Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Surprise Donation for the New Babbage RFL team !!

Breezy had arrived back after travel ........ and what a Most Grand Surprise she came across !
Those close to her know RFL 2009 is heavy on her mind and as it comes closers . ...
Indeed there is so much going on .. be the entire grid and the entire real world .. life is moving fast and is full !! But RFL continues in fact it is more important now then ever before !!
these are the last few days if YOU Please .. and the creators still keep helping the cause !!

The latest took my breath away !! For the most creative modest time traveler herself owner of To a T was on The Piermont Landing with a very most special Surprise Donation for the New Babbage RFL team !! Ladies I give YOU Steamy Sarah Jane Bloomers & Automated Alice ensemble in Special New Babbage RFL edition In Rose !!!!!!!!!!!!!
After many hugs and thank YOUS . in new time Breezy had it on .. wicked Ladies Wicked ..
Ms Terry has out down herself with this amazing ensemble .. ie .Sarah Jane Bloomers & Automated .. animated Bowler and hat included .. layers to shirt with ruffles and layers of the coursets .. The pants the bows .. and stockings of course with pink trim .. two chokers grins .
In no time i put my own spin on it with my gutter skirt from Silent Sparrow .. these ladies know one another and get a kick when when they mix and match and flatter one another creative .. classy stuff Here ladies !!!!
I will take a moment not mention the donations have been awesom !!!
Not one designer I have gone to has said No to me and this added wonderful Surprise was an amazing act of Kindness !!!
Ladies please don't miss this most special additon to Miss Terry's Steamy collection
with all proceeds going to New Babbage's RFL team !!!
Thank YOU Miss Terry
available at The Piermont
and her shops
To a T's in New Babbage Port
Make a difference and don't miss this collection and take a moment to look at all the wonderful designs on the Landing !!!
It is my hope the week of or around July tenth the New Babbage
RFL store will be moving to our team campsite
Go Relay !!!!
and now its time to dance .. smiles ..
warm hugssssssssssssssss
happy Twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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