Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Extra Extra ....Special Fun Reading Surprises !!!

As I mentioned the long Holiday weekend was quite busy and most full of fun surprises in all worlds .. smiles .. with some good thunder storms and heavy rains I am slowly catching up .. Here is one of the grid surprises and I wish to thank a very special Magazine for putting our a most Special July Issue .. VR Style ..... Hit out of the park with a remarkable Objective look in our dear most special Niche .. That of Steam punk ..... With over 200 pages they kept and honored their own audience and I do hope and believe gave them an extended look and peak into ours .. covering a vast array of the Very Best .. Blak Opal grabbed a cover .. and a lovely spread .. M'Lady was written up and shot well .. Ah Nix Sands and Unzipped .. there were others .. From a wonderful dusting on Caledon and .. a smooth Breeze into New Babbage .. and Low and behold they even swung by My Beloved Piermont Landing to catch The Illusions Ball!Please visit their web site of the fun issue at .. http://issuu.com/slvibe/docs/july09
Mr Eddie Haskel and Ms Sheerie Shepard as busy as they themselves made time to take the very best care of their subject matters . trust me I was one and the kindness and thoughtfulness they showed to all touched my heart !!! A Most special thank YOU to them and all the staff at this fun Magazine !!

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