Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whats New Pussycat ~ Doves In Pink ~

Hello and welcome !! A favor for this blog do click on the video while you view ...will you :)
go on it just takes a moment .... breezy will wait for you ..... heh !
Ladies this ensemble is with out a doubt so much fun ....adorable,darling and beautiful !!!!
Doves in Pink......The first in a line of ..... Western Dance Hall dresses brought to the grid and created with heart by my lovely friend Miss Kembri Tomsen ...
We are talking Dead Wood ... bar maid . Dance Hall girls ... ladies of the evening perhaps. grins .. ((breezy would get banned for typos and misspelling I am sure .. on the spot .. now a "Hear Come The Brides" Sim with a good Jason Bolt would catch her attention .. grins.. it is a "Candy" Dress ... ))
Little old time tv trivia there who recalls The Bolt Brothers !
So rather then do Deadwood(( the remarkable Sim where this gorgeous Gown belongs))
I thought I would twirl in more of a stain fun house glass setting and then my private place..just to add and keep a tad of mystery ... but once again .. Let's let the designer's words give an idea of the true story behind the gown .... I am keeping a wee out for that is to learned when the gown is purchased ......
Thank You for your purchase ...........
I decided to release this darling to the public as the first in a line of Western Dance Hall dresses. They're meant to be sexy and flirty and for you to wear in a saloon or dance hall. It could work well as a cancan dress or a burlesque dress as well, since there's some fun layers to it. The fabric texture by the way, is a period homespun, and so could have been used in such a dress. That and we go back to the Devil's cloth of stripes! Soiled Doves was one name for prostitutes in the Old West. There were a few other amusing names, but soiled doves is one that I remember. Thus the name of this gown is Doves in Pink.

The gown is gorgeous and fun and versatile. With a little mix and match you could actually wear it in a modern context, and I encourage all my patrons to do such things. Your clothing should express you and your style!Now dear friend, I hope you enjoy this offering. There is an under bust corset on two separate layers for your amusement. One is on the jacket layer so it is outside and seen by all. The other is on the undergarment layer for you to play with in private if you wish. There are a pair of drawers, as well as four sets of stockings. The stockings are on a bad layer for dressmakers. The tall ones go over the under drawers instead of under them. So the variety of stockings is so that you have a choice of what to wear.I do hope you enjoy this gown. There will be more to follow shortly! I think the basic outfit is much too fun to waste, and I know there's a lot of dance halls and burlesque shows out there!
Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress
GreenWood Designs

The dress is fresh, sexy, sassy, original and sweet as can be !!!
Then there are Miss Kembri's Signature details .. details details .. with layers layers layers ..
so do stop by one of the curious seamstress shops
New Toulous
New Babbage
or their main store GreenWood Designs
or visit on Xstreet
I can not tell you enough about the fun breezy has had with this dress
((it does make it more fun being good friends with the beautiful designer and her stunning Sister))
thank you for stopping by and may all your dreams and wishes come true ..
smilesss and twirlssssssssssssssss

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