Monday, November 16, 2009

BlakOpal Amaranthine Dress And Wings

BlakOpal Amaranthine Dress And Wings - Black
Indeed this is a most special design from Miss BlakOpal Designs ....
((personal note .. it says black perhaps more colors are coming .. a wicked rich rust .. Burgundy perhaps ... smiles ..Dear Opal you know Breezy and her desire for white always ... smiles))

BlakOpal Amaranthine Dress And Wings - Black
A very beautifully detailed gothic dress, covered with rose-patterned lace, sumptuous brocades, and silks. The long bodice is low-cut with lace trim, thin straps, and an open stomach trimmed with more lace, the bustier ends as a garter belt.
The top is set off with a triple-gem brooch caught close around the neck, and a short lace cape that brushes loosely across the shoulders and down your back. Worn with the dress, this caplet gives you a classic gothic romantic look, or take it off for a different, tantalizingly sexy look.
The dress' skirt hangs in layers of lace and satin to just below the knee, showing off the rose lace stockings beneath.
The over-the-elbow glove-sleeves are laced with ribbon over more open-work rose lace that falls loosely from the cuff over your hands.
The outfit is finished off with multi-layered flexi wings detailed with more roses.
Overall, a very versatile and extremely beautiful outfit.
Second Life and the Grid a place some of we come to relax, escape,have fun...
from the pressures and stress of real life ..some come to dream ....
Designers like Miss BlakOpal help us with creative designs to
bring the dreams to life ..
Includes:• Long bustier top with garter• Flexi capelet• Capelet shirt• Prim necklace• Gloves• Stockings• Glitch pants• Flexi skirt• Panty• Flexi wingsThis item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose. It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store.
Note the detail to the lace textures and her lovely flex prim items Amazing !!!
Breezy thinks the world of Opal and Trilo of BlakOpal Designs

and has the joy to call them friends and has watched them grow ..
*They work hard *Care a great deal* Always Have Fun*
Drama Ladies and Gentlemen should be kept for designs and builds ...
This remarkable team knows just how to do each turn and keep it exciting

with each and every design
..Can one tell Breezy admires their style and collective creative a great deal !!!! The couple just got back from a wonderful trip to Emerald Isle
Breezy can't wait to see where those visuals take them next on their own creative paths
what a dynamic and fun couple they be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank YOU Opal for this amazing gown!The lace, the garters, the trim, the gloves, and neckline,The wings ahhh the stockings and Skirts all simply put Remarkable.
Thank You for helping to bring Breezy twirls to life !!!
It is one of Breezy all time favorites as are you both ..

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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Very nice wings, madam ;)