Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009 New Babbage Golden Gear Award

First winners of the New Babbage Golden Gear Award 2009
Sunday October 18th 2009 @ dedication of New Babbage City Hall
Breezy Carver
Viv Trafalgar
The Golden Gear is a community Service award for going a tad above and beyond
in serving and giving back to the community
Wow what an honor !!
I asked Viv to take a photo with me with these beautiful trophies
Please note I really think we were both exhausted and quite deeply touched ..As we both had not had a chance to see the wonderful Golden Gear
Trophies That Commodore Dagger had made just for us ((smiles))
Thank YOU Jed they Like YOU are just fantastic !!!
I need to say something . ((of course I do ))
I wish I had seen all that Jed Said .. because just seeing the ending touched my heart ..tenfold !To each of you who Imed me and were so kind thank YOU ..I had some rather wicked weather at my end (( on a generator and very shaky cable most of the weekend )) also feeling a tad under the weather .It was really quite amazing to receive this most special award .I just wanted to thank the counsel and Jed for taking and making the time in thinking of us..We all have so much going ..

(( some of us had a very ruff rl patch this past week ))and this was such a genuine surprise .
Thank YOU from the center of My Heart for a moment in time making little breezy shine ..
New Babbage is more then just a place to so many of us ..Thank You to the Clock Winder and AE for keeping it that way.For I like so many ,do care deeply for New Babbage ..
hugsss and happy ....twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssss

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