Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silent Sparrow's New Babbage Tartan What Fun !!

First Allow me to thank Miss hyasynth Tiramisu for this amazing labor of love creation for and to all
of New Babbage , ( yes for the ladies to wear and for the ahem gentlemen to admire !!)
Now please note ... Breezy is no one famous in any world *grins*
and that's just fine .. ya all know her anyway .. (funny how that works isn't it )
For she is Not a builder or designer or even an artist or writer ..
but in both worlds she is most blessed and resides in two of the most amazing places for inspiration
in all the lands
((her humble opinion))
Perhaps it is the Sea herself that inspires Breezy the most of all, to believe and dream and yeah chat with and perhaps make humble requests of these beautiful creators, some that are kind enough to have become her friends.
The creative power behind this set amazes me !!!
hyasynth Tiramisu has brought to life a sooty steamy sexy and fun ensemble for
The Ladies of Babbage!!
How cool is this ???? How Wicked clever indeed !!!
The details are amazing
two layers for the tank and jacket
the garter or not trim gloves (( a Babbage lady's must))
the bloomers ((2 layers))
and trim collar and cuffs
darling darling darling
three adorable skirts
stockings with a little nip trim (( of our dear New Babbage Flag))
that sparks the signature style hyasynth Tiramisu is know and loved by us all !!
hyasynth Tiramisu 4 yrs on the grid and just gets better and better
and her shop in Babbage has been there since the beginning
in The Depot in Babbage Canals
No Stranger to The Steam lands at all
but quiet ,modest kind and thoughtful always !!!
To each and everyone of one us
I can not go on enough about Hya ..
She has been there for me tenfold from an amazing creation for RFL
and endless quiet chats and smiles .. and now she took the time to create this amazing creation
all for just 299.00 Lindens Ladies ..
What is it that makes this so special besides the darling styles
the steamy sooty tartans
grins it is the Lady that puts it on for all to see ....
the Lady that brings the Magic of the creation to Life !!!
Now each of YOU have the opportunity to bring this Magical Creation to life !!
Wear the magic and feel the soot and steam take over your own heart today !!!
This is an exclusive (for now ) available
only at Miss hyasynth Tiramisu's New Babbage Cannal Shop
Indeed a very very fun sassy set !!!!
*grins* Please take note to the back top of the stocking to the trim of the New Babbage Flag
Did I mention Sassy ..............................
ahh and the wonderful Heartwork Wind up (scripted key)
coming soon from Miss Canolli Capalini .. nudge nugde
But thats another blog .. grins .. shhhh breezy is fast a sleep ..
dreaming of steamy dreams and happy twirlssss I am sure ....
OOh yesss and Please don't forget what's become
the grid's renowned Aether Salon
later this Month Miss hyasynth Tiramisu's
shall be a co presentor


Rhianon Jameson said...

Was that "sassy"? Or "saucy"? Or perhaps a little of both. :)

Breezy Carver said...

Ohhh saucy Indeed !! I like that !! ((grins))
Thank YOU Dear Rhianon :)

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

Oh Breezy! what gorgeous pictures! and a gorgeous dress on a gorgeous girl! thank you for your kind giftie! i love it (and you!) verra much!