Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fit To a T does It Again .................
Enjoy your To-a-T "The Dead Bennet", a Regency period gown
for Halloween or whenever you might feel frightful.
Miss Terry Lightfoot has done it yet again in a fun dark creative way
with her New Regency period gown
"The Dead Bennet"
Details Details Details .. layers layers ...layers .. but what I do really like about Miss Terry and each of her designs , they are so fun and enjoyable to play with the layers and many looks !
So much value for your linden and of course a piece of her heart included in each design !!
"The Dead Bennet"
Breezy wanted to keep her blog currant as there are so many fun things out there for the Holiday festive season .. but she is a tad .. weary .. forgive her ..
Grins ..
the stocking with bow garter tops priceless ...details folks they make all the difference ..
But all for now .. I shall leave you with a photo of the entire package (see below)
and good thoughts..for more information
or visit her Port Babbage Shop or Main Store In Caledon today !!
many thanks once again to Miss Terry . I shall return to more her
later in the month .. grins .. I promise ..
But for now .. i wish you all the best .. Stay Safe and enjoy ...
thank you for stopping by ...

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