16:20] Zebrati Merricks: And did the doctor not offer to adopt you instead? [16:20] Gizmo Theas repeats... Oooooo! [16:20] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek? [16:21] Venerable Broome: Ms. Kamenev? [16:21] Treloar Parx: ((chat lag in a court transcript will make it fun to decipher)) [16:21] Forelle Broek: No furter questions of this witness, your Honor [16:21] Riven Homewood whispers "Poor Genie! I had no idea she was that desperate!" [16:21] Gizmo Theas: ((yep =D )) [16:21] Malegatto Alter shakes her head [16:21] Myrtil Igaly whispers to Jimmy : "Who would like to be married to or adopted by Dr O really..." [16:21] Venerable Broome raises eyebrows. [16:21] CeAire Decosta: (LOL Treloar!) [16:21] Eugenia Burton: He did, but as I am very clearly a mature woman, people would have speculated that I was a concubine rather than a 'daughter'. [16:21] Gizmo Theas whispers.. desperate for a husband =P [16:21] Jimmy Branagh: A rat, maybe [16:21] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, I was simply giving you the opportiunity to object. [16:21] Myrtil Igaly giggles [16:21] Jimmy Branagh: A bad rat [16:21] Zebrati Merricks: And being a wife for him wouldnt get you the same speculation? [16:22] Doctor Obolensky: Bushwah. [16:22] Forelle Broek: Oh, no objection at all. [16:22] Eugenia Burton: No - because we would be married and I would -clearly- not be a daughter. [16:22] Treloar Parx: Ask Willard [16:22] Venerable Broome: nods [16:22] Riven Homewood: Well I object - poor Genie! [16:22] Eugenia Burton blinks at Mr. Merricks. [16:22] Riven Homewood: What a terrible fate! [16:22] KlausWulfenbach Outlander scowls more deeply [16:22] SteelCobra Calamari is Offline [16:23] Caladon Rae: *watches the Baron carefully* [16:23] Zebrati Merricks: One last question...did you see the doctor dropping said magic bombs or have any reason to believe that he directly caused this questioned loss of magic. [16:23] Malegatto Alter listens with interest [16:23] Gizmo Theas leans forward [16:23] gstone Turas: gstone's delicate sensibilities are shocked by the revelations [16:24] Eugenia Burton: I did not see him drop them, no, but I am privvy to information obtained by the pirate captain who clearly named Dr. Obolensky as his employer. [16:24] Jamie Palisades is Offline [16:24] Xandra Skytower is Offline [16:24] Kaylee Frye is Offline [16:24] Zebrati Merricks: Hmm your honor this raises another question. [16:24] Patch Reina: oh yah..a pirate..the most honest folk to believe. [16:24] Zebrati Merricks: If I may continue... [16:24] Venerable Broome: Mr Broek, please tell your client she should answer the questions without added information. [16:24] Treloar Parx: Because all pirates tell the truth [16:24] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: looks at Miss Rae wonderingly. [16:24] Venerable Broome: Yes, Mr. Merricks you may. [16:24] hyasynth Tiramisu is Offline [16:24] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: They do when... encouraged. [16:24] Doctor Obolensky: >pulls a newsheet from his cape and starts reading< [16:24] CeAire Decosta whispers to Riven - "wouldn't that be hearsay?" [16:24] Zebrati Merricks: Tank you. [16:24] Zebrati Merricks: thank* [16:24] Forelle Broek: Yes, Genie, you mustn't asnwer except as asked [16:24] Ashiko Kuroe winds his watch up slowly before putting it back on his belt. [16:25] Eugenia Burton nods to Forelle, "Sorry, sugar." [16:25] Zebrati Merricks: Miss Burton. Is this pirate a trustworthy source? [16:25] Riven Homewood whispers back "I was wondering that - why didn't Mr Merrick object? [16:25] Eugenia Burton: His interrogator is. [16:25] Zebrati Merricks: And do you belive that the pirate wouldnt just lie to get out of trouble? [16:25] TotalLunar Eclipse hears the chain of yet another watch being checked and makes a motion at his wife. [16:26] Autopilotpatty Poppy is Offline [16:26] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merricks, you are calling for speculation. [16:26] Eugenia Burton: I believe the interrogator has methods to dissuade lying. [16:26] Xandra Skytower is Online [16:26] Zebrati Merricks: Your honor her council is not objecting. [16:26] Gizmo Theas nods [16:26] Venerable Broome: I realize that -- [16:26] Doctor Obolensky: Well, they don't have anything but speculation, that's all he *can* call for. >chuckles< [16:26] Venerable Broome: Sometimes we just have to take these things as they come. [16:27] Zebrati Merricks: Not to mention your honor....and doctor stop taking what Im about to say. [16:27] Magdalena Kamenev whispers to her co-counsel. [16:27] Forelle Broek: Yes, your honor, just trying to help move things along [16:27] Venerable Broome: Understood. [16:27] Reitsuki Kojima is Online [16:27] Zebrati Merricks: No further questions then your honor for times sake. [16:27] Zebrati Merricks: Though I do request the brain witness not be allowed to testify. [16:27] Doctor Obolensky: Sorry Mister Merricks, I'll continue with my crossword, shall I? [16:27] Venerable Broome: Oh, then Mr. Broek, re-cross? [16:27] Venerable Broome: Just a momnet, Mr. Merricks. [16:27] Forelle Broek: No you honor, nor furthder questions for Miss Burton [16:28] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: whispers, "I wonder if anyone was checked for weapond......" [16:28] Venerable Broome: And do you or do you not wish to enter the injured limb into evidence? [16:28] Forelle Broek: Ah yes, your honor, we can certainly do that. [16:28] KlausWulfenbach Outlander whispers back: Fraulein Rae's weapon is a person and a deputy bailiff. [16:28] Litta Nightfire shakes head reprovingly at Mr. merricks, thinking he should have brought better toys for his client to play with [16:28] Treloar Parx whispers back "In this group it's easier to look for those who don't have weapons." [16:28] Espah: Mhmm.. [16:28] Forelle Broek: Genie, would you please display your ankle for the court [16:28] Hyacinth Cortes puts monocle to eye and peers around [16:28] CeAire Decosta hides her derringer deeper in her dress pocket.... [16:29] Eugenia Burton: It is fully healed, but I can certainly do t... [16:29] Treloar Parx: Ankles! [16:29] Eugenia Burton trails off to blink at the screen. [16:29] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Control yourself, Parx. [16:29] Forelle Broek: Plaintiff would ask that the ankle be marked as Plaintiff's Exhibit A and offers it into evidence [16:29] Litta Nightfire: The judge has requested the screen be used while he examines the evidence [16:29] Venerable Broome: Be seated, Miss Burton [16:29] Litta Nightfire: (to avoid inflaming the passions of the audience) [16:29] Zebrati Merricks: Your honor if they have no imagry or proof of broken ankle then I wish the evidence and claim of broken ankle be removed from the record and this trial. [16:29] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Too late. [16:30] Hyacinth Cortes: gasps [16:30] Venerable Broome: MMMM [16:30] Molly Steampunk: (Dem, ve almost had anodder riot.) [16:30] Riven Homewood whispers to CeAire "Genie hasn't lost it all - Did you see the judge jump?" [16:30] Venerable Broome: Ah.yes. [16:30] Doctor Obolensky: >sighs< [16:30] Forelle Broek: Your honor, our next witness will testify to the injuries. [16:30] Venerable Broome: And which limb...... [16:30] Treloar Parx: I didn't think this was going to be a burlesque show [16:30] Venerable Broome: ah....... [16:30] Zebrati Merricks: Who I am objecting to you having up at the stand. [16:30] Autopilotpatty Poppy is Online [16:30] Doctor Obolensky: Close, but not quite. [16:30] CeAire Decosta whispers back - "frog in his pants?" [16:30] Lumina Elvehjem: its not...theres a screen...if it was...there would be no screen [16:30] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broelk, I see that there is curreently no injury here. [16:31] Litta Nightfire requests that Mr. merricks clarify his objection [16:31] Venerable Broome: But is is a VERY nice limb. [16:31] Forelle Broek: No, your Honor, I believe the ankle is now healed. [16:31] Eugenia Burton: No, sir. There is not. It finally healed after I went about on crutches for -ages-. [16:31] Venerable Broome: Thank you, Miss burton. [16:31] Riven Homewood whispers to CeAire "Something in his pants, for sure" :-) [16:31] Forelle Broek: We will have evidence through Dr. Mason [16:31] Eugenia Burton: Do I have to put my skirt back on? [16:31] Zebrati Merricks: Should I continue with my objection on the next client your honor? [16:31] Forelle Broek: *cough* [16:31] Venerable Broome: Yes,\ [16:31] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Fraulein Genie! [16:31] Doctor