Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take This Waltz .No Wait ..Make that Murder !!

"The Murder"
The Masquerade Ball
*special thanks to Mr. Victor1st Mornington for amazing captures
Special thanks to each the characters and all of Piermont Landing amazing guests !!
Please note a no time have any real New Babbage urchins been eaten
It was a spectacular New Babbage Evening .. The Mist , Soot and Fog all just right The crowd gathered early .. One could tell there was an energy in the air !!!!
now what was it .. mystery perhaps ?...intrigue? ..plots to bring..........?? ponders
the crowd was a nice steady (( mid 50s in)) sim count
((doing 94 guests for the 3 hour event)) Ahh So many wonderful guests ,neighbors and friends ..and umm characters?? all so most Exciting !!! ah and this charming elder gentleman .Professor Parx reaching some candy Perhaps ..Indeed .. a sweet tooth yes ..... how lovely .. continues happy twirls .. with an open eye ! ahh Miss Obedience Mactavish how lovely to see her .. With an offering of fruit evenVery good She seems to have recovered and is doing quite well .. always the little joiner I thought .. ((smiles)) humm next she took a bite .. how odd ..shakes my head ..
alas she has always been a bit .. Different .. ((yes I would say))
hummm seems the older gentleman Professor Parx was not interested in the candy at all!!
Oh My !!!!
Professor Parx Approaches Miss Obedience Mactavish, He even Seems to know her ..

rather odd .. statements rapidly begin to between them .. She seems a tad Startled ....
I did notice my guests Heads begin to turn .. comments are made .. Questioning
Something about.......
Miss Obedience Mactavish eating children ??????

Professor Parx seems to have quite a list .. the exchanges continue ..
then all of a sudden !!! "The Plot Thickens"
Then all of a Sudden Miss Obedience Mactavish hits the beautiful Piermont Landing Marble floor..
No bang bang .. OH My !!!!
A bit of Steam , moments later and a Lazar perhaps ??????
In seconds a Mr Sweetwater was kneeling at Miss Obedience Mactavish's side
((and who is Mr Sweetwater ???))
All extremely bizarre but it got even more Bizarre as if some ritual was taking place .
Chills .. the horrors .. But this Mr Sweetwater seem to know what he was doing !!!
This Mr Sweetwater got . louder and Louder and umm Steamier and then there was The grim reaper ??
and then in Moments they were all gone ...
the body of Miss Obedience Mactavish
Mr Sweetwater
The Grim Reaper
Professor Parx
Gone ....why ...all gone .. poof !!!!!!
In fact had I not seen the haunting mirrored captured reflection on The Landing's Marble floor
I wouldn't have believed it all myself ... humph ..
Only In New Babbage !!!
but the dancing did go on as did the build contest .. more to follow later
guarded twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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