Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three New Wonderful Gowns From GWD !!!

Ah to be a Lady in the Autumn in any world ((grins))
but lets stay in this one shall we ?
The world of Second Life .. The Grid ..
Where Breezy is a Victorian with a bit of Steam all her very own ..
Love that .. twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Today is all about Greenwood Designs owned and operated by two lovely Sisters that are most kind!
The passionate,clever stunning dress maker Miss Kembri Tomsen and Her beloved Sister The ever classy,fun ,Bright and true southern lady
Ghilayne Andrew Photo above their Main Shop Greenwood !
Next we come to the fun and saucy Curious Seamstress in New Toulouse .... Lovely Really ! Ah and then there is my personal favorite Their Port Babbage .. Steamy and Sooty Shop Curious Seamstress !!!
well done Indeed Ladies ..
Thank you for purchasing this gown, Divinity. It is based on 18th century pannier gowns. While such gowns existed everywhere, I tend to think of this type as French Bonbon. These are my candy treats that are more fantasy than fact and very fun to wear!
I think this particular gown can go in many directions. It could be a wedding gown, or it could be a costume gown or a gown for one of the French period sims. Whichever way you decide to wear it, my wish is that you enjoy it! With this particular set, I went more fantasy fairy, thus the wings in the picture.
I can't give you the place I bought the skin for this, as they are no longer being sold. However, the mask comes from Mask & Feathers. They have a few things to choose from. If you wish a different mask, I can also recommend Illusions. The hair is from Curl Up & Dye. My absolute favorite place for some amazing period hair. The necklace is Ambrosia in cream from Alienbear. Gosh I adore her pearls! For a final treat, the wings are a set I bought from Fancy Fairy. They have many, many wings to pick from, and so I will not tell you what pair I have. That way you can pick your own favorite pair.
A caveat, these merchants have no clue I'm recommending them. They are just personal favorites and have no affiliation with me other than accepting my lindens for their products!
I hope you enjoy this outfit!
Cordially Yours,Kembri TomsenThe Curious Seamstress (tm)ofGreenWood Designs (tm)
􀀣 - Hair feathers upstairs􀀥 - A great little mask shop􀀦 - Another amazing mask shop􀀧 - Great hair!􀀨 - Fantastic jewelry!􀀢 - Awesome wings of all kinds!

These Bon Bons are just that pure fun candy .. I have included Miss Kembri's thank You note that comes with each gown .. It sort of tells the story and explains best !!
Indeed easy to twirl in . and very dainty and lady like !!!
I do love the gown .. smiles
Thank you for your purchase of 'Moon Shadow'. I appreciate your support! I named it Moon Shadow in part because it reminded my sister and I of those shadows you see outside under a full moon. Shades of blackness which hide secrets of their own. This gown is much the same, because underneath is a pretty, pale blue corset. The corset is an under bust corset, and as you may find out for yourself, seems to be a favorite with the gentlemen!
This gown is based on a real Edwardian gown from 1907. The gown is now in a private collection. I have to say I fell in love with the intricate lace patterns of this garment the moment I saw it. The velvet bands of the bodice give hints of the Art Deco movement which was also underway at the time. The high collar, lacy sleeves, and flowing skirt all combined to make a really stunning gown.
The gown can be considered appropriate for a woman who was in partial mourning. Since it isn't all black it would not have been considered good for full mourning. It can be used for many occasions.
There are resizing scripts in the sleeves and skirt. Just click on the item, choose all prims, choose a percentage for either increasing or decreasing the size, then close out the blue menu. If you mess it up, you can restore it to the store setting. It's really easy and quite useful.
Again, thank you for your purchase and I hope you enjoy this gorgeous gown!

Cordially yours,Kembri Tomsen The Curious Seamstress of GreenWood Designs
This one gown ((as are each and everyone of Miss Kembi's gowns)) really is an extra labor of Love made for a very special lady to wear indeed !! Stunning gown really !!
every point and layer of detail is cared and tended to notice the ribbons on this one *grins*
Forgive me I do not have the thank You note for this beautiful Black Roses Morning Gown but the details are shown here and it too is so well done and I love the detail with the combo of Charcoal and Black ((one of my own personal favorites in any world )) ummm just so lady like and quite breath taking this one needs to be seen and worn .. It is wonderful !!
One knows loss is never kind . but then that is why there is fashion .. Ladies wear these delightful creation .. be taken back to a most special time .. A time when being a lady well ..there was something a tad extra and mysterious to what it really meant and all that was hidden under these gorgeous gowns .. *wink*

The music selections were endless for this blog .. Moon Shadow .. Moon dance .. Moonlight .. Moon River .. grins .. Lady.. grins even Luck be a lady .. but I went with this for there are three lovely gowns ... and three delightful locations .. visit today ..thank you for reading and enjoy !!

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