Obolensky: bushwah....she was dancing on it less than three weeks later. [16:31] Caladon Rae: O.O [16:31] Malegatto Alter raises an eyebrow [16:31] Penelope Strathearn is Offline [16:32] Eugenia Burton: With a Kryptonian dance partner who -held me up-! [16:32] Gizmo Theas whispers... now there's a question she's never asked before =D [16:32] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: With assistance. [16:32] Lumina Elvehjem: .... [16:32] Zebrati Merricks: Being a brain we can not see if it is the real doctor...with out a mouth we do not know if he is giving us true testimony or if it is being fabricated. [16:32] Caladon Rae: With assistance.... [16:32] Rory Serpente is Offline [16:32] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merricks please silence your client -- and Mr. Broek, yours, too. [16:32] Lumina Elvehjem: 3 weeks is a decent time to heal a thing anyways [16:32] Eugenia Burton wriggles her skirt back down. [16:32] Zebrati Merricks: And most importantly with no hand he can not swear himself in. [16:32] Venerable Broome: Miss Burton, you are excused. [16:32] Zebrati Merricks: And doctor be quiet! [16:32] Eugenia Burton: Thank you, Your Honor. [16:32] Forelle Broek: Yes, your Honor [16:32] Venerable Broome: Mr. Merrick, your objection is sustained [16:33] Zebrati Merricks: Thank you your honor. [16:33] Caladon Rae: *growls* [16:33] Venerable Broome: HOWEVER [16:33] CeAire Decosta: Just sit the jar on the Bible! [16:33] Treloar Parx: Is there proof it's Mason's brain and not one of his experiments? [16:33] ::J.SaW.w:: Victorian SteamPunk Jetpack boot R: All Go [16:33] Riven Homewood whispers to CeAire: "Surely the court must make some allowances for the physically differently-abled" [16:33] ::J.SaW.w:: Victorian SteamPunk Jetpack boot L: All Go [16:33] Eugenia Burton scoots past Magdalena and Darien, trying hard not to let the brain look up her skirt. [16:33] VelesJaeger Munster: Torah. [16:33] CeAire Decosta: Swear him in that way! [16:33] Venerable Broome: Your client has just admitted that the injury existed. [16:33] Zebrati Merricks: Has he your honor? [16:33] Doctor Obolensky: No I didn't. [16:33] Zebrati Merricks: He said she was dancing. [16:33] Venerable Broome: So I take it as given. [16:33] Caladon Rae: *grins* Yes you did. [16:34] Zebrati Merricks: Not that she was dancing after she had a broken ankle. [16:34] Forelle Broek: Your honor, I do have an x-ray of Miss Burton's ankle, taken by Dr. Mason as her examining physician. [16:34] Riven Homewood: She was dancing with Superman! He could carry anybody areound the dancefloor [16:34] Venerable Broome: You may eneter it, Mr. Broek [16:34] Forelle Broek: Thank you your Honor. [16:34] Zebrati Merricks: Objection. [16:35] Zebrati Merricks: That can be anyones ankle x-ray. [16:35] Zebrati Merricks: Where is the doctor who took it? [16:35] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Ach. [16:35] Forelle Broek hands copies of the x-ray markied as Plaintiff's Exhibit B [16:35] Doctor Obolensky: Besides, X-Ray's haven't been invented yet. [16:35] Zebrati Merricks: That as well. [16:35] Forelle Broek: Dr. Mason was ahead of his time [16:35] Magdalena Kamenev rolls her eyes. [16:35] Riven Homewood sighs "In the jar - we already established that" [16:35] Breezy Carver: laughs ! [16:35] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: You are so behind the times, Obolensky. [16:35] Eugenia Burton: ((*laugh*)) [16:35] Venerable Broome: Neither have magic-destroyoing bombs, Mr. Merricks [16:35] Molly Steampunk snickers loudly. [16:35] Caladon Rae: *snorts* [16:35] Zebrati Merricks: Have you seen said bomb your honor? [16:35] Treloar Parx: Case dismissed then [16:35] Doctor Obolensky: You're right. [16:35] Patch Reina sighs and looks to Zeb. [16:36] Forelle Broek looks at the brain in a jar, "A medical mind is a terrible thing to waste" [16:36] TotalLunar Eclipse: Well that is one place I would not have imagined Darien to be, on a bible. [16:36] Venerable Broome: THank you, exhibit entered. [16:36] Breezy Carver: ((laughing still )) [16:36] Lumina Elvehjem: hehhehe [16:36] Eugenia Burton: He requests Old Testament! [16:36] Litta Nightfire mutters something about deploying such a bomb if the prosecution doesn't let us tget on with it [16:36] Forelle Broek: Thank you your honor [16:36] Dr. Darien Mason: Yes, I do! [16:36] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: Is an exhibit or a witness? [16:36] Tensai Hilra: ((technically... xrays are here... Wilhelm Röntgen's first "medical" X-ray, of his wife's hand, taken on 22 December 1895)) [16:36] Zebrati Merricks: (are we in 1895?) [16:37] Breezy Carver: but its 1881 [16:37] Reitsuki Kojima is Offline [16:37] Lumina Elvehjem: ((yes)) [16:37] Dr. Darien Mason: I request being sworn in on an Old Testament or a Torah, please. [16:37] Riven Homewood: And it is well know that Dr Mason visited Dr Rontgen on occasion [16:37] Zebrati Merricks: I thought we said no doctor mason.... [16:37] Venerable Broome: Just a darn Minute here. [16:37] Annechen Lowey nods, "That is Dr Darien Mason, all right." [16:37] CeAire Decosta: ((1895 Rontgen was credited with discovering the application of xrays.) [16:37] Venerable Broome: I sustained the objection! [16:37] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: But that's just the first documented know unreliable conventional histories are. [16:37] Zebrati Merricks: Thank you your honor.... [16:37] Doctor Obolensky: Seriously, if you're letting a jar be sworn in to testify, I'd like to go back to my observatory and get a sidetable that has some very interesting testimony to give. [16:37] Breezy Carver: (( ok well thats a probleblem 1881 in babbage your ahead of we )) [16:37] Kiralette Kelley: i talked to his brain once.. that sounds like him.. [16:37] Litta Nightfire crosses to swear in the ... ooopsie! [16:37] gstone Turas: gstone snickers [16:37] Dr. Darien Mason: If I had a mouth, I would scowl. [16:38] CeAire Decosta: ((oh well!)) [16:38] Malegatto Alter mutters...Good Lord [16:38] Zebrati Merricks: Doctor would you keep your lips shut. [16:38] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek -- what do you mean by proceeding with a witness I have disallowed? [16:38] CeAire Decosta: Superman xray vision?! [16:38] Forelle Broek: I apologize your Honor. The brain seems to have a mind of its own [16:38] Lumina Elvehjem mrrls that ball gags HAVE been invented... [16:38] Venerable Broome: LOL [16:38] Riven Homewood: He was disallowed? Rank discrimination! [16:38] Venerable Broome: Good one, Mr. Broek [16:38] Breezy Carver: laughs [16:38] Eugenia Burton: A mind is a terrible thing to waste. [16:38] Zebrati Merricks groans at the puns. [16:38] Forelle Broek: Our next witness will be Baron Klaus Wulfenbach [16:38] Treloar Parx: He was disallowed because he was rank [16:39] Gizmo Theas notes that the brain looks a littel pickled =D [16:39] Riven Homewood: ((dies at Genie's comment about the mind)) [16:39] Doctor Obolensky: I suggest you play along with my outbursts rather than rail against them, Mister Merricks, it will make you less aggravated. [16:39] Breezy Carver: ((Oh goody)) [16:39] Tensai Hilra places out a torah [16:39] Zebrati Merricks: Doctor how am I to play along with them when your going to get yourself kicked out. [16:39] Venerable Broome: Proceed. [16:39] Dr. Darien Mason: Sigh. I had them change my solution for nothing. [16:39] Forelle Broek: Madame Bailiff, if you would be kind enough to place the Mason Jar in safe storage [16:39] Breezy Carver: laughs [16:39] Molly Steampunk snickers. [16:39] Dr. Darien Mason: I.. wha. hey! [16:39] Alexandar Vargas is Offline [16:40] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: Dr. Mason Jar
[16:40] Venerable Broome: Cold storage, perhaps, Bailiff
[16:40] Malegatto Alter: I could find a good use for that my lab
[16:40] Forelle Broek glances at the charming court clerk
[16:40] Dr. Darien Mason: Room temperature, please.
[16:40] Hawc Decosta: Thank you you Dr. Mason, you gave your all!
[16:40] Breezy Carver: awww
[16:40] Riven Homewood: Totally unfair
[16:40] Lumina Elvehjem: aww man
[16:40] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I have first options, Alter.
[16:40] CeAire Decosta tries to figure out how to knit a brain stocking for Darien to keep him warm...
[16:40] Doctor Obolensky: Why don't you call me, Broek? After all, the Baron can be quite long-winded, and we are running out of time.
[16:40] Lumina Elvehjem: a tea cozy?
[16:41] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, call your wirness
[16:41] Zebrati Merricks: What time does this case end?
