Thursday, July 16, 2009

Imagine Watching it all come To Life !!!!!!

getting closer and sometimes one has to take a deep breath .. (smiles)
as one enjoys brief captured moments... Moments that create memories
Memories that are good ...................

Mr Lunar and Mr. Cleanslate (( grins )) Thank YOU Both !!!
The Duke and The Doctor Thank YOU so much !!! ( smiles)
Greg and Kaylee YaY !! Thank YOU so Much (( weeeeeeeeeeee))

for indeed you each are making building memories and histories all you very own

but hey don't take my word have a peak psst just a tease for now

( smiles and thank YOUS to each of these warrior builders on the grid )

and I shall post and thank each of them for it is an all star Lineup that make up the New Babbage RFL 2009 build teams

Hugssss and Happy Twirls

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