Monday, October 12, 2009

SEmotion "Witchcraft" Indeed !!!!

Greetings all ..
I have something rather special to share today... SEmotion's Halloween and Witching Pack is just darling !!!
I did notice last year but passed it by .. This year I pondered it once again .....
Did I mention it comes with Twirls too ?? ((huge breezy plus folks))
but what closed the deal for me this year, was I had the pleasure of chatting with owner and creator
Miss Marie Sims

Breezy has been a customer of SEmotion ohhh my goodness it was one of her very first big Purchases on the grid almost two years ago .. She never really had the pleasure
to get to know Miss Marie Sims ,well talk about customer service Ladies and Gentlemen
On a Sunday mid day even !!!!
Miss Marie Sims not only helped me, took care of me, She teleported me to her and held my hand until the problem was straightened out ..
Never once was she short or complained .. She worked with me for over an hour .. it was just a little glitch but it was a script and took time for her to undo and find what i had done .. Really an amazing story of kindness and Patience and the ultimate second life pay it forward ..
Marie Sims is the owner of SEmotions and creator of some of the very best AO huds,avi animations
and poses on sl ((mho))
but it is the huds that are great and quite clever , she has used cutting edge and was ahead of the rest but most important she is delightful and most kind !!!
this Halloween pack comes with over 15 interactive animations quite darling ,very clean and oh so tight !!
Plus the adorable broom .. they can be added to an SEmotion hud and away one can go !!
the movements are fun .. do visit their shop in world or their website
or Xstreet for some the finest huds on the grid !!
now Breezy uses their AO huds I have never tried the couple poses or model poses
but I am sure they too are just sensational !!
Do stop by SEmotion today or for more information see below
woops gotta fly .. thanks for stopping by .. hope to see you soon ..
wavessss and twirlsssssssssssssssssssssss
ah and flies away into the moon light !!!


Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

I remember seeing you with your broom in the Acadamy of Industry, madam. Looks like the perfect a/o for the upcoming holidays!

blakopal galicia said...

i just recently got one of her AO HUDs, and i really love it. it took forever to decide which one was 'me', they are all very well done. i LOVE the witching pack. brilliant!

Breezy Carver said...

Indeed Dr Fabre, I believe that was for a just in case.. fast escape from those zombies! *grins* .....
Ah Opal, How wonderful ((ladies bet for you... I bet you one linden you do go back for more)) (smiles)....

Rhianon Jameson said...

Now I'll be humming "Witchcraft" all afternoon. :)