[16:41] CeAire Decosta: That's a thought Lumi!
[16:41] Forelle Broek: Well, alright then.
[16:41] Treloar Parx: It doesn't
[16:41] Forelle Broek: Plaintiff calls Dr. Obolensky
[16:41] Riven Homewood: sometime next year, at the rate we are going...
[16:41] Doctor Obolensky: Whenever they get done, or I get tired of humoring them.
[16:41] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: All right then.
[16:41] Eugenia Burton blinks in disappointment when Klaus steps down.
[16:41] Caladon Rae: *glares at Obolensky* How dare you....
[16:42] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek -- what about the Baron?
[16:42] Magdalena Kamenev raises an eyebrow.
[16:42] Sandison Winkler is Online
[16:42] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: we all do Miss Burton.
[16:42] Malegatto Alter chuckles
[16:42] Ceejay Writer is Offline
[16:42] Softpaw Sommer is Offline
[16:42] Breezy Carver: wait
[16:42] Forelle Broek: Yes, your Honor, we will come to him.
[16:42] Breezy Carver: can i get i a close up
[16:42] Breezy Carver: lol
[16:42] Eugenia Burton blows a kiss to Klaus.
[16:42] Venerable Broome: When?
[16:42] Doctor Obolensky: If you like, I can tell you what the Baron was going to say.
[16:42] Litta Nightfire: Dr. Obololensky, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and never be evil again?
[16:42] Gizmo Theas smiles
[16:42] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Really. Do try.
[16:42] Riven Homewood: Oh, he reads minds too?
[16:42] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: chuckles< [16:52] KlausWulfenbach Outlander raises an eyebrow [16:52] Eugenia Burton worriedly eyes Tensai's loose grip on poor Darien. [16:52] Sandison Winkler is Offline [16:52] gstone Turas: later? how much later looks at watch [16:52] Treloar Parx: Doesn't the defense get to crossexamine? [16:52] Venerable Broome: Next witness, or Mr/Ms Reina, do you wish to cross (and I apologize foir the indeterminant gender) [16:53] Patch Reina leans over and whispers to the Doc. [16:53] Sandison Winkler is Online [16:53] KlausWulfenbach Outlander sighs [16:53] Forelle Broek: Yes, I saw the Doctor stand down ... [16:53] Doctor Obolensky: No, no, Patch is quite happy with my responses, your Honor. [16:53] Venerable Broome: Thankj you, Na d which is it Mr or Ms? [16:53] Patch Reina shakes his head, " your majesty?" [16:53] Doctor Obolensky: Now Mister Broek can get on will calling Miss Skytower. [16:53] Aeneas Anthony is Online [16:53] Patch Reina: oh its mista! [16:53] Doctor Obolensky: will/with [16:53] Patch Reina: cant' ya tell? [16:54] Venerable Broome: Thank you. [16:54] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Your Honour, I can be brief. [16:54] Forelle Broek: Thank you. [16:54] Forelle Broek: Has Herr Baron been sworn? [16:54] Venerable Broome: Mr' Broek, are you going to call the Baron? [16:54] Lumina Elvehjem mrrls bout the floppy...never mind... [16:54] Doctor Obolensky: He's going to say the Pirates said I hired them. [16:54] Eugenia Burton: He did, sir. [16:54] TotalLunar Eclipse looks over to his brother, "Why are you growling?" [16:54] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Fraulein Clerk. [16:54] Forelle Broek enjoys another chance to observe the clerk from behind [16:54] Eugenia Burton looks back to Chronos and smiles. [16:54] Litta Nightfire: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and enjoy looking at me while you do it? [16:55] Aeneas Anthony is Offline [16:55] Venerable Broome: NOds at Mr. Broek, I often do that myself. [16:55] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Heh, ja, I swear. [16:55] Eugenia Burton scowls at the clerk. [16:55] Magdalena Kamenev takes her glasses off and rubs the bridge of her nose. [16:55] KlausWulfenbach Outlander shakes his head, grinning [16:55] Eugenia Burton adds a name to a list. [16:55] Forelle Broek: Herr Baronb, are you familiar with the events we have been discussing today? [16:55] Breezy Carver: hummmmmm [16:55] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Ja, I am. [16:55] Litta Nightfire still HAS her magical powers .... [16:56] Lumina Elvehjem: ooooo [16:56] Forelle Broek: Now we have heard reference to pirates, can you shed any light on that aspect? [16:56] Doctor Obolensky: >Facepalms< [16:56] Patch Reina balances a pencil on his lip. [16:56] Sandison Winkler is Offline [16:56] AnnaMaria Isabella is Online [16:56] Doctor Obolensky: if you could do that with a slug, m'boy, you could impersonate Chaplin. [16:57] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I had been asked by the government of New Babbage to take into my custody a captured pirate. I also was able to question that pirate's commander. [16:57] Patch Reina sherks and lets the pencil fall t the floor. [16:57] Forelle Broek: And what, if anything, did you learn from your questioning? [16:57] gstone Turas: gstone wonders if water was involved in the questioning [16:57] Morty Rau is Online [16:58] Malegatto Alter chuckles [16:58] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I learned that he was a mercenary, and therefore had no moral or ethical obligation to protect his customer. He advised me that Doctor Obolensky had hired his crew to deliver devices to New Babbage. [16:58] Forelle Broek: And did he tell you what these devices were? [16:58] Doctor Obolensky: >yawns< [16:58] Eugenia Burton sighs happily at her hero. [16:58] Litta Nightfire: *stunned intake of breath* [16:58] Morty Rau is Offline [16:58] Breezy Carver: (( laughs)) [16:59] Doctor Obolensky: Didn't we already determine that? [16:59] Venerable Broome taps foot [16:59] Venerable Broome: One moment, please. [16:59] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: They were the devices scattered about the city, causing the citizenry a great amount of distress. He was able to identify correctly how many per neighbourhood. [16:59] Forelle Broek: And were the dvices recovered? [17:00] Doctor Obolensky: I am currently not getting any younger. [17:00] TotalLunar Eclipse: obviously [17:00] Patch Reina: Objection your honor, the prosecution is being boring. [17:00] Lumina Elvehjem: old news already [17:00] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek and Mr. Reina. YOu have one hour to conclude this trial, and you might consider it worth shortening that by a few minutes for me to consider a verdict. [17:00] Sandison Winkler is Online [17:00] Doctor Obolensky: Oooh, good on you, Patch. [17:00] Venerable Broome: Proceed. [17:00] Treloar Parx laughs at Patch [17:00] Kiralette Kelley mutters about fossils [17:00] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: They were able to be approached by the non-magical. My Vice Consul's assistant identified them to me as Obolensky's work, confirming the mercenary captain's comments. [17:00] gstone Turas: one hour more you say? [17:00] Saskia Bode is Offline [17:00] Doctor Obolensky: You're now my new lawyer....Merricks will have to settle for folding clothes and shooting at people. [17:00] Forelle Broek: Thank you Herr Baron. No further questions. [17:00] Doctor Obolensky: Well, except for today. [17:01] Doctor Obolensky: I need to cross. [17:01] Canolli Capalini is Online [17:01] KlausWulfenbach Outlander settles back in the chair [17:01] Patch Reina: dun worry i got this doc. [17:01] Doctor Obolensky: Baron! Did the pirates promise not to return to Babbage? [17:01] Magdalena Kamenev: Objection! [17:01] Venerable Broome: Doctor are you going to represent your self or is Mr. Reina going to represent you? [17:01] Litta Nightfire mutters something about the person who represents himself having a fool for a lawyer ... [17:01] KlausWulfenbach Outlander waits [17:01] Softpaw Sommer arches a brow up at thatquestion from Dr O [17:01] Patch Reina: c'mon doc lemme give it a shot! [17:01] Venerable Broome: Stop. Order [17:02] Doctor Obolensky: I'm my own co-counsel. [17:02] Doctor Obolensky: Oh, alright, go ahead, Patch. [17:02] Jimmy chuckles from the back of the eoom [17:02] Venerable Broome: PLease wait for me to recognize you then! [17:02] Riven Homewood: At the risk of repeating myself - Nobody ever said Dr O was a clever.... [17:02] Patch Reina smiles and hops to his feet, "heh, thanks" [17:02] Magdalena Kamenev scowls. [17:02] Doctor Obolensky: After all, this court deserves all your legal expertise. [17:02] Venerable Broome: Mr. Reina -- yours to cross. [17:02] Breezy Carver: ((laughs)) [17:02] Patch Reina: right right i'll make it quick. [17:03] KlausWulfenbach Outlander waits [17:03] Patch