Friday, October 2, 2009

Something Special From The Port !!!

Greetings !!!!
Good News Coming to from The New Babbage Port..
Mr.Nix Sands has returned To The Port !! (yay!)
With his colorful, fun,detailed quite original, always most clever Designs of course !!
Ah and the Build for his Shop .. What fun .. A Steamy Tug Boat !!
In his very own slip (across from To a T) Toot Toot !!!
Yep The New Babbage Port just got a little more Fun..
For Mr Nix Sands (( the grid's very own Peter Max (mho))) is no stranger
to The Port .. He is a kind ,fun, modest man.. But such a powerhouse
of commanding his own signature creative bright vivid colors and textures
Oh can you tell Breezy is indeed a fan ..*grins*
Originality warrants respect in any world. Mr Sands is just that quite original
Just looks at His Ship cough cough I mean Shop!!
Wonderful, Bright, and Whimsical.
How can all not smile!!
with out a doubt The New Babbage Port has always been dear to Breezy's heart
each build and designer add to the feel and most special Setting...
and Now its wee bit Brighter in a Steamy Way ..
Welcome Home Mr Sands . Do stop by and visit his shop Soon !!
Thanks for visiting and enjoy ..
smiles and twirlsssssssssssssssssssssss
oh and the video some of the work of Mr Peter Max
My comparison come from the use of color and ideas
Distinction with Flair !!

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