Thursday, July 2, 2009

ah ... If You Please .. a breath into some of the ... Finer things :)

Can I go outside now .. Please it stopped raining !!
I know Jasper does not go outside but but .. woof woof one moment please Jasper the kitty is still eating .. (( woof woof thank You))

oh yummy yum yum .. my turn .. ((Maddie looks over her shoulder and nods .. nods yes that is mr. Jasper the Kitty .. )) yum yum yum ... Jasper looks and vogues ..
YaY!!! I am outside for an adventure ohh look at this and this and whats that .. Oh you who Maddie ..peeka boo .. Maddie ... (( she loves to hide in a rose of Shannon patch grins ))
What Girl what do you see .. Pardon please she is soo very busy .. so little time and so much to see sniff and smell !!!
awww She is not used to the sun (( humm maybe some tacky doggie sunglasses )) As we have had so much rain ..

Thanks Mr Generator for doing such a running good bang up job .. been an early Nor'easter season and she has been working hard the past two weeks .. smiles !!
Humble I love this view .. the Hydrangeas are warming up and bronze Copper star !! ahh of course lace curtains in the garage like a good New England Gal .. smiles ..
July new blooms are coming and in full swing ...

Ohhhhh.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. grins :)
WoW what a neat surprise indeed !!! June showers bring.. busting all over July .. note the lavenders .. grins and the grape leaves grins ..............
A true Victorian garden complete with secret path .. shall save that for another day Grins
ahh with 14 different types of lavender .. its quite a breathing and soothing place right till October !!!
what a most breathtaking shade the first to bloom always of the lilies .. thank You so much for looking .. its the rights to July the next few weeks are quite true gifts from heavens above !!!


Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

SO gorgeous is your world, Dear Breezy!!!!!!! So Lush is your Garden!!!! So Gold is your Heart!!!! miss you, too! much love
~Capt. Red

Breezy Carver said...

Awww ..thank YOU
*hugs* with love to YOU
and all the very best to Yours
always Dear Passionate Capt Red !!