Reina: Now Mista Baron, you said thes pirats told ya that the Doc hired them right? Do you have any proof o' dat other than their 'Pirate code of honor and truth tellin' ? [17:04] Doctor Obolensky: >chuckles< [17:04] Gizmo Theas smirks [17:04] Forelle Broek: Objection your honor, Defense Counsel has an awful accent! [17:04] VelesJaeger Munster chuckles. [17:04] Riven Homewood: Not to mention his breath! [17:04] Gizmo Theas: Ooooo! [17:04] Patch Reina: Objection! the prosecution smells funny! [17:04] Lumina Elvehjem: /mew! [17:04] Venerable Broome: overruled, so does trhe witness [17:04] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: There was the fact that he was threatened with the potential of bodily harm if he did not cooperate. It was certainly better for him than being left to the angry mob. [17:04] Doctor Obolensky: Hear hear! [17:04] CeAire Decosta: eeeuuuu! [17:04] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I beg your pardon, Your Honour? [17:05] Annechen Lowey frowns at Mr Broek. [17:05] Venerable Broome: Get on with it Baron. [17:05] Eugenia Burton pouts. [17:05] gstone Turas: torture? did he say torture? gstone's delicate sensibilities are shocked at these revelations [17:05] Gizmo Theas suspects police brutality [17:05] Forelle Broek takes a swig and sighs [17:05] KlausWulfenbach Outlander frowns at the judge and returns his attention to the urchin. [17:05] VelesJaeger Munster mutters, "Only ting fonny Hy schmellz en here iz ratz. No offenze to der rezident vun en der cellz." [17:06] Breezy Carver: (( i bet they waterboarded them !! )) [17:06] Venerable Broome: Anything more, Mr. Reina? [17:06] Forelle Broek: ((would waterboarding bother a pirate?)) [17:06] Riven Homewood: Who was that who just left the room? [17:06] Patch Reina nods, "so your tellin me that you threatend to mess him up to get your anwser eh? [17:06] Breezy Carver: (( true )) [17:06] gstone Turas: Breezy you said it and I therefore cannot disagree [17:06] Annechen Lowey sighs. [17:06] Doctor Obolensky: ((Nope, they have WaterBoarding Parties all the time)) [17:06] Patch Reina: how do we know that you didnt threaten him to POINT OUT doc O? eh?" [17:06] Riven Homewood: ((everybody knows sailors are terrified of drowning)) [17:06] Ghilayne Andrew is Online [17:06] Magdalena Kamenev: Objection. Badgering the witness. [17:07] CeAire Decosta: Is that like walking the plank? [17:07] Venerable Broome: Sustained [17:07] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I am a scientist specialising in brain functions. There could have been many ways to determine the requested information. [17:07] Riven Homewood: Oh are the badgers back? [17:07] Breezy Carver: ((laughs)) [17:07] Tensai Hilra: mushroom [17:07] VelesJaeger Munster: (schnake) [17:07] Magdalena Kamenev: (Riki Tiki Tavi ...) [17:08] Patch Reina: kehehe fine fine sustained. But from what i figure there is no PHYSICAL proof linking the doc to the pirates besides those lil toys that make magic folk get all wussy. [17:08] Doctor Obolensky: Enough of that, Patch, I think we all know how reputable the third-hand word of a pirate is. [17:08] Doctor Obolensky: We need to get on to their final witness. [17:08] Patch Reina nods, "fine! the defense rest" [17:08] Venerable Broome: Yes, please --- be brief. [17:08] Doctor Obolensky: We don't rest. [17:08] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Herr Broek? [17:08] Breezy Carver: ((heh)) [17:08] Jimmy laughs. [17:08] Doctor Obolensky: Your just done with that witness, see. [17:08] Patch Reina: i do...i wanna take a nap.. [17:08] Forelle Broek: No further questions for Herr Baron [17:08] Venerable Broome: Mr. Reina -- yuo rEST? [17:09] Doctor Obolensky: Ah, well, I can understand that. [17:09] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, more witnesses? [17:09] Eugenia Burton warmly smiles to Baron Wulfenbach. [17:09] Forelle Broek: And, in the interest of time, Your Honor, the Plaintiff will rest [17:09] KlausWulfenbach Outlander nods back [17:09] Venerable Broome: OH? [17:09] Doctor Obolensky: Well, I have a witness. [17:09] Patch Reina closes his eyes and start to snore. [17:09] Doctor Obolensky: As my counsel is asleep. [17:09] Venerable Broome: Yes. Defense -- Mr. Reina? [17:09] Malegatto Alter looks over [17:10] Patch Reina blinks, "uweh oh ...we're still going." [17:10] Doctor Obolensky: Miss Skytower to the stand, please. [17:10] Breezy Carver: ((sits up this is getting good )) [17:10] Venerable Broome: OK -- DOctor -- re[present yourself and see if I care. [17:10] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: It's Frau, not Fraulein. [17:10] Softpaw Sommer points a finger at Patch and sends a small static zap to his fluffy tail [17:10] Jimmy whispers to Miss Breezy "Isn't wearing your hat in court contempt?" [17:10] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: And she needs to be fetched from the cell. [17:10] Breezy Carver: ((shhh shhh no no no )) [17:10] Patch Reina eeps and looks down as his tail isn now perfectly fluffy, "what tha..." [17:11] Doctor Obolensky: And I'll even be brief, if you can imagine such a thing at this point. [17:11] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: From you? Hardly. [17:11] Eugenia Burton frowns at Dr. Obolensky. [17:11] Venerable Broome: ((Dr O, in that thereis lag, perhaps you should walk to the podium now)) [17:11] CeAire Decosta: Boxers or briefs? [17:11] Patch Reina snickersk, "go get'em doc" [17:11] Magdalena Kamenev blinks. [17:11] Litta Nightfire can imagine Dr. Obolensky's briefs, but it's not pretty [17:11] Lumina Elvehjem is NOT innerested in the Drs undies [17:12] Venerable Broome: Dpoctor, remove your hat [17:12] Doctor Obolensky: If you insist.. [17:12] Venerable Broome: I do. [17:12] Jimmy Branagh: See told ya. [17:12] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: It's called 'manners', Obolensky. [17:12] Magdalena Kamenev: And MUST you pose every time you're not sitting? [17:12] Doctor Obolensky: Well, of course. [17:12] Patch Reina: yes he must. [17:12] Forelle Broek: But the glarefrom his head is rather distracting. Perhaps he can wear a kercheif [17:12] Doctor Obolensky: But I figure if the opposition can wear hats, so can I. [17:12] Lumina Elvehjem: just sprinkle some talc on it [17:12] Magdalena Kamenev: Save the voguing for Madonna and get on with it. [17:12] Venerable Broome: Mr Broek, not nice -- Contempt of court! Fine 10 Lindens -- pay trhe clerk [17:12] Doctor Obolensky: Did you lose the witness? [17:13] Forelle Broek gets a nice eyeful of clerk [17:13] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: The bailiff went to fetch her. [17:13] Venerable Broome: Worth the tenner, isn't it? [17:13] Litta Nightfire sits and smiles at Mr. Broek, waiting for the witness [17:13] Forelle Broek: Absolutely [17:13] Eugenia Burton: Hrmph. [17:13] Forelle Broek tucks the money in the customary place [17:13] Doctor Obolensky: Well, allow me to start before she arrives. [17:13] Doctor Obolensky: Miss Skytower is an accomplished scientist. [17:13] Venerable Broome: I'm sorry, Doctor -- that's not kosher. [17:14] Doctor Obolensky: And is familiar with my work. [17:14] Doctor Obolensky: I am merely explaining her credentials, judge. [17:14] Venerable Broome: But we don't know that she is even alive, do we? [17:14] Litta Nightfire extracts the cash and tucks it ... elsewhere [17:14] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Herr Doktor Mason is kosher, but he did not get to testify. [17:14] Xandra Skytower looks positively miserable [17:14] Venerable Broome: Much less that she is willing to testify, or able. [17:14] Doctor Obolensky: Well, considering that she's standing over there, I think we do. [17:14] Magdalena Kamenev blinks at the court clerk. [17:14] Eugenia Burton laughs. [17:14] Breezy Carver: hes a jar [17:14] Venerable Broome: HOw true, Baron [17:15] Venerable Broome: Take the stand, please. [17:15] Doctor Obolensky: Neither did my sidetable, Baron. [17:15] Forelle Broek is startled to see Miss Skytower alive and relatively well [17:15] Venerable Broome: Mrs. Skytower. [17:15] Breezy Carver: YaY wavess to Xandra ☆smiles ☆ [17:15] Xandra Skytower smiles softly [17:15] KlausWulfenbach Outlander frowns at Lady Skusting [17:15] Eugenia Burton looks with delight upon Xandra. [17:15] Doctor Obolensky: Hmmm.... [17:15] gstone Turas: was she arrested on her wedding day? [17:15] The Lady Skusting: looks down [17:16] KlausWulfenbach Outlander waits for the perjury [17:16] Xandra