Thursday, July 9, 2009

Second Life Says Good-Bye to Crimson Shadow

A wee bit ...before New Babbage and during the early her early days in New Babbage For Breezy there was Crimson Shadow .. Sure fun clothing and the club bit .. But for Breezy it was all about the Fantasy , build and dreamy layout and set up .. As it was based on the Trilogy by RA Salvator.
You see Breezy never really did the now and present time of second life .. sigh .. She really is believe it or not rather shy and Second Life can be a tad over whelming . Indeed for some reason early second life visits To Crimson Shadow were always welcomed and fun..grins... different .. I understand ...
but then that's just ... breezy along with so many of we... Refreshingly Different :)
In keeping with the themes of the books . The build was fun and dark and magical !!
Dark and with character ..The build just pulled one in .. and dare I say .. made one wish to return again and again .. grins .. and many of us did !!!
As you know by now, after the 15th of July Crimson Shadow, The Carnival of Doom and The Tunnel of Light will be moving on from Second Life. So many beautiful clothes have been created for these sims, and it would be a shame to let them disappear without fanfare.
So they have reduced all clothing under the *CS*, *CD* and Tunnel of Light lines right down to 50l. The items created for the "Inspired By Crimson Shadow" event in October are owned by designers that worked in collaboration with Rezzable, so they aren't included.
Some of these sets even come complete with shoes, and previously sold for over 600l. There truly is only 5 days left before these will no longer be available at any price, so have a wander through Crimson Shadow. Just watch your neck, I hear Winter has been working up an appetite.
Just some photos to remember the Crismon Shadow by .... sigh ....... Just think one does not visit a place for a few months and then Kaboom !! Going Going Gone .... but wait !!!!!! *grins*
of course there is a tad more ... to this story .. (smiles)
Isn't there always more ... to the story ....... ie ..
dare I type .... the rest of the Story .. Direct from their web site .. see below :)
Rezzable will be moving-on from SL in July. We have decided to close down all our sims on the Second Life grid except for Greenies Home. We will drop Crimson Shadow, Tunnel of Light and Carnival of Doom mid-July. Greenies Lawn is already gone. The Hobo Island is being transferred over to Thinkerer Melville. Black Swan will be deleted from the SL Grid after the Swan Song fashion event closes in mid-August. We will be focusing our efforts on Heritage Key, where we invite you to GoVirtual (VX) with King Tut. We will re-open the Rezzable Grid for people to help us test/improve OpenSim as well as showcase things that work there. We will continue to operate and cover metaverse topics and our virtual locations directory.
We would like to thank the SL community for welcoming us when we started and putting up with us while we were active. We have had the privilege to work with some of the best builders, scripters, designers and creators. Our sim staff members have been great and they really added the magical ingredient to why so many people have enjoyed visiting our areas. We have hosted tons of events, parties, art shows and general randomness. More than 2.5 million avatar visits have hit our areas. No idea how many freebies we gave out, but some are still/will be setting sims ablaze
While we have not made the kind of money we would have liked to have generated from our work in SL, we have gained a lot. We have learned a lot. We are glad to have encountered so many truly unique people. We hope to make all our supporters, friends and metaverse enthusiasts proud with Heritage Key, which is a combination of quality content, unique virtual online experience and web community.
We are organizing a set of events and of course special sales promotions.
More info about the Rezzable grid will be posted soon.

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Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

Oh trust you dear Breezy to show a last glimpse of a dying sim....and you (the many sides of you!) fit right in with all the mystery and intrigue and beautiful clothes! thank you dear one!!!
~Capt. Red