Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dr.Rafael Fabre on The BBC Air waves :)

New Babbage's very own Dr Rafael Fabre on BBC Radio ..
Kudos to Dear Dr. Fabre a most Modest and Steamy Gentleman for doing an Outstanding Job
((not bad for 3:30am on the spot raw skype interview not too shabby at all Sir !!!))

Pods and Blogs is Radio 5 live's programme dedicated to covering the news as seen by bloggers, podcasters and the citizen media. It is broadcast on Tuesdays at 0200 in Up All Night.

This week Pods and Blogs visits briefly with citizens of the Steampunk movement. Victorian history meets science fiction mechanics in a beautifully designed world online and off.
To begin, with the delightful editor of

Steampunk Magazine Allegra Hawkesmoor explains the culture. We spent our time discussing the multiple ways in which Steampunk can be translated. She also points out why it is a topic so suited to print as well as an online presence.
From print and magazines we journey into the three-dimensional world of Second Life and have a virtual tour of the City State of New Babbage.

Dr Rafael Fabre guides us through undersea laboratories and cobbled streets over which airships dominate the sky.
Returning to the real world, the History of Science Museum in Oxford opens it's
Steampunk exhibition. Imaginative works of art blend seamlessly with the museum's outstanding collection of scientific instruments.

Arthur Donovan is the curator and one of the artists who creates objects of mysterious origin.
Also on show at the exhibition is the fanciful clock work of

Eric Freitas. Intricately designed and entirely hand made time pieces tick softly on the walls of the museum. Though his style fits nicely with the Steampunk ethic, he explains how his work has been adopted by the genre.

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