Skytower: I'm just fond of white. [17:16] Riven Homewood is Online [17:16] Doctor Obolensky: You're in my spot, yours is up to the left of the judge. [17:16] gstone Turas: oh pardon me [17:16] Venerable Broome: Doctor, please tell your witness to take the stand whgere we can all see her. [17:16] Xandra Skytower nods to everyone [17:16] Xandra Skytower: (I am fighting the lag) [17:16] Litta Nightfire: Please be seated here, Mrs. Skytower [17:16] gstone Turas: the jail's laundry must be very good [17:16] Venerable Broome: Now -- why is this wirness handcuffed? [17:17] Xandra Skytower nods, smiles a bit painfully [17:17] Doctor Obolensky: Oh, and I'like to take this moment, while she's being sworn in, to thank all of you with signs, for spelling my name correctly. QUite refresing. [17:17] Breezy Carver: why is she handcuffed [17:17] Doctor Obolensky: refreshing, even. [17:17] Patch Reina: its part o'being a celbertiy docta. [17:17] Forelle Broek: yes, Your Honor, I must object regarding this witness. It is most irregular [17:17] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I had her be handcuffed. [17:17] Venerable Broome: Yes, I will sustain that if there is no good reason. [17:17] Doctor Obolensky: Not nearly as irregular as a witness-in-a-jar. [17:17] Gizmo Theas suspects more police brutality [17:17] gstone Turas: she looks so innocent. [17:18] Forelle Broek: Oh witnesses in jars are ordinary here [17:18] Venerable Broome: And WHY is she handcuffed in this courtroom? [17:18] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Common at home, too. [17:18] Malegatto Alter chuckles [17:18] Tensai Hilra taps dr mason... [17:18] Doctor Obolensky: I believe the Baron said he did it. [17:18] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Because, Your Honour, she is dangerous. [17:18] Dr. Darien Mason grumbles. [17:18] Xandra Skytower sighs [17:18] Breezy Carver: nods .. oh ? [17:18] Forelle Broek: Dangerous? [17:18] Venerable Broome: I know WHO did it, I want to know WHY [17:18] Treloar Parx: Aren't we all? [17:18] Eugenia Burton happily waves to Xandra. [17:18] Doctor Obolensky: Who in this room isn't? [17:18] Breezy Carver: grinssss [17:18] Magdalena Kamenev: I'm not. [17:18] Lumina Elvehjem: ❀.¸¸.meew¸¸.❀ [17:18] Xandra Skytower waves with her finger to Genie, grins [17:18] Gizmo Theas nods and smiles [17:18] Litta Nightfire glances at the bailiff .... dangerous is bad, now? [17:19] Patch Reina: its the Baron's way your honor. [17:19] Kaylee Frye is Offline [17:19] Caladon Rae: Oh, I a. [17:19] Sparrow Donogal wonders if she's dangerous [17:19] Venerable Broome: Baron, explain in waht way this witness is dangerous. [17:19] Scottie Melnik excuses himself. [17:19] Caladon Rae: *am [17:19] Tensai Hilra: it does tend to be... [17:19] Patch Reina: he threatens pirates and handcuffs fair madens. [17:19] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: She is not who she appears to be, Your Honour. Her mind has been overwritten by the most destructive Spark in centuries. [17:19] Patch Reina: *maidens. [17:19] Venerable Broome: THen, sir, she is unqualified to testify. [17:19] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: She's not a maiden, she's a married woman. Both of her. [17:19] Xandra Skytower: Your Honor, I was possessed for a time, but I am not now. [17:19] Doctor Obolensky: Oh dear lord. [17:19] Breezy Carver: you mean she is evil ? [17:20] Doctor Obolensky: Let's not get into this one, Judge, or we'll be here another three hours. [17:20] Caladon Rae: No, she is mad. [17:20] Treloar Parx: Evil is a matter of perspective [17:20] Forelle Broek: Your honor, I must object to the competence of this witness [17:20] Venerable Broome: Is this some weird RP impinging on this trial [17:20] Gizmo Theas: So is madness =D [17:20] gstone Turas: a wolf in sheeps clothes (white) [17:20] Doctor Obolensky: I claim the opposition is a duck, let's throw out the case. [17:20] CeAire Decosta: ((I'd be mad to to if I had to wear handcuffs that didn't match my outfit!)) [17:20] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, I hear youtr objection, but I asked a question. [17:20] Xandra Skytower: I am only mad because I have been kept in a cell for hours and these handcuffs are MOST painful [17:20] Forelle Broek: yes Your Honor [17:20] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: If she has been possessed, how des the cout lnow who they're talking too. [17:21] Riven Homewood: Who's witness is she, anyway? [17:21] Breezy Carver: oh fiddle dee dee Xandra would like some .. ice cream and go shopping dear ?? [17:21] Espah: Xandra...she is not gone yet.... [17:21] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: If they dissallowed the's just the same. [17:21] Doctor Obolensky: And frankly, if she *was* the most evil Spark of sparks, it only makes her a *better* witness anyway. [17:21] Xandra Skytower: Ice cream and shopping sound LOVELY. [17:21] Venerable Broome: Is this PART OF THIS event which is the basis if this trial? [17:21] Breezy Carver: see she is fine !! [17:21] Xandra Skytower sighs [17:21] gstone Turas: let her speak [17:21] Doctor Obolensky: No, I'm simply presenting her as a scientific expert. [17:21] Eugenia Burton: Yes, sir. [17:22] Eugenia Burton: She disarmed the devices, sir! [17:22] Riven Homewood: You nev er know, Miss Breezy - Maybe the spark likes icecream and shopping too [17:22] Litta Nightfire: Ah, is her madness also a consequence of one of these bombs? [17:22] Forelle Broek: Your honor, I withdraw my objection [17:22] Doctor Obolensky: >Facepalms< [17:22] Venerable Broome: But, Doctor, if the reason for her being handcuffed is that her mind is blown, she can't testifyu to anything. [17:22] Patch Reina: >Facepalms< [17:22] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Frau Skytower disarmed them. Lucrezia Mongfish did not. [17:22] KlausWulfenbach Outlander scowls [17:22] Breezy Carver: she really is wonderful [17:22] Xandra Skytower: I swear it's me, Herr Baron! [17:23] Treloar Parx: May I have a scorecard? [17:23] Breezy Carver: i think the world of her [17:23] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, thank you for withdrawing the objection, but I did not. [17:23] Doctor Obolensky: Very well then, send her off, and I'll summarize. [17:23] Venerable Broome: Doctor, explain these curcumstances. [17:23] Forelle Broek takes a rather large swig [17:23] Magdalena Kamenev sighs. [17:23] Xandra Skytower fumes [17:23] Venerable Broome: Mrs.Skytower, do not leave the stand.\ [17:23] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Your Honour, I have with me a device which will suppress the overwritten personality. I did not want to apply it without the court's permission. [17:23] Venerable Broome: Baron -- explanation! [17:23] Doctor Obolensky: I don't have time for any more of this froofraw. [17:23] Xandra Skytower 's eyes widen at Klaus [17:24] Forelle Broek: Froofraw? [17:24] Venerable Broome: Doctor, I tend to afgree. [17:24] KlausWulfenbach Outlander grins darkly at her [17:24] CeAire Decosta: ((How about frawfroo??)) [17:24] gstone Turas: what bit of trickery is this? [17:24] Xandra Skytower stares, shakes her head [17:24] Venerable Broome: Hmm. And she is to be freed? [17:24] gstone Turas: and whats a frawfroo? [17:24] Doctor Obolensky: Well then, let me get on with it. [17:24] Breezy Carver: (( sighs)) [17:24] Doctor Obolensky: Either send her off, or let her testify. [17:24] Eugenia Burton nibbles at her lower lip with worry. [17:24] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Wearing this device, she will be freed, ja. [17:24] Forelle Broek offers his flask to Genie [17:24] Xandra Skytower: Your Honor PLEASE do not let the baron do anything to me! [17:25] Riven Homewood: A married Frou Frau [17:25] Xandra Skytower: He has attempted to MURDER me [17:25] Eugenia Burton takes a swig from the flask and splutters. [17:25] Venerable Broome: Doctor I will NOT send her off handcuffed, and will not let her testify yet. [17:25] Eugenia Burton: Xandra! [17:25] gstone Turas: i believe her [17:25] CeAire Decosta: ((backwards froofraw what else!)) [17:25] Doctor Obolensky: Yes, yes, a device from the ever-so helpful Baron Klaus "Lobotomize my enemies" Wulfenbach. [17:25] Malegatto Alter watches...Oh, now it's getting interesting! [17:25] Gizmo Theas boos the baron [17:25] Xandra Skytower shakes fearfully [17:25] KlausWulfenbach Outlander looks impassive [17:25] Xandra Skytower sobs [17:25] Venerable Broome: Mrs. Skytower, are you here