Monday, November 30, 2009

!!!~Grim Brothers Presents Stripey Lola ~ !!!

Grim Brothers does it yet again and again and again !!!!!
What fun this most out of the box designer has !!!
A Visit to anyone of the whimsy ,fun, most creative designer Miss Cutea Benelli,
locations an event in its self .. A true happening . Always packed with new most original ideas and creations !! Always fun and always always a fabulous experience !!!!
It is not just about the clothing either !!! take a flight around this !!!!
or *grins* laugh and buy her most original snow people .. heh !!!
Cutea Benelli always has something special tucked away for all to see and be part of !!!
Example .... What's this here ... ????

Why Look its her Gifting Gorilla !!! YaY !!!!!
and that's not all ......
Christmas xmas winter deco - silly snowmen snow
grim Christmas beyond mainstream spooky xmas tree silly and scary snowmen blood on snow dead plants dead trees snowy graveyard snow ice winter special hut low prim monster tree santa skeleton santa eyeball psycho snowmen winter carousel snow emitters depressing winter Christmas weihnachten noel natale halloween gothic horror ghostly xmas tree ghost lights snowy roof dead shrubbery grim bros. style winter decoration xmas props roleplay outdoor garden weihnachtsdekoration skelettweihnachtsmann gruselweihnacht schnee sculpts und schneeflocken emitter neige eis winterlandschaft landscaping
Ah the outfit Miss Breezy is wearing .. Stripey Lola .. grins....
It is just darling !!!!

Perfect for steamy day dreams of that(swoon) someone special .............
Perfect for making a statement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Train Wreck Drama here folks .
Just saucy sassy fun spirited genuine Passion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grim Bros & Good Co. vintage clothing+ steampunk accessories
Caledon branch with a strong focus on victorian- inspired clothing and shoes as well as some steampunkery.
Grim Bros. - gothic grunge accessories, gowns and shoes
come visit our new wonky build in dead town for silly and sinister attachments for male and female avatar. also featuring lots of silly b-movie props and a monster or two upstairs. see you at dead town!:)
shhh drifting off to sleepy town .. ponders what on earth is Breezy dreaming ?????
Ok "Big Guy" then we are clear and on the same page .. Good Will for all .. and for me ..the only gift ..I wish for ..the Most Amazing .................................whispers ..... whispers .... whispers ...
I am counting on you to make it happen .. kk ..
Thanks Santa .. .. ya know its really always best to be nice and kind *grins*
whispers save the naughty for ..... wink !

thanks for visiting and don't forget to visit Grim Brothers Soon !!!
wavessssssssssss and twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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