Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank YOU From Piermont Landing !!!

Greetings .. personal note to start .... as many of you know breezy is a bit of a eclectic Music Junkie of sorts from niche formats that have no true placement from tower of power to ahh contemporary oddities , classical. r &b, classic hits .. jazz , swing , big bands .. classic rock .. jamming oldies , ahh in other words these are the many sounds of steam .. show tunes are grand !! Hey disco was fun !! (( been playing, spinning and selling the stuff in rl for decades ))
with the help of Mr DJ Bats we try to bring you for just one night a month something a little different (( not always an easy task warm smile ))
We have many of the very best in pure true passionate characters among all of we and our dear home land continues to grow .. (( How exciting and wonderful is that !! ))
My soul intention with Piermont Landing is to show and share all with all no more no less !!
For so many of we ,Music is what makes all the difference in the world !!!!
a good day a bad day ..
( that includes junk opera .. ie as per dear canolli Monty python on crack during after hours .. laughing ))
with that I bring you some bits of the Clock Work Mechanical Doll them ball to .. ah dear cold play's "The Speed of Light"
Special thanks to dear Ms Canolli for my one of a kind butterfly gears scripted with heart key!
These events are not just a dance .. they are an event put on just once a month with a theme in mind that each can be interrupted and I hope enjoyed in their own ways for each to have fun with :)
The build contests .. The Birthday.... The awards ceremony was a nice added touch in grand a New Babbage's best bonus !!!
Thank YOU to the wonderful role players. Grad Congratulations to each one of YOU for having and bring life a most special tale so well
Thank YOU to the most creative Doctor O and Mr Cleanslate ..
Thank YOU to the judges The CLockwinder Mr Cleanslate and Ms Canolli !!
Thank YOU to the each of YOU who give me so much endless support in being part of and enjoying them each month for each of YOU are whats it all about !!
TO the Baron .. dear Soft Paw.. dear Book a bit of me and the grand eye of Mr PJ for taking some of the wonderful Captures !!!
there was a great deal going on .. Grins .. as that is the Intention always !!
I try to stay in Period themes with a kick if You please .. the possibilities are endless thanks to each of YOU !!!
I shall list the prizes winners tomorrow kk .. As it takes time to go over my notes and tally etc.
Huge Thank YOU and kind hugs
and yes Many Many Happy Twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Viv Trafalgar said...

Thank you once again for a magnificent evening Miss Breezy! There was indeed a LOT going on. And yet? Everything worked like... well, like clockwork!

Breezy Carver said...

aww thank YOU Miss Viv !!
You were adorable !!
I am soo thrilled you came and most important enjoyed it !!
YAY !!!!!
Happy twirlsssssssssssssss