Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smooth Designs

*Grins* .. ahh for the little witch in all of us ... this is a special little blog
kudos to Miss Terry Lightfoot for Breezy's Little witch Hat .. complete with a special surprise when one touches it .. grins... bating you .. Indeed .. I do hope so ...
- And a miniature Witch's Hat fascinator that emits bats(touch to turn off).
Either fascinator is perfect for any Halloween outfit, the final "piece de resistance"!
Next the broom grins .. ahh as mentioned before SEmotion... Witch Package !
Ah and next we come to the costume *grins*
created by a most special Modest delightful fun creative artist Miss Aeris Shenlin
owner of Smooth Designs .. Lovely Jewels .. Wonderful Pirate Costumes

and magical builds and yes fun Period designs in costumes
Smooth Designs ~ Gwendolyn~ witch costume
Dishevelled yet elegant. SL-Skirt may be worn open or closed. All sculpted.
This is a fun gowns and I do love the details and fun of the entire creative !!!
Miss Aeris Shenlin does hit out of the park with this most delightful costume !!
for just $450 lindens *grins* how can one pass it by ..
Happy hauntings and thank You to these fun designers that help us enjoy our adventures
thanks for stopping by .. smiless and twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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