Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did You See ?? Did You Hear The News Today ??

Indeed The Wedding Rehearsal of Perhaps The Century
Did Take Place In New Babbage
well sort of .... *grins*
I guess you just had to be there .. Yet I was and I really can't tell You much ..
Perhaps some Photos.. Yes Photos always make everything better ..
Somehow when Breezy saw this charming Priest she knew everything would be otay !!!
((Breezy had had a very full day and was really quite exhausted and not really aware of what was going on .. But would like to thank each of the Wonderful character that came and had fun with this most interesting and different event .. Also special Kudos and Many Thanks to Miss Gabi Riel who charmed all with her humor and orchestra !!! ))
Now where was I Oh yes , This was to be the Wedding Rehearsal and dance for
Doctor Obolensky and Miss Obedience Mactavish
I arrived a tad late to many at The landing including a wonderful Priest later another wonderful Priest appeared ..Well it was for Doctor Evil Obolensky and Miss Obedience Mactavish
humm I guess the church felt the need for back up ..
humm who knew ???
I waited with Miss Andrew who looked so lovely ((her sister has been under the weather poor gal))
and we all waited for the blushing Bride .. Miss Obedience Mactavish
and we all waited some more for the blushing bride ........
umm we continued to wait for The Blushing Bride ... smiles nervously ..
Ahh she did finally arrive looking lovely as this was her event .. ((whew))
Ah yes Miss Obedience Mactavish did look breath taking .. and away we were all ready to go ..
Ahhh yesss the bridemaides Just beautiful and the dear flower girl dragon
Just simply adorable .. ((giggles)) too lovely ladies for words ...
awwwwwww .. now now wait for cake .. don't get dirty our dear darling sooty dragon *hugs*
We got closer and closer and then there it was the rehersal was under way .. but then ....
My Goodness .. I have nooo idea ... Doctor Obolensky was gone .. bye bye ... no mas .. all gone !!
What Happened ???????????????
Only in New Babbage..............To be cont...........................
But the Band played ((so to speak)) and fun was has by all I do believe ...
ahh and Breezy .. smilesss got to twirl the night away with Dear Dr Fabre ...
all in all . all went well .. smilesssssssssssssssssss
But what happened to Dr O ? what will happen ??? why did it happen ???
Stay tuned ......................................I have no idea !!!!!
**special thanks again to all that came and to Miss Gabi Riel**


Rhianon Jameson said...

Ah, hijinks in Babbage! You all do lead such colorful lives - and impeccably dressed, of course!

Breezy Carver said...

*grins* . thank YOU

Dear Miss Rhianon I really do think its all comes down to our all embracing

"The New Babbage Town Motto"

" What could Possibly go Wrong"