under coersion? [17:25] Prettykitty Gumbo is Offline [17:25] Eugenia Burton: I object! [17:25] Caladon Rae: Heh, after you went mad. [17:25] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Your Honour, correct address, if I may correct the court, is Frau Heterodyne. [17:25] Treloar Parx: You can't object [17:26] Doctor Obolensky: >Facepalms< [17:26] Kaylee Frye is Online [17:26] Eugenia Burton elbows Forelle, "She is not herself, if she fears the Baron. That's not my Xandra!" [17:26] Riven Homewood: I object too! I have no idea what is going on [17:26] Doctor Obolensky: Well, I've had about enough. [17:26] gstone Turas: 32 minutes and counting [17:26] Xandra Skytower: I am perfectly willing to be here, your Honor, but the situation in which I am here is unfortunate [17:26] Patch Reina sighs, "bout time..." [17:26] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: Heterodyne! [17:26] Magdalena Kamenev: Counting until what?? [17:26] Venerable Broome: Explain. [17:26] gstone Turas: until the hour is up! [17:26] Doctor Obolensky: I do wish to apologize your honor, but this has gone from the insufferable and interminable, to the I've had about enough of this stage. [17:26] Forelle Broek: *sotto voce* "Something dastardly is up" [17:26] Xandra Skytower: Doctor Oblensky saved my life, your Honor [17:27] Venerable Broome: noids [17:27] Doctor Obolensky: start for the door, would you? [17:27] Caladon Rae: *stiffens up* [17:27] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Frau Xandra Skytower is a distant blood relative of Lucrezia Mongfish, who created a machine to impress her personality on those with sufficient similarity. [17:27] Eugenia Burton scowls. [17:27] Riven Homewood: I move we put Dr O in irons [17:27] Venerable Broome: Doctor- [17:27] Patch Reina: yes docta [17:27] Xandra Skytower: He rescued me from the sea after the Baron *sob* attempted to murder me [17:27] Breezy Carver: Oh MY !!! [17:27] Venerable Broome: If you leave I shall automatically find for the plaintiff and assess damnages. [17:27] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Frau Skytower was a victim of that woman's evil, and may yet be saved. [17:27] Forelle Broek takes another, much longer, swig [17:27] Venerable Broome: YOyu woulkd be better off yto wait anfd see the outcome. [17:27] Eugenia Burton: That is -not- Xandra! [17:27] Xandra Skytower: I am more than happy to testify on his behalf, for I was the one who deactivated those devices [17:27] Riven Homewood gets ready to run [17:27] Tensai Hilra: ahem [17:27] CeAire Decosta: ((where's the scorecard?)) [17:28] Espah: know that's not true. [17:28] gstone Turas: gstone's delicate sensibibilites are electrified [17:28] Malegatto Alter looks towards the door [17:28] Doctor Obolensky: I'm afraid I'd not live long enough to get through this as is, Judge. [17:28] Venerable Broome: I beg your parden? [17:28] Treloar Parx makes a correction to the tally sheet [17:28] Venerable Broome: Doctor, what does that mean? [17:28] Venerable Broome: Are you thrratened? [17:28] Forelle Broek motions to his associate, Miss Kamanev, for a refill [17:28] Autopilotpatty Poppy is Offline [17:28] Venerable Broome: *threatened? [17:29] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Your permission, Your Honour, and we can hear from Frau Skytower in a moment, once the device takes effect. [17:29] Doctor Obolensky: It means I'm an old man, and I don't have years to get through all this blather. [17:29] Venerable Broome: Oh bother you! [17:29] KlausWulfenbach Outlander bares his teeth at her [17:29] Lumina Elvehjem: you are older than God [17:29] Venerable Broome: VBaron, proceed and let's see what tjhis is al;l about. [17:29] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Lucrezia... it's been reinforced by my staff sorceror. [17:29] Magdalena Kamenev sighs and brings out her own flask, passing it to Mr. Broek. [17:29] Eugenia Burton is Offline [17:29] Xandra Skytower shrieks [17:29] Doctor Obolensky: Staff Sorceror. [17:29] Xandra Skytower: Keep him away! [17:29] Doctor Obolensky: >chuckles< [17:30] Riven Homewood wishes she had brought a flask [17:30] Doctor Obolensky: Patch! [17:30] gstone Turas: what's he up to? [17:30] KlausWulfenbach Outlander steps forward and pins a brooch on her bodice [17:30] Venerable Broome: Bailiff! [17:30] Treloar Parx: There's nothing wrong with being a little older than some [17:30] Doctor Obolensky: Distraction, please. [17:30] Patch Reina: yes docta [17:30] Malegatto Alter mutters and moves towards the door [17:30] Eugenia Burton is Online [17:30] Riven Homewood: Well, doesn;t it depend on which god? [17:30] gstone Turas: Oh!! [17:30] Venerable Broome: Take charge of this witness. [17:30] Annechen Lowey: Any technology distinguishable from magick is insufficiently advanced. [17:30] Caladon Rae: BOMB! [17:30] Lucrezia Mongfish: YOU HAVE ... AIIIIIIE! [17:30] Forelle Broek buries his head under the tabloe [17:30] Doctor Obolensky: And....exit! [17:30] CeAire Decosta cough cough!! [17:30] VelesJaeger Munster: Patch haz a gon! [17:30] Cheree Bury is Online [17:30] Venerable Broome: order!\ [17:30] Jimmy Branagh: It's just smoke! [17:30] Gizmo Theas: /BwahahaRetro [17:30] Gizmo Theas laughs maniacly [17:30] Eugenia Burton: ((WAIT!)) [17:30] Treloar Parx is shocked
[17:30] Tensai Hilra: Your honor! they got out!
[17:30] Jimmy Branagh: SOmebody grab the Doctor!
[17:30] Eugenia Burton: ((I crashed and don't know what the hell is going on.))
[17:31] CeAire Decosta: Who escaped?
[17:31] Xandra Skytower gasps in fright
[17:31] Gizmo Theas claps
[17:31] Softpaw Sommer coughs at ths emoke
[17:31] Autopilotpatty Poppy is Online
[17:31] Malegatto Alter looks at Mr Parx and chuckles
[17:31] Gizmo Theas: Most entertaining
[17:31] Venerable Broome: Miss BUrton, I did NOT crash and I don't know what is going on!
[17:31] Magdalena Kamenev coughs.
[17:31] Jimmy Branagh coughs
[17:31] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Frau Xandra...?
[17:31] Taggart Pistol v1 whispers: Press 'M' to enter mouslook and the mouse button to fire
[17:31] gstone Turas: What is the Baron up to?
[17:31] Riven Homewood is Offline
[17:31] Venerable Broome turns to Mrs Skytower
[17:31] Forelle Broek draws his pistol, doing his best Denny rane impersonaton
[17:31] VelesJaeger Munster places a hand on the shoulder of PirateBunny, in case he decides to run, too.
[17:31] CeAire Decosta grabs a bomb disposal kit and tosses it to Tensai!!
[17:31] Tensai Hilra: oh my.. it seems the doctor has fled!
[17:31] gstone Turas: Mr. Broiek is holding a weapon
[17:31] Xandra Skytower clutches her head
[17:32] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I am up to ensuring the sanctity of the court.
[17:32] Venerable Broome: Ma'm - what shall I do -- lock up the Baron?
[17:32] Riven Homewood is Online
[17:32] Forelle Broek: Just protecting my client
[17:32] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Frau Xandra, are you back with us?
[17:32] Ashiko Kuroe chuckles covering his mouth. "A rather fun idea..."
[17:32] Breezy Carver: with a gun ??
[17:32] Malegatto Alter laughs hard
[17:32] Xandra Skytower: I... where....
[17:32] Magdalena Kamenev: ((Did he crash or is he gone?))
[17:32] TotalLunar Eclipse: He is gone.
[17:32] Riven Homewood: What a terrible time to crash
[17:32] Tensai Hilra: I think he thought with her clear-head, she would not be his perfect witness!
[17:33] Venerable Broome: I gather that, Bailiff.
[17:33] Forelle Broek: Your honor, I move for a directed verdict in favor of thePlaintiff
[17:33] Magdalena Kamenev: I move for default judgment, Your Honor!
[17:33] Xandra Skytower: What is going on here!
[17:33] Riven Homewood: Well heads don't get much clearer than Dr Mason's jar!
[17:33] Molly Steampunk: Hmf. Coward!
[17:33] Xandra Skytower: Herr Baron? Miss Genie?!
[17:33] gstone Turas: gstone stands to stretch her legs which are snoring
[17:33] TotalLunar Eclipse: Tensai, we go to babbage
[17:33] KlausWulfenbach Outlander smiles broadly
[17:33] Tensai Hilra: it seems we should!
[17:33] Eugenia Burton: ((I can't react because I don't knwo what is going on.))
[17:33] Litta Nightfire dances to indicate motions on the floor
[17:33] Forelle Broek watches, with great interst, as the clerk turns cartwheels
[17:33] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, Ms Kamenev, Motions are approved.
[17:33] Eugenia Burton: ((I missed the end of my own damn trial.))
[17:33] VelesJaeger Munster: Eenterezting eye hyu gotz dhere, leetle bunny. Vot doez it do?
