Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heritage Key VX

Sometimes an adventure is in order .. grins .. So indeed I explored
Heritge Key VX beta
for a wee bit more information see link below :-)

What ever one needs to do .. never loose one's dreams ...
to experience this neat world i offer the reader a couple of ways .
1)click on link below and make an avi ,register & down load
2) try the observation mode ..a post it on the right of the link below
3) watch the video on this blog and enjoy !
This is beta breezy (grins) there are not a whole of looks to pick from folks .
It is so not about the avi .
Its about a neat adventure that takes one's mind away and back in to inter active place & time ..
up up and away .......
In order to live and be productive in any life we must be ...
But..most important It is each of our own private dreams that define the each of we
My humble opinion ..
Never stop or fear to dream .. for they are indeed what makes each of us special
and at the end of the day .. The private place where magic is always free to explore
thanks for looking .. Make it a productive day ....
hugsss and many twirlssssssssssssssssssssss

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VintFalken said...

thank you for this neat review & machnima!

On behalf of everybody working on HK VX,