Sunday, October 11, 2009

Question me an Answer :)

Grins and Greetings as a Kid this was one of my favorite songs
I used to sing it all the time ..((loved the movie also))
I felt it went well with this post .......
After a long day in any Steam world .. each of we perhaps shut it all down
Of late Breezy has been feeling rather restless so much thoughts .. Plates rather full
and all seem to spinning so fast or perhaps not spinning at all ..point..
not sure if it is all going or getting very far in reality
Result .. sleepless nights deep in thoughts ..
Like this song .. grins... this lovely night gown reminds me of my childhood
for our Mother always said "You look nice ~You dream nice"
I must confess .. In the real world it does work !!!
This Sweet Victorian Nightgown is by Miss Faery Sola ... fairly new to such things ,it is quite lovely
Her Shop Moonsong is a light hearted fun spirited eclectic assortment of fun creative .
Miss Sola's attention to thought and detail is lovely and at just $350 lindens ,The Victorian night gown is
well worth the investment.
After all A lady does wish to "Look nice to dream nice" in all worlds .. Right !
ahh as the adorable song says .. in a kind way... "They say that knowledge makes you free"
giggles a lot more fun, then the ever popular .. knowledge is power ..I think so ..
shhhhh .. Breezy is fast asleep .. so most peaceful in her Pretty Victorian Night Gown ..
Sweet dreams to all in every world .. ((smiles))


Faery Sola said...

Thank you so much for showing the nightgown and for your lovely words :)

Breezy Carver said...

My pleasure Miss Faery :)

Softpaw Sommer said...

*giggles* Breeezzyyy