[17:33] Venerable Broome: Verdict directed.
[17:33] Forelle Broek: *:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*. HoOoOoO!¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:34] Venerable Broome: I will assess damages now.
[17:34] KlausWulfenbach Outlander works Frau Xandra's handcuffs off.
[17:34] Venerable Broome: Please be seated.
[17:34] Ashiko Kuroe smiles "My eye? It sees things, of course."
[17:34] Ashiko Kuroe: What does yours do?
[17:34] Magdalena Kamenev sighs in relief.
[17:34] Xandra Skytower sobs a bit
[17:34] Forelle Broek: Did you hear that Genie, we won!
[17:34] VelesJaeger Munster: It notizez tingz dot lookz out uf plaze.
[17:34] Xandra Skytower: What is going on!?
below shared with me from the darling young Sparrow Donogal Thank you dear
[17:33] Riven Homewood: Well heads don't get much clearer than Dr Mason's jar!
[17:33] Molly Steampunk: Hmf. Coward!
[17:33] Xandra Skytower: Herr Baron? Miss Genie?!
[17:33] gstone Turas: gstone stands to stretch her legs which are snoring
[17:33] TotalLunar Eclipse: Tensai, we go to babbage
[17:33] KlausWulfenbach Outlander smiles broadly
[17:33] Tensai Hilra: it seems we should!
[17:33] Eugenia Burton: ((I can't react because I don't knwo what is going on.))
[17:33] Litta Nightfire dances to indicate motions on the floor
[17:33] Forelle Broek watches, with great interst, as the clerk turns cartwheels
[17:33] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, Ms Kamenev, Motions are approved.
[17:34] Eugenia Burton: ((I missed the end of my own damn trial.))
[17:34] VelesJaeger Munster: Eenterezting eye hyu gotz dhere, leetle bunny. Vot doez it do?
[17:34] Venerable Broome: Verdict directed.
[17:34] Forelle Broek: *:-.,_,.-:*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:34] Venerable Broome: I will assess damages now.
[17:34] KlausWulfenbach Outlander works Frau Xandra's handcuffs off.
[17:34] Venerable Broome: Please be seated.
[17:34] Ashiko Kuroe smiles "My eye? It sees things, of course."
[17:34] Ashiko Kuroe: What does yours do?
[17:34] Magdalena Kamenev sighs in relief.
[17:34] Xandra Skytower sobs a bit
[17:34] Forelle Broek: Did you hear that Genie, we won!
[17:34] VelesJaeger Munster: It notizez tingz dot lookz out uf plaze.
[17:34] Xandra Skytower: What is going on!?
[17:34] Venerable Broome: Order
[17:34] Venerable Broome: All sit!
[17:34] Eugenia Burton sits because she apparently fainted and has no idea what is going on around her.
[17:35] Venerable Broome: order
[17:35] Malegatto Alter laughs hard from the back of the room...Escape 101. One has to love it.
[17:35] Litta Nightfire: Mrs. Skytower, are you now yourself?
[17:35] Forelle Broek: Nor do I Genie, nor do I
[17:35] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Frau Xandra, sit for now.
[17:35] Magdalena Kamenev holds onto Miss Genie.
[17:35] Gizmo Theas nods
[17:35] Xandra Skytower: Have I ever been anyone but me?
[17:35] Venerable Broome: YOu too Baron.
[17:35] Xandra Skytower sits back down, confuces
[17:35] Venerable Broome: Into the audiencew with both of you.
[17:35] Gizmo Theas: The Doctor has such style =D
[17:35] Xandra Skytower: confused even
[17:35] CeAire Decosta: Have you ever felt like anyone else?
[17:35] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Ja, Your Honour.
[17:35] Lumina Elvehjem: what EVER the Dr i s predictable
[17:35] Forelle Broek smiles at Herr Baron and Miss Xaqndra
[17:36] Riven Homewood: That';s no proof, CeAire - I feel like several different people at various times
[17:36] Venerable Broome: The case, interestingly, has been decided in thre favor of the plaintiff.
[17:36] Hawc Decosta: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[17:36] Hawc Decosta: Bravo!
[17:36] Forelle Broek wonders how much he can get for the nvel and film rights
[17:37] Riven Homewood: *:-.,_,.-:*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:37] Tibouchina Freschi: *:-.,_,.-:*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:37] Venerable Broome: My judgement, in the event that anyone cares to know, is that the plaintiff's case was so weak ghat I would have found for the defense if the defendant had not made that impossible.
[17:37] Riven Homewood can recommend a good Ghost writer
[17:37] Malegatto Alter shakes her head
[17:37] Venerable Broome: Mr. Broek, Please make a motiuon that has damages in it.
[17:37] Eugenia Burton blinks in a daze and looks at Forelle. "Huh?"
[17:37] Forelle Broek: Yes your Honor. May I consult with my client?
[17:38] Xandra Skytower reels
[17:38] Venerable Broome: Lack of evidence, Miss Burton.
[17:38] gstone Turas: so you admit that they did not prove their case, yet you rule in their favor. A miscarriage of justice yet again.
[17:38] Riven Homewood: So he needed only to wait a bit and he would have won legitimately
[17:38] Ashiko Kuroe clears his throat as he rises "I do believe it's time for some tea... I must say that I thank the court, not only was it entertaining, but I can now say that I am glad that I don't bother paying taxes."
[17:38] Treloar Parx is yet to be convinced that this court holds juristiction for events which happened in New Babbage
[17:38] Riven Homewood: Flight is clear evidence of guilt!
[17:38] Venerable Broome: Order!
[17:38] Venerable Broome: Yes you may.
[17:38] Gizmo Theas agrees with Parx
[17:38] gstone Turas: Flight is evidence that a bathroom break was looooong overdue!
[17:38] Forelle Broek: Thank you
[17:39] CeAire Decosta: ((I'll take fried chicken and potato salad please!))
[17:39] gstone Turas: This is an outrage!
[17:39] TotalLunar Eclipse: He would have won if he stayed, how fun.
[17:39] Treloar Parx: Ham on rye for me
[17:39] Lumina Elvehjem: remove the hearts from that geture
[17:39] Ashiko Kuroe chuckles "A bomb?"
[17:39] Riven Homewood will have what CeAire is having
[17:39] Forelle Broek: Your Honor, Plaintiff requests, for damages, that she receive title to Dr. Obolensky's real property and laboratory in Babbage. And, for attorneys fees, I request his monocle.
[17:39] Gizmo Theas: The prosecution is nothing but ham =D
[17:40] Riven Homewood: What about Magz? Doesn't she get anything?
[17:40] TotalLunar Eclipse smiles to the little urchin
[17:40] KlausWulfenbach Outlander doubletakes at a clean urchin in a pretty dress
[17:40] Magdalena Kamenev: Proscuitto, Gizmo.
[17:40] gstone Turas: Wolf dear what do you think of that?
[17:40] Tensai Hilra: she can use the monocle
[17:40] No room to sit here, try another spot.
[17:40] Riven Homewood: On alternate Thursdays?
[17:40] Tensai Hilra: of course
[17:41] Riven Homewood: Well that sounds fair - she is only the assistant
[17:41] Venerable Broome: The motion will be taken under advisement.
[17:41] Xandra Skytower: Herr Baron?
[17:41] Forelle Broek: Thank you, your Honor
[17:41] Venerable Broome: Let me think on it for two minutes.
[17:41] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: It's all right, Frau Xandra, wait for the judge to dismiss you.
[17:41] Venerable Broome: Mrs. Skytower, you're dismissed.
[17:41] Xandra Skytower: Thank you, your Honor
[17:42] Gizmo Theas: Lovely! More fun =D
[17:42] Riven Homewood sighs - somebody go get him down
[17:42] Xandra Skytower staggers home
[17:42] Gizmo Theas: I hope he bought his death ray =D
[17:42] Venerable Broome: SAhem
[17:42] Venerable Broome: Ahem
[17:42] Riven Homewood: We don't need a new weathervanbe
[17:42] CeAire Decosta: Duel on the roof?
[17:43] Venerable Broome: Given that it has been stipulated that Doctor Obolensky did vreate a device which had the effect of damaging or destroying
[17:43] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: He was confrronted by Captain Munster and Private Steampunk but he appears to have jetted away.
[17:43] Riven Homewood: I don't see him on the roof - I think Xandra is still delusional
[17:43] Venerable Broome: magickel abilities,
[17:43] CeAire Decosta: What's the mark on the roof?
[17:43] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: Oh he was there.
[17:43] Tibouchina Freschi: Oh, he was there. I saw him
[17:44] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: Yes there is.
[17:44] CeAire Decosta: Tophat, monocle and mustache.
[17:44] Riven Homewood: What is that mark on the room?
[17:44] Venerable Broome: and it has been admitted that the device in this case was built by him, whether deployed by him or not,
[17:44] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: And some device may have effected Captain Munster, but then again it may be the lag
[17:44] Eugenia Burton quietly listens to the judge, still appearing rather dazed and confused.
[17:44] Riven Homewood: Oh Lord! It's his mark!
[17:44] Gizmo Theas: Such panache =D
[17:44] Gizmo Theas claps
[17:45] Venerable Broome: it is my judgement FIRST that he shall be required to create a device whichg will restore such abilities to the injured party......
[17:45] EppieBlack Wheatcliffe: *\o/* HoOoOoO! *\o/*
[17:45] KlausWulfenbach Outlander applauds
[17:45] Hawc Decosta: Huzzah!
[17:45] Caladon Rae: /hoo
[17:45] Caladon Rae: Hoooo!
[17:45] Caladon Rae: (fail)
[17:45] Softpaw Sommer smiles at that ruleing
[17:46] Gizmo Theas: Now THAT will be an interesting event to witness
[17:46] Tensai Hilra wonders if I could use this device on normal people
[17:46] Venerable Broome: andf that pending the accomplishment of that resiylt, that he will pay Miss Burton the sum of 1000 Lindens per week......
[17:47] Venerable Broome: and that his property in Steelhead (if any) be forfeited to her entirely, aND THAT HIS
[17:47] Eugenia Burton grumbles as he has no Steelhead property.
[17:47] TotalLunar Eclipse: He has nothing here but an ego and a mark on my roof.
[17:47] Hawc Decosta: Hoooo!
[17:47] Malegatto Alter sighs...There's only room but for so many evil geniuses in this town anyway, and it's not him
[17:47] Xandra Skytower rubs her head
[17:47] Treloar Parx smiles at Dr. Alter "What? No sharing?"
[17:48] Annechen Lowey concentrates on the mark, to see if it can be removed.
[17:48] Malegatto Alter looks over...Share? Tolerate perhaps...
[17:48] Venerable Broome: his residence in Babbage\
[17:48] TotalLunar Eclipse smiles at Miss Alter, You are much more cuter in your little adorable kitten self
[17:48] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: What is that sound?
[17:48] Treloar Parx: I'm hearing giant metal somethings
[17:48] Riven Homewood: Sound?
[17:49] Treloar Parx: Giant metal crabs in fact
[17:49] Tensai Hilra grabs Forelle's flask... "I let a suspect escape... I need this"
[17:49] Softpaw Sommer pricks her ears up "I hear it too"
[17:49] Venerable Broome: be forfeited to the extent that she wishes to reside in it - but only if she does so, and on;ly while he is working to buoild the required device in his laboratory, which property will NOT be forfeited to her.
[17:49] Forelle Broek: help yourself Miss Tensai
[17:49] Wolf Copperfield: what is that?
[17:49] Magdalena Kamenev goes to check on the noise ...
[17:49] Molly Steampunk shouts: HOY! HY JOST SAW A CHIANT METAL CRAB TING!
[17:49] Venerable Broome: And the costs of her counsel will be paid to Mr. Broek and Ms Kamenev in the form of his monocle and one large bottle of whisky.
[17:49] Riven Homewood humbly requests a transaltion of wht the judge just said
[17:49] Venerable Broome: Done.
[17:50] Forelle Broek: Thank ou Your onor
[17:50] Tensai Hilra takes a deep swig.... "um sorry... " and hands it back upsidown dripping empty
[17:50] Caladon Rae: ...shoot.
[17:50] Gizmo Theas: Wonderful =D
[17:50] Treloar Parx: I swear I've seen less waffle at a Raglanshire party
[17:50] Tensai Hilra: *hic
[17:50] Gizmo Theas claps
[17:50] Sparrow Donogal looks out window to see if she can see the scary crab things
[17:50] Malegatto Alter laughs
[17:50] Litta Nightfire: *:-.,_,.-:*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:50] Venerable Broome: COurt adjourned -- you may hoo.
[17:50] TotalLunar Eclipse: Hoooo!
[17:50] CeAire Decosta: :*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:
[17:50] Forelle Broek: *:-.,_,.-:*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:50] Xandra Skytower shrieks a little
[17:50] Tensai Hilra: Hoooo!
[17:50] Litta Nightfire: *:-.,_,.-:*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:50] Hawc Decosta: Hoooo!
[17:50] Tibouchina Freschi: *:-.,_,.-:*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:50] Krystine Qinan: *:-.,_,.-:*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:50] CeAire Decosta: Everything is Steelhead has to end in a Hoo!
[17:50] TotalLunar Eclipse tosses breadcrumbs to the jury
[17:51] Riven Homewood: *:-.,_,.-:*'? `*. HoOoOoO!?.*?`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[17:51] Sparrow Donogal wonders why the grownups are making weird noises
[17:51] Softpaw Sommer: ....WHAT was that?
[17:51] Tibouchina Freschi contemplates breaded metal crabthings for dinner
[17:51] Xandra Skytower: W-what was that/!
[17:51] Galactic Baroque hoos discretely
[17:51] Xandra Skytower clings to the Baron's arm
[17:51] Eugenia Burton: That was Tensai.
[17:51] Litta Nightfire: That was our dear bailiff, teleporting.
[17:51] Caladon Rae shouts: Captain! Sighting on the Clank?
[17:52] CeAire Decosta: Teleport safe all! Congrats Genie!
[17:52] Xandra Skytower looks a little unstable, teeters
[17:52] VelesJaeger Munster shouts: Nut yet!
[17:52] Wolf Copperfield shouts: WHAT THE DEVIL WAS THAT?
[17:52] Litta Nightfire: Congratulatins, Miss Burton!
[17:52] Eugenia Burton: Thank you, ma'am.
[17:52] Riven Homewood: Congratulations Genie!
[17:52] VelesJaeger Munster shouts: VHERE
[17:52] Riven Homewood: Great work, Forelle and Magz!
[17:52] Chronos Fhang shouts: Its interesting you should say 'devil'
[17:52] Forelle Broek: Thank you Riven
[17:52] Softpaw Sommer smiles warmly at Genia"congrulations"
[17:53] Forelle Broek: Good evening everyone
[17:53] Molly Steampunk shouts: Hy saw it offer here lazt!
[17:53] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Frau Lowey, Fraulein Victoria, can you see to Frau Xandra?
[17:53] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I have to go assist the Jaegers.
[17:53] Annechen Lowey: Yes, sir.
[17:53] Xandra Skytower still doesn't know what's going on
[17:53] Tibouchina Freschi: Congrats, Forelle. Excellent repre
[17:53] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Make sure that brooch stays o
[17:53] Annechen Lowey: Frau, Skytower, we should get you home.
[17:54] Delilah Nephilim nods
[17:54] Xandra Skytower: Yes... yes of..... of course
[17:54] TotalLunar Eclipse: Greetings little one
[17:54] Sparrow Donogal: *smiles at big person*
[17:55] TotalLunar Eclipse: Sorry if it was boring for you little one.
[17:55] Sparrow Donogal: What happpened to the pie gun man?
[17:55] Softpaw Sommer: Hello
[17:55] TotalLunar Eclipse: Pie gun man?
[17:55] Sparrow Donogal: Hello, purty kitty lady!
[17:56] TotalLunar Eclipse: Good evening Miss Sommer
[17:56] Softpaw Sommer: Good evening
[17:56] Softpaw Sommer: I don't think I've formaly met either of you
[17:56] Sparrow Donogal: Did the old man go away because he was bad?
[17:57] Softpaw Sommer: Yes..he did..
[17:57] TotalLunar Eclipse: I am Lunar, at your service ladies.
[17:57] Sparrow Donogal: That's too bad. He makes good pie guns.
[17:57] Sparrow Donogal: Nice to meet you, sir.
[17:58] Sparrow Donogal: ((not sure how I got to this side of railing...darn lag!))
[17:58] Softpaw Sommer: I'm mostly just calledSoftpaw. Pleased to meet you both
[17:58] TotalLunar Eclipse: Likewise, an odd place to formally meet.
[17:58] TotalLunar Eclipse: (try now little one)
[17:59] Sparrow Donogal: I better get back to Babbage.. Don't wan to ruin my dress.
[17:59] TotalLunar Eclipse: Fair winds
[17:59] Softpaw Sommer: Fly swift
[17:59] Sparrow Donogal: Thank you. *smiles*
[18:00] Tensai Hilra: Hello Lipidro
[18:03] Wolf Copperfield: uhhh
[18:03] Tensai Hilra: oh this? it's Dr Darien Mason's Brain
[18:04] Lipidro Bloobury blinks
[18:04] Tensai Hilra: he could not be at the trial
[18:04] TotalLunar Eclipse: Vedui' Baron.
[18:04] KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Herr Lunar, they can't seem to find the clank.
[18:04] Dr Darien Mason: yes stop shaking the jar please
[18:04] Wolf Copperfield: so you brought his brain
[18:04] Wolf Copperfield: haha
[18:04] Lipidro Bloobury: (I love this place)
[18:04] Tensai Hilra: well yes... he can have it back later

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