Sunday, July 5, 2009

Winds Waves and Weather Included !!!

In between real life yard work .. having some fun and just over all relaxing ....
laced with some wonderful and enjoyable second life visits on the side
There was a Most Dangerous Catch Marathon on the Discovery Chanel ...
Now we did not watch the whole thing but caught some bits of it ..
Of we love this Show !!! Who couldn't
Kudos to the Camera guys ahh real life crew and ya The Sea Herself !!!
And I had forgotten about the sad story of the KatMai and her crew ...
Also there is a New Movie being debuted on July 19th (see below)
anyone who has a love or passion more important any true Respect for The Sea and The power of Mother Nature .. goose bumps ..knows this is a wonderful series full of action, interest, ahh perhaps a bit much on the drama of crew front.. complete with Rail dumps and some of the best in Wind Wave and Weather shots ..70 to 80 mile gusts.. 40ft high breakers .. Whew It does lure you in and keeps one's attention ..
Of Course SeaBreeze is fan .. but this one story indeed pulled her in and caused her to go a wee
bit more in depth further then the show
thanks for Looking and reading ...
God Bless You and Yours ... and Please never doubt or forget the Power of Sea ...

Captain describes Katmai's sinking
Henry Blake III, captain of the fishing vessel Katmai — lost at sea last week — testified today at a Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation. He described a nightmarish fight for survival in a life raft that kept flipping in rough seas.
Hal Bernton
Seattle Times staff reporter
ANCHORAGE — In testimony Monday, the captain of the fishing vessel Katmai — lost at sea last week — described a nightmarish fight for survival in a life raft that kept flipping in rough seas.
The vessel with 11 crewmen went down after midnight Wednesday, and through a long dark aftermath, Henry Blake III said, the life raft probably flipped more than 20 or 30 times.

Three crewmen were lost from the raft, but Blake and three others managed to hang on
until their rescue some 17 hours later.
Blake, of Massachusetts, was unsure what happened to one of the seven who made it to the raft, Carlos Zabala, of Helena, Mont. Two other men, Cedric Smith, of Portland, and Joshua Leonguerrero, of Spanaway, perished when the raft flipped early on in the ordeal, Blake said.
"I was tangled underneath the raft; when I came back from under the raft, there were three guys left and that was it and there was no canopy, no survival equipment," Blake said. "Josh was gone. Cedric was gone."
Blake's testimony came on the first day of the Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation hearings into the sinking, which claimed the lives of five of the 11 crew and left two others missing at sea and presumed dead.

The 93-foot boat, which was fishing for cod with baited traps, was owned

by Katmai Fisheries of Washington state. It was part of a fleet of vessels that catch,
then head and gut fish in labor-intensive operations.
The safety record of such ships has been under scrutiny since 2001, when the Arctic Rose,
another head-and-gut vessel, went down in the Bering Sea, taking the lives of 15 crew.
From left, survivors Adam Foster, Capt. Henry Blake III and Harold Appling meet Monday in Anchorage.

New Movie
‘Deadliest Sea’ was just advertised on Discovery during the 4th of July ‘Deadliest Catch’ marathon and is set to premiere on July 19th so stay tuned for more details!
There are a couple of previews available to view–one on Discovery and another on E1 .
It’s a tale that is sure to haunt ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans as well as anyone
interested in a fascinating but tragic true story of a night at sea gone wrong.
The film is said to be based on Working On The Edge by Spike Walker however it sounds as though it’s the story of the St. Patrick and it’s crew, written about in that book and later on in another by Spike Walker called Nights of Ice. According to Walker, the boat and it’s crew became victims of a Bering Sea storm that forces them into their survival suits and then into the freezing water.
From there it is a true survival tale for the men and woman
as they must try to survive in frigid waters known to kill in minutes.
Thom Beers–creater of ‘Deadliest Catch’ is also the executive producer of
‘Deadliest Sea’
DEADLIEST SEA tells the story of a young man who joins the crew of a King Crab trawler in Alaska seeking to make some real money. The captain of the vessel plays a hunch about where to set traps in the Bering Sea, but the boat and crew are soon victims of a powerful and relentless storm which turns the ice cold sea into a death trap in the pitch black night. As the doomed vessel sinks,
the men fight a desperate battle for survival against the brutal elements.

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