Monday, October 5, 2009

BlakOpal Baroness Gown - Black

I am quite in awe of this latest creation from dear Miss Blakopal!!!
She wore at the Black Soot Ball and I admired her all evening in it !!!!
I was able to pick it up along with the Pink Version at The Boobie ball
Friday Oct 2nd ..
I was quite touched with Miss Opals own generous donations to the cause ..
To twirl just right in this stunning gown
I went alone to Steeltopia . I do love the builds on this Sim!!
I added a (Caliber) riding hat and my trusty Miss Ordinal Sword Cane
and Bax ankle boots and Breezy was in heaven ...

In my eyes there are builders and creators of all types on this grid ..
Some of us who do or try .. do it for sheer passion of the enjoyment to create give and share .
Others seek recognition or to make a living .. or grins .. well the lists are endless I am sure ..
But what makes the Internet so different is .. This is the place we can not see one another eyes or faces ..
I did not come on second life to mix it in my real life .. The two shall never meet ..
But words and actions matter .. I wish people understood this !
Who one includes or whom one ignores it takes a toll .. smile ..
cest la vie
indeed !!
Sometimes we just have to be content with ourselves and step back
Yes Miss Blak Opal I see and feel all this in this one creation ...
But then breezy dreams a lot .. and this is not wrong ..
Remember no one can take your dreams aways ..
Little breezy has a light .. a most bright sensitive light . silly gal she be ..
Please allow me to mention a bit more about this amazing gown
A high-victorian styled gown with a bustle that is swept up in the back, and accented with tiny sculpted rosebuds, giving you a very sexy silhouette. The layered gown moves beautifully as you glide across a dance floor, or remove the bustle for a less formal styled straight flowing skirt. The top has sheer lace at the neckline, with solid sleeves that hang off the shoulder into long flowing cuffs at the elbow, caught around the waist with a long, beautifully detailed waist cincher that can be worn on it's own.
The outfit is finished off with matching sheer floral stockings
that attach to the waist cincher's garters, and matching panty. Where The Fantasy ends and begins .. sigh.. who knows .. Find the Inner Baroness in you Today
Imagine Baroness Sea Breeze Indeed !!
I quite Like it ..
thank You for stopping by
smilessssssssss